[—Background sound—] [—Background music—] [—Background music—] [–Birds chirping,sound of footsteps–] [—Sound of footsteps—] [—Birds chirping, sound of footsteps—] [—Chirping of birds—] [—Birds chirping—] Come Unni.. My leg is getting pain granny.. In Dubai, we used to go out only in car. Huh,it is in Dubai right? Here we don’t have a car. Everyone walks here. Walking is actually good for our health. Why you are plucking all these plants? It is ‘Thumba’ plant my dear. Tomorrow is ‘Atham’ Don’t we need to put
flower carpet tomorrow? Huh,then after we will put flower
carpet with different colors. Huh,then it comes Onam. What is Onam granny? There is a story
behind it child. After lightning the evening lamp
and once I finished the prayer, I will tell you the story. Huh.. [—Birds chirping—] Mother, come fast. Granny is going to
tell the story. You sit and hear the story. I have got lot of
work here unni. Huh.. Dheepam.. Dheepam.. Dheepam.. Huh.. Rama..Rama..Rama..Rama..
[–Chanting prayer–] [–Chanting prayer–] [–Chanting prayer–] [–Chanting prayer–] Huh! Granny..can you tell the story now? Yeah, of course! Listen it carefully ok? Mmm.. Long long time ago Kings ruled over here. Mahabali was also a king like that. Though he belongs to Asura family,
he is a good king Mahabali??
What kind of a name is that? Yes,Mahabali means one who
scarifices everything. One who is willing to do
anything for other. People later called
him “Maveli”. [—Noise of crowd—] [—Background sound—] [—Laughing sound of children—] Ramu seems so happy today. What is the reason? I had a good harvest this year. Two sacks of rice were gifted
to King Mahabali. The king directly came and appreciated me. I also awarded with
two gold plates I too had a good yield
in my plantation. I have gifted vegetables
to king mahabeli. I also awarded with
two gold plates I had a bad harvest this year. I have got nothing with me to gift him. Family is striking out poverty. Take this gold. I will give you two sacks of rice if you
come to my home tomorrow. Don’t worry. If you come, I will also
give some vegetables. This is because of the
goodwill of our great king. He is a very good person. Hail to the king Mahabali.. Everyone loved him. The King also loved his subjects. When Maveli, our King, ruled the land, All the people were equal. And people were joyful and merry;
[—Sound of Drum—] They were all free from harm.
[—Sound of Drum—] There was neither anxiety nor sickness,
[—Sound of Drum—] Deaths of children were unheard of,
[—Sound of Drum—] There were no cruel ones
[—Sound of Drum—] All the citizens were so good
[—Sound of Drum—] There was neither theft nor deceit,
[—Sound of Drum—] And no one was false in speech either.
[—Sound of Drum—] Measures and weights were right;
[—Sound of Drum—] No one cheated or wronged his neighbor.
[–Children laughing–] When Maveli, our King, ruled the land, All the people were equal. And people were joyful and merry; They were all free from harm… [–Light background sound—] [—Sound of footsteps—] Ah.. Come, let’s have porridge. [–Ticking sound of clock–] Its only 7 O’clock mother. I don’t want porridge. Can you order a pizza instead? We don’t get pizza here. Have porridge. Its better to have porridge Unni. You will get pizza in Dubai. I am not familiar
with such foods. It will be nice if we have porridge with
salted mango . Come on dear.. [—Light background sound—] I am done,enough for now. No no.. Don’t waste food Unni. If you don’t finish your food then I
won’t tell you the story. [—Light background sound—] Granny..granny,
tell me the rest of the story. King Mahabali ruled the kingdom as being
Thrikkakkara as his regional capital,Hm. He is the grandson of King Prahladha
who is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Grandson means son in second generation. Like me and unni as such. [—Light background sound–] Other kings and Devas grew envious of
Mahabali’s reign. Nobody needed Devas. Everybody was in favour of King Mahabali. The Devas in fear of losing their
heaven kingdom pleaded with Lord Vishnu. Oh Lord, Please help us.. King Mahabali’s popularity is increasing
day by day among people. If it goes like this, that Asura king
will conquer the heaven also. Somehow kill him. We heard that he is conducting a
yajna called Vishwajeet. Somehow stop him from doing that yajna. He will become more powerful once he
finished that yajna. Be calm Indradev! We will find some plan. [—No sound—] What happened then? Then.. Then Lord Vishnu went to earth thinking
of a plan to eliminate Mahabali. [–Ritualistic bell ringing sound–] Please come Brahmin boy.. You are welcome to my yajnashala. Please come inside. [—Birds chirping–] If you are hungry,then you can head
towards the dining hall. What else do you want? Could you be kind enough to offer me three
feet of land for praying. Child, this is Mahabal’s kingdom. Three feet of land is enough for you? Ask me anything you want. I can get you anything you wish. I need only three feet of land,
nothing else. [–Background sound—] Oh Asura saint Shukracharya.. This Brahmin child asked me
three feet of land . He need nothing else,
poor boy! He might not have heard about
king Mahabali. That is why he is not asking
anything else. Don’t do that.. Don’t ever grant his wish. There is a trick behind this. Guru, what happened to you? What harm this small child could do to me? Hey, anybody there? Give him three feet of land
wherever he request. Hey no! I will measure with my own feet
and take the land. Okay, as you wish. Here,have this medicine mother Hm..ok. [–No dialogue–] [—Drinks water–] Hmm.. Ah.. [–No dialogue–] Come, it’s time to sleep. Let grandmother sleep. Today I am going to sleep with granny. No.. You will kick her in sleep. [—Smiling—] That is ok. Let him sleep with me today,ok? Huh..! Come on Unni… [—No dialogue—] Mm..then..? That small boy,then increased his
stature and with his first step covered the heaven and with the second, straddled
the earth and the netherworld. That much gigantic leg,huh?? Yes, Its actually Lord Vishnu who
is in the guise of Vamana. [—Background sound–] Hey king , where do I place my third pace? [—No dialogue–] Am I able to visit my people
once in a year? You can visit your people on Thiruvonam in
Chingam(the day of Malayalam month) [—Chirping of birds–] [—Light background music–] Onam is the celebration that marks the
homecoming of King Mahabali. Ten days(from Atham to Thiruvonam) we do flower carpet infront of
our home and welcome Mahabali. On the Thiruvonam day, we will honour his
presence by arranging the feast, Lighting the lamp and present the
food on banana leaf. [—Traditional background music—] [—Traditional background music—] [—Traditional background music—] [—Traditional background music—] [—Traditional background music—] [—Traditional background music—] [—Traditional background music—] [—Light background music—] [—No sound—]

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