– I’m Coyote Peterson.
That’s a cassowary. Today, I’m gonna challenge it to an apple eating contest. (fast, upbeat music) This morning what I’m gonna
do is challenge this cassowary to an apple eating contest. I really love apples. This cassowary
really loves apples. It’s pretty cool to
have something in common with a living dinosaur. I’m pretty sure,
though, that I’m gonna be able to eat an apple
faster than this bird. She doesn’t even have
hands to hold onto it with. – [Voiceover] Alright,
you ready for this? – [Coyote Peterson] Yeah,
give me a countdown. – [Voiceover] Alright,
now you gotta eat all the way to the core. – All the way to the core. Not eating the seeds, though. – [Voiceover] No,
no, just the core, just the core, ready? You gotta do this
fast ’cause I’ve heard that this cassowary
is like lightning. – [Coyote Peterson]
Not gonna beat me. – [Voiceover] Okay. Ready?
– Yup. – [Voiceover] 3, 2, 1, go! (fast music) – Oh, yeah! This one’s extremely juicy. – [Voiceover] Chew it, chew it. Come on, you gotta finish
it down to the core. (fast music) I’ve seen chipmunks
eat faster apples. Come on, let’s go! (fast music) Alright, you gotta
swallow it, though, you gotta swallow it. How’s that taste? – [Coyote Peterson] Delicious. You’re never gonna
beat me cassowary. You’re never gonna beat me. – [Voiceover] Come on,
you gotta swallow it. (fast music) Every second counts, come on, come on, come on. (bell dings) Alright
– Done! Look at that. – [Voiceover] 53 seconds. – Top that, cassowary. How do you like
them apples? Whoo! I’ve eaten apples
fast before, but, under the pressure of having
to defeat this cassowary, I had to go extra fast. I think I’ve got
this bird topped. She doesn’t even have hands. I don’t know how she’s
possible gonna beat me in under 60 seconds. But I guess we’ll
see what happens. Alright, Ryan, is
mama cassowary ready for her apple? – I think we’re
ready for the apple. – Alright, counting down. 3, 2, 1. (bell dings) That cassowary just
swallowed that apple whole. I didn’t see that coming. She didn’t even chew it. – I think she won. – Whoa, did you
guys just see that? – [Voiceover] I’m gonna
say that was three seconds. – That cassowary,
literally, just swallowed that apple whole. I almost have to see
that again to believe it. Let’s replay that, replay that. (playful music) Whoa, did you guys
just see that? I didn’t see that coming. (laughing) Did you guys see that? Wow! There you have it. I was just completely demolished in the apple eating
contest by the cassowary. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave. Stay wild. I better practice
eating my apples. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. If you thought
challenging a cassowary to an apple eating
contest was cool, make sure to go back and
watch my full encounter with this
prehistoric-looking bird. Don’t forget, subscribe
to join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. That is intimidating
right there. (animal sounds)

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  1. Hey, so, don't be brave with this bird. Be rational and stay the hell away from these birds. They can and will kill you. They are not pets, they are not pleasant. They can show you your intestines. For the record, their diet also has Nightshade in it, one of the most toxic plants to humans. Yes, this thing EATS literal death.

  2. Coyote peterson: eats Apple in 53 second and brags about it

    Casowari: you dare apose me mortal

  3. "I can beat this cassowary in an apple eating contest!"
    (bird kills guy, eats his apple in three seconds)

  4. How is that bird not going attacky boi on them. Those birds are one of the most aggressive animals in the world

  5. I was chased by a cassowary at a zoo when I was a kid. Now I’m feeling really lucky after finding out this thing killed a dude. My god.

  6. The Cassowary is the most cooked animal to ever exist

    I once watched one absolutely demolish a random black car because it saw it’s reflection in the shiny paint and mistook it for a fellow demon bird trespassing on its territory.

    In the entirety of the animal kingdom it’s tard rage is second to none

  7. Man: I finished the apple in 53 seconds boii how u like dat

    Cassowary: … swallows apple whole and his name is John cena!!!

  8. For the people here because a Cassowary killed a man, a man was also drowned to death by a Swan and one man was stabbed in the heart and died by a Loon which is like an 8 pound bird. Humans are smart but as far as battle to the death matches with wild creatures go we're somewhere beneath a house cat.

  9. beawer Coyote Peaterson this BEST of Bird Can KILL , WITH YOUR NAILS AND HEAD Oh My God what brave you are

  10. Brave man: I went into a dark room and played a very scary horror movie.

    Coyote Peterson: Are you challenging me?

  11. Silly Human: "So this morning what I'M GONNA DO, is CHALLENGE THIS CASOWARY…"

    Badass Bird: [Looks up like (Oh Yea??)]

    Silly Human: …"to an APPLE eating contest!!"

    Badass Bird: [Looks back down] (I thought so) [Continues to fiddle around]

  12. Dude, this guy didn't even finish the apple. Besides, he doesn't even know how to eat an apple properly, you must eat them from bottom to top. It's way faster that way.
    But either way, you can't beat that bird lol

  13. Gross i just think it eat it hole then it poop the hole apple does it bite it in hes belly now i want to puke😷😷 let's stop thinking

  14. Coyote: Eats an apple in 53 seconds.

    Cassowary: I'm going to end this man's whole career eats an apple in 3 seconds.

    Me: Mom, do we have any apples? I'm really hungry.

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