MASSIVE World Record Size Hammerhead Shark Caught Fishing with Greg Norman

I was fishing on the beach and I called Greg Norman I was like hey man there's a lot of sharks out here do you want to go fishing tomorrow he's like yeah let's go I got my 41 foot boat so the following day we headed offshore and we went along the beach and we found a huge school of blacktip sharks yeah one of the most incredible things about nature is to expect the unexpected and while Josh was flying the drone you nobody saw he saw a giant hammerhead chasing a black tip now I've never seen that and I've done a lot of fishing around my around the world and a lot of different places I've seen Tigers eating black Marlins but to see a hammerhead chasing a black tip was kind of unique so josh is flying the drone and we hooked a black tip and all of a sudden this giant hammerhead came flying in on this black tip and it was the most incredible scene I've ever witnessed it I'm following this giant hammerhead with the drone and he's got this black tip shark in his mouth and it's just incredible footage right and I'm keeping my nerves Comus ball so I can't get excited I don't want to ruin the shot and then he drops the black tip comes back around he picks it up again all of sudden he just swallowed this 80 pound shark and took off we got him shark on guys we got a giant shark on we just spot fish overthrown we hooked the black tip shark a this hammerhead came up and he swallowed them you ready great hey Anna I'm not gonna make this cool I'm gonna I'm gonna 1,300 pounds to have a head right now so so uh yeah I'm just I just literally got hooked up on this thing so I can't do two things at one time we could be fighting this fish for the next two hours this could be when I put lunch after this no it's about 400 feet 300 feet yeah yeah okay so where are you right now you were talking I FaceTime Tyler from duper guy told him hey yo you need to come down here the fishings hot and while I was talking to him on the phone he's still running yeah that shark took hundreds of yards of line we're in the braid now and you want scary I don't like the break a king fish a Spanish mackerel move ahead gets Mumbai so I think what we should do is Fisher um flash flash flash let's bump forward and we'll get back on the mano here slower slower slower slower I wanna keep big pressure on them you have no idea how he took what's the definition of power is when I turn out to my my mate my friend who was running my phone at the time flash and I said flash what's going on he said hey boss you're getting towed there's no line coming off the reel we're getting towed by one not by this giant fish now I mean when you start thinking about the poundage that this fish is pulling around not just the boat but the people on the boat and the fuel in the boat that is an impressive statement and an understatement about the energy and the power of these magnificent animals we're in a 3141 what do you want we're in a 41 foot this shark is towing the boat that one not that tells you how big this fish's name is how much this boat way twenty thousand pounds yeah twenty three four we fuel same he's literally that's how these fish are so powerful it's unbelievable when you let the shark tow the boat or a big fish that big tuna Marlin and the mountains with more talent you put a big tuna or big shark fish that don't chop and go crazy when you let them tell the boat it actually wears it down really good please time yeah this is like the best way to catch him chasing them down and you know now let's let them fight the stretch the mono let them throw the boat it wears him down real good is actually really good for the fish too because the faster you can wear them down compare the chance you have a bit of good really just shook his head yeah just bring back any memories two big fish you caught in the past oh yeah this reminds me off of South Australia port lincoln great white fishing man he made a couple of decades ago we were on a about a 2,000 pound on a 50 pound test oh my gosh stand up and you wish you had this setup right I wish it was like a four and a half for our forty battle he won the fish won in long run and uh which is good it was that was more tackle than it was angler so I can't blame the arrow on that one no there's only so much you can do with Rocco that's a two thousand pounder put the bow down the line flash put the bow right down the line reverse reverse reverse I hate the last package yes really yeah it's only got one note it's called the fishing guitar look much pressure is on that line right now it's holding 130 good good time that's why we use 250 pound mono we use extremely heavy tackle because never know you never know what you're gonna hook and this is a monster and the stock market just opened up yep get him close and now he's just pissed he's close doesn't mean the fight is over he could still make another giant run right now all right so what we're gonna do now we're gonna move this rod shifting over here so I don't there's too much gun okay perfect now comes the hard part leader low and behold I hear everybody especially flash and Josh yelling I can see it I can see it I can see it well I haven't seen it yet so to me it was like wow you mean I've seen some big fish I mean I've dived with great whites of course black marlin well over a thousand pound when you see that fish for the first time up against my 44 41 foot bowed you go holy moly this thing's huge it's bigger than I ever anticipated oh my gosh Oh oh my gosh get the towel wrap around it so we all start guesstimating is that over a thousand pound Josh says this over a thousand seven thousand I go I think it may be a little bit more than that but one thing we didn't know the length of it it turned out to be well over 14 feet actually 14 feet seven and 3/8 inches we measured it because we took some rope when it had it we had it beside the boat from the from the nose to the tail and we came back and we marked it up so I estimated my own personal estimations over 1200 pounds hammerhead shark guys over a thousand pounds we're reviving the hammerhead we got a rope on his head a rope on his tail and Greg's holding door spring we're keeping the fish upright we're using the boat to get water through its gills we revived this fish for about 30-40 minutes and then we release it and just before we release it crazy let's chip in the water with it probably the most memorable thing about this this whole thing with this giant hammerhead for me was it's the right at the end so Josh Brian and myself you know it it we stripped off down to my shorts of course we stripped off and we jumped in why because you wanted to feel connected with this fish you wanted to make sure this fish felt like okay these guys really really kind of revive and get get me going so with flash and the cameraman holding the big hammerhead beside the boat the three of us jumped in most important mission she lived she's a hundred percent 50% is the catch it's a release what an absolutely amazing experience to see a fish of this size this this is 14 feet 7 inches you don't see something that every day just an incredible experience Craig and I were giggling – laughing the whole time was just a surreal moment the fact that this fish was one inch bigger than world record is incredible and Greg just did a fantastic job fighting the fish please guys go and chair of Greg stuff his links are in the description he's a great guy he loves your doors loves fishing great personality a lot I can't wait fishing them again just so much fun to be around and also guys make sure you go and like this video right now if you enjoyed watching it hit that little like button subscribe and we'll see you next time


