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  1. I can’t help but think of that Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas episode where Charle assaulted the mall Santa. LOL

  2. Ahhh such cute Santa’s. I never had a bad experience with Santa’s. Man I miss childhood. Days when you had no cares in the world!!

  3. I loved my Santa pictures as a child I only cried when I was 3 my mom had to sit on Santa's lap with me but in the picture I was still looking up at Santa like stranger danger sorry santa but all my other years were awsome my last picture with Santa i was about thirteen ( it was my last Christmas party at my dad's job # i use to love those Christmas partys) anyways christmad is my favorite holiday and I work at the diy store # i love it. And every once in a while I see a Santa Claus #@6amish so my brain is like omgosh its Santa like I'm 5 lol my co workers like girl really

  4. A few years ago I was walking around with my friend and I decided I wanted to recreate the "screaming child" santa pics. It was a small area with no one else around. So I, a then 23 year old woman sat on Santa's lap, told him the deal and pretended to scream and cry for the photos.

  5. I’ve meet many mall Santas and other Santas ok tv and how do they all have the same voice? Like the pitch, tone, texture it’s all the same. It’s neat

  6. I went to see a Santa for a while and it’s a tradition so even though I’m grown up that’s what we do. The Santa 🎅🏻we went to literally had a 5 minute conversation about the mandalorian and the child. 🤦‍♀️

  7. I feel like I should let it be known that exams are awesome as long as you study because it’s pretty freaking awesome to either not have to go to school on a day, only go for 2 hours, or go for 4 hours which is a really good deal for having to take 5 tests spread the word peolle

  8. I used to be a waitress at a restaurant a couple years back and around Christmas time, an older gentleman and his wife came in and looked like Mr. And Mrs. Clause. I remember I waited on them and they were really nice people and so my manager and I gave them a free cookie dessert and a glass of milk for free to keep up the holiday spirit. They tipped pretty well, I hope they're still doing the whole Clause gig. They were a good last table of the night.

  9. The Real Santa Claus is a Big Man with Real Magic Red Bag on Top on Christmas Day in 2019 December.🎅🏻🦌📜🎁🎄❄️✈️

  10. My Mom always told my the mall Santas report straight to the big guy! So be on your best behavior when you visit these guys, kids!

  11. Merry Christmas Santa!! When I go to my local mall. I yell Hey!! Santa!!
    A few years ago my brother and his wife told their three kids they Santa doesn't exist. It broke my heart. It kinda ruined my santa spirit. Knowing that these kids can't believe in him. Now I can't say have you been good this year for Santa. 😭

  12. Okay people let’s be honest here kids shouldn’t be on YouTube in the first place so it’s the parents faults if the kids learn things they shouldn’t or isn’t old enough on the internet

  13. Many moons ago I worked as Santa and let me tell you, without a word of a lie, the older gals get veeeeery handsy when they ask to sit on Santa's knee.

  14. There are videos about the Holocaust on YouTube. If y’all are worried about the kids, I would say this is not the worst thing one could stumble upon. Also, I’m not deluded enough to think kids shouldn’t watch YouTube videos, but if your child is young enough to believe in Santa, supervising what they watch or at least enabling the parental control filter would be a good idea. Actually, I’m pretty sure (or hope) most have the common sense to do it, and those complaining aren’t actually parents with children of an age that requires knowing this stuff.

  15. When I was around six I asked Santa for ben 10 toys. He responded with “Oh! Ho ho ho! Those are for boys, and you’re a girl!” I am a girl, but people have known me as a tomboyish person since I was three or four. I didn’t end up getting the ben 10 toys 😢

  16. Well done to whoever came up with the idea for this video, not to be shady but it’s nice to see something a lil more original from buzzfeed lmao

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