happening to our city, Yuri? YURI: I don’t know. Feels like the end of the world. Maybe it is. NORMAN OSBORN: Peter
Parker, how the hell are you? MARY JANE: The city
is in danger. It needs our help. SPIDER-MAN: All of our help. MILES: All right.
Well, call the play, coach. SPIDER-MAN: A gang of
costume nut jobs is taking the city
apart piece by piece. Time I return the favor. NORMAN OSBORN: This is
opportunity knocking. SPIDER-MAN: You know the
closer you get to them, the more you
become a target, right? MARY JANE: The closer I get, the better chance
we have to stop them. MISTER NEGATIVE: I’ve ordered
Silver Sable and her team to shoot you on sight. This city’s had enough
of your vigilantism. You’re officially an
enemy of the people. MARY JANE: Come on, Peter. MILES: How do I call you? I mean, do you have, like, a cell phone in
your pockets or something?

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  1. Sony talk to epic games about them adding the Xbox one exclusive skin you know how its the female carbide ask the if the can repaint the female omega skin in blue and white it would be sick

  2. I wish I could afford a ps4 but sadly I’m on Xbox so I can’t play the game I’ve had a go at a mates it is the best wish I could own the game you guys nailed spider man better then the movies the feel of it and the web swinging was amazing just wish it was multi platform Would you guys make spider man multi platform as an anniversary for the game or as a special for a promotion to a dlc for the game or if a petition was signed to make it multi platform because I’m on Xbox and can’t afford a ps4 I’ve had a go and got hooked it kills me not being able to play it because spider man has been my hole life and this is the spider man game I’ve been asking for since I started game please please make it multi platform I beg you please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Looks amazing I want it but I wish they kept the story the same like the og movies and games I don't want hem to change it but its okay I guess

  4. this….this is why Spider-Man will always be my favorite….this trailer and this game was simply….amazing

  5. Me:What is happening to our city yuri
    Yuri:feels like the end of the world
    Me:i was asking about out city biotch not the world

  6. wouldnt they make much more money if they bring it out on xbox, i dont think that people will buy a ps4 just to play this game

  7. This game is fantastic and I finished it last night. best spiderman game ever, I hope they make a sequel, please make a sequel

  8. I tried going back to this trailer when I saw the Avengers at E3 it feels like something is off about the avengers.

  9. here after watchig the spiderman far from home trailer cant wait for the movie to come out i 5 of july

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