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  1. They might low key be a really good match. I think they'll find places to connect with each other privately and she's a little more outgoing than he is so they could have fun together.

  2. Woooh!! Matt is back! They have chemistry together. I’m so excited for the next chapter after this blind date. 🥰😍

  3. I guessed her name was Amanda too before they revealed that's what Matt guessed! I was so excited to match his response even though the guess was still wrong haha

  4. They said yes to each other even before getting half way… 💕💕💕💕. Beautiful personality and oooh yeah so so cute.

  5. Matt hope you'll find the right one. If you read this you might as well use the 36 or sth questions. These questions really help you to get closer to or fall in love with someone really well.

  6. Practice daily ! Honey saying a prayer every day doesn’t make you a better catholic verses someone that believes but doesn’t practice every day !

  7. Wait I'm confused, they assumed a democrat would be pro-life and a republican would be pro-choice? Isn't it the opposite way around? (@9:55, @11:00)

  8. So Matt is back last time he was here they link him up with an asian girl dunno what happens to that, but i am thinking its one of those asian girls that has " no asian men policy " smh she is probably with a guy named Ryan Bobby white Lmao

  9. He has the personality and values of someone I‘d like to marry one day ❤️ husband material af. Grounded, calm, humble and smiley. I need to find guys like him that are my age.

  10. Matt matters
    He seems like a very carrying person. He listens to what she is saying with such interests. He is very thoughtful with his words. I like him 🤙

  11. She really is a critical thinker,
    She likes justifiable answers …
    She enjoys knowing the reason behind things. And that's cool I guess that's where her leadership skills are anchored.
    He is straight to the point, short, precise and direct.
    I love them both.

  12. I really hope he finds someone perfect for him. Hopefully it's Christina, but if not, hopefully someone snatches him up soon! Please keep us updated on him!

  13. I think the reason people are saying he's such a good guy is because he has a chubby baby face. Plenty of people have acted like him, however not many people commented on how nice/sweet that person was

  14. Matt doesn't look like a typical chinese. He is tall, so handsome, confident and very American. Of course, he will meet a nice lady. I think American ladies are too choosy.

  15. I loooovve how she refers to opposing views as the potential for a “healthy conversation” stop combating people because they don’t agree with you… see why they think that way… understand where they’re coming from… this doesnt mean you have to change your own beliefs.

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