[Applause] [Applause] listen to Vetter behind me was rebuilt really it's kind of to look more like a boat in the 1950s and 60s originally it probably looked like the other innovators but they found a hundred burials in here of different you know children men and women was a definitely a burial chamber whatever people think about these put he had multi uses let all these megalithic sites did so there is an ancient legend of two giants who were pretenders to the hand of the same girl who was unable to decide between them so issued challenge to them that one should dig a well while the other one should dig and the better with one finishing first being declared the winner when the one digging under Vetter was bringing the final rock he passed by the well where the giant dig in the world told him that he had found water which were his last words because the other one threw the rock at him and ran off and the girl found herself without either of them so tragic story of giants linked with this famous and the Vetter des students so this really is one of the most pristine although it's partly reconstructed and they're vetters in menorca towards the west coast and the veter basically means a ship it's at the bottom of a ship I've got this sense that what they're doing is when the dead are placed in here the the navigators the travellers put in here whoever these people were these megaliths builders and it was like being a representation of going into the underworld when you die and then you know then you would come out again through the entrance they can't go in this one unfortunately but we've got some shots of what it looks like inside we're going to get up on top of it with the drone see what it looks like but this is just one of the classic ones this is like the source symbol of menorca there are some very large megalithic blocks make up the base of this and the VESA very large ones and you can see some of those here also on top you can see some extremely long ones absolutely amazing site they can't really see too much in there now there's actually like a square cut nice like we saw some other sites here at menorca I love the shape of this although it's been constructed partly but this is classic look like that the underside of the boat absolutely be loose I kind of like this one a lot even though it's smaller than I thought but still very very interesting massive bedrock here just surrounding it like it just placed on top natural bedrock the beautiful countryside all around these look like the cart ruts you find a motor in parts of Spain look at these and these are on the way to Nevada to Don so evidence of super ancient high technology here in menorca [Applause] [Applause] you

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  1. UNIQUE VIDEO…I am learning something new…Never witnessed AMAZING pictures like this…THANK YOU for this INCREDIBLE Knowledge!!

  2. Great feature, thanks. Aerial shots show the site very well. Reminds me of the Nuraghie we saw when visiting Sardinia. Same angle to the vertical in the construction.
    Cart ruts are very interesting too? Two cubits wide??

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  4. Whoah!! That’s a megalithic wonder that REALLY talks to me. What a serene beauty…😍I’m in love!😍

  5. Ive been menorca there is loads of evidence of megalithic stuctures…go off the beaten tracks and you will find a lot..its extremley interesting..

  6. First 1th
    Greetings and best wishes
    I really would guess these roads or tracks are from boats.
    Leaving traces in wet mud after a flood,
    Sometimes you even see in the up an down of the road, the ups and downs from the waves.

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