  1. Not to take anything away from that catch, because it was amazing, but that drone footage of 300+ black tips and then the hammerhead chasing them was unreal! Amazing video! Great job on releasing such a powerful beast, that’s not easy work 👍🏼

  2. This beautiful shark probably died because humans are selfish. Look up Ocean Ramsey and her documentary Saving Jaws – she does shark conservation work and helps people to understand and respect sharks, without hurting them. Our oceans are being depleted and everything is part of an ecosystem. Many shark species are very delicate and die after being caught due to the stress. It's incredibly sad.

  3. As someone who watched the jaw when i was small and got traumatised by that and really scared of sharks i've been watching so many shark docus and videos of them both ways aggressive or not while 16-18 that I would have felt comfortable enough jumping in the water with this shark too with the fact that it already had a shark as a meal yet again i would have fear for it to attack me.

    These creatures are very majestic and beautiful but i would only commit to this hammerhead. Everything else is too much for me since they are naturally more aggressive then hammerheads if im right

  4. hello I look at your videos from a good bays and really I kiff what you do, appart that test a very beautiful girl, I write you because I just realized my very first art project and I'd like to count a little with your help if it is not too much to ask you, to help me to promote my page, I await your answer and thank you for the work that you do hi

  5. it’s hard to tell the sizes. like the guy who always films w lions, most ppl were so surprised when he had a vid from a diff angle showing his full body next to them and they were so much bigger than we all ever thought before. i feel like we don’t get what a 14 ft shark is. so much bigger than one man standing on the shoulders of another.

  6. I ever see a shark that big I’m 100% releasing my entire last 3 months of meals… That thing is massive! How do you even hook something like that?! Well done gentlemen. That’s impressive

  7. There are no recorded accounts of hammerhead sharks eating humans. Yes the occasional bite but not eating humans as Tigers, Bulls, Oceanic White Tips and White Sharks do.

    Great Hammerhead Sharks are one of the many “Gentle Giants” of our oceans and know that we are NOT part of their food chain.

    I hope that beautiful shark was ok….

    Thank you for the upload….

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