– I mean, you shoulda seen the look in Mr. Blank’s face when I ordered it, man. I mean, it’s like he wanted to educate me right there on the spot. ♪♪♪ – We got a legend! – [Michael Vick:] Whassup, baby? – Michael Vick! – [Vick:] No doubt. Thanks for havin’ me. – Man, growin’ up— – [Vick:] Yeah. – You was one of my favorite players of all time. It’s you and Brett Favre, so— – [Vick:] I mean, I’m on the list. At least I made the list. – [Laughing] – [Vick:] Straight up, that made me feel better. – So, Mike, your rookie year with the Atlanta Falcons—what was your most memorable moment you had with owner Arthur Blank? – So, my rookie year, I wasn’t too fond of goin’ out to eat, you know—maybe like a Ruby Tuesday’s or a Friday’s, so I’m used to a different type of menu, you know, comin’ outta college. Arthur, he invited me out to dinner. You know, so I’m thinkin’, “OK, you know, it’s my first time goin’ out to dinner with, you know, the guy who just bought the team.” He is the big-time, you know, money man, Home Depot, and I’m like, “I’m really not ready for this, but, you know, I’mma go.” You know, bein’ the quarterback of the team. So we get to the restaurant, Stoney River, out in, uh, out in Alpharetta. I’ll never forget. We go and I’m lookin’ at this fancy menu, and everything looked like it’s, like, Chinese language to me. – [Laughing] – [Vick:] And I’m, like, “Man, look. I’m used to seein’ a certain type of menu, not, you know, a menu of, you know, this magnitude, where, you know, it’s the filet mignon and porterhouse steaks. I don’t even know anything about that.” I barely knew what the word “entree” meant. – [Master:] How big was the menu? – [Vick:] It was about four pages. You know, Friday’s or somethin’, you got two pages max, you know what I’m sayin’, with the drink menu. So, you know, I’m lookin’ at the menu, and I’m like, what do I order, you know, without embarrassing myself or without ordering something that might cost waaay too much? So I’m lookin’ at the menu. I went with the most simplest thing, man. I got chicken tenders and french fries and— [Master laughing] Fresh outta college, man! That’s the best I could do. – [Master:] At a steakhouse?! – [Vick:] Mr. Blank lookin’ at me like, “Are you serious?” I’m like, “Yeah, because I’m not gonna foot this bill.” – [Master:] How much were those chicken tenders and fries at a steakhouse? – [Vick:] Probably the cheapest thing on the menu for sure. And I don’t know if they came off the appetizer side, but I would say no more than $20, man. – Please tell me you had some other dipping sauce besides ketchup. – [Vick:] I think I had the ranch dressing, man. I went with the ranch dressing, and, I mean, you shoulda seen the look on Mr. Blank’s face when I ordered it, man. I mean, it’s like he wanted to educate me right there on the spot, but, you know, I was a 21-year-old kid comin’ from where I came from and fresh outta college, where we ate cheesesteaks and fries every day, man, so. It wasn’t the best diet, but I was just makin’ my adjustments. – [Master:] You said you didn’t know if Arthur Blank would pick up the check or not. How did he end up comin’ to the conclusion that he got the check? – That was my first time ever sittin’ down meetin’ with somebody of that power, you know, that stature. You know, so I was a little leery. I didn’t know—I didn’t ask a lot of questions. Like I said, I was pretty much kinda— I was there, you know, just hangin’ out with him. And I’m like, “Man, I don’t know if you want me to cover the bill or if I should pull out my credit card.” I don’t even think I had a credit card. I think I just had cash in my pocket. And, uh, I think I asked him at the end: “Mr. Blank, you want me to cover it?” He was like, “Nah, man. I got you this time. But next one on you.” – When’d you start pickin’ up that you could order somethin’ besides chicken tenders? – Now fast forward four years later, you know, when I’m doin’ my thing and, you know, got a new contract. Now I’m in the position where I can take care of the bill and I know a little bit about eatin’ good and filet mignon and the eight-ounce versus the 12-ounce, grass-fed. – Lil’ cowboy ribeye, you know? – Yeah, lil’ cowboy ribeye. You know, lil’ touch of flavor, touch of butter, garlic on it. I think I got a bone-in ribeye. It was probably like a $85 steak, man. And I, so I took advantage of the opportunity when it came around. – You smartened up. – [Vick:] Yeah. – You knew the best cut to get. – [Vick:] And I probably had about $1,000 in my pocket just in case I had to cover the bill. – [Laughing] – But I learned how to do it different, so that was really, really cool—him watchin’ me grow up, you know, from chicken tenders to the filet mignon. – We callin’ pockets too? – [Vick:] My overall record when we was young probably was, like, 310 and, like, 30. I was the man in my day. – 310 and 30? – [Vick:] Yeah. So now I’m about to be 311 and 30. – [Master:] That’s what you think. – Keep it goin’. – We gon’ see what’s up. All right, you talkin’ all that noise right now. Thanks for kickin’ it with us. Subscribe to B/R to check out more dope videos like this one.

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  1. You can’t be that ignorant or can you? The owner of the falcons wants to sign you who would you think is gonna pick up the bill

  2. MV has come a long way. He'll always be a pos for what he took part of but im all for second chances and turning a terrible thing into positive and awareness.

  3. Michael Vick wasn't so great at passing balls. He was a rusher type guy. But he was great at passing herpes. Stand up VIRGINIA. This your hero. Actually the whole DMV stand up. Let's go. I'm glad jm in Ohio.

  4. Rumour has it, Lamar jackson and Mike vick are step brothers with the same dad. The dad’s name is Michael Jackson.

  5. I love the way Michael Vick talks. I feel like I’m listening to a hip hop track any time he’s telling a story

  6. I know he had a good career after his incarceration, but those lost years should be looked at as one of the biggest letdowns by a player in NFL history.
    Vick was STEADY on his way to turning the Falcons into a potential dynasty. They were building something incredible around him as their QB.

  7. No joke… this made me cringe. I love vick and everything, but come on man…. Chicken tenders??? Arthur Blank probably had a good laugh with his wife later that night.

  8. Yo, that's the same thing I do. Everytime I'm not familiar with the menu or when I'm broke. Great short story, glad to see Vick continue to grow & prosper after all he went through.

  9. Kobe and Mike Vick are my all time favorite Athletes! If I could ever meet Vick I’d thank him for getting me into football as a kid growing up and watching him with Atlanta. And till this day I’m still and Atl even though we now have the rams here in LA

  10. Vick is the man.. he's got that calm & laid back demeanor with a slight touch of street humor lol. Good guy & hell of an athlete 🏈👍🏈

  11. This make no sense, i grew up in the hood too, why would an NFL owner invite you to dinner and not pay for the meal at the restaurant? Plus being a college star, you had more access to nice things than my broke ass, i dropped out of U. of D. after 2yrs to join the Navy due to extreme lack of funds.

  12. This dude is trying extra hard with all the head and hand movement as if he's rapping a fucking question…you look like a dweeb playa

  13. A-Town quarterback for life… back in the 2002-2003 season Vick was must see tv in Atl … everybody was glued to the TV watching dat boy… I still rock my Vick Nike’s to this day and they clean AF

  14. Billionaires always get the check unless you're out with a banker. Then the banker always gets the check, (they have an expense account)

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