(Music) Hello and welcome to America’s favorite government news show, The New News. I’m your host Chelsey, but can you please call me a cab? I’ve gotta’ go right after this. First up, we all know that a British real estate agent’s top priority is their proper tea. But now, Allen has a seat at the property table. Allen was just ranked ninth overall and third among small cities in an annual ranking of USA’s best real estate markets. So I guess this means realtors and homeowners alike have, quote unquote, “lots” to be thankful for. When my little girl was a baby, I knew she’d grow up to be a basketball player because she was always dribbling. And now there’s an event for you other dribblers out there. You’ve heard of Friday Night Lights, well now the Joe Farmer Rec Center has Saturday Night Hoops. From seven to eleven at night, fourteen to seventeen year olds can work on their Curry step back three, Dirk one legged fade away or Shaq free throw. What do you call a woman standing in the middle of a tennis court? Annette. And a net is exactly what Allen is getting. City Council just approved the purchase of outfield nets for the Spirit Park softball fields to keep balls from going into the parking lot. That’s great news, because last time I went yard, I dented up the ole grocery getter. I’ve always thought they should make a movie starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock about DFW rush hour traffic. They could call it Reduced Speed. But you know, you could help change that. Just go to the website on the screen to learn about regional transportation and submit any input you may have to help set future priorities. You have until October 8, so get moving to help us get moving. I’d like to think this very show is making television history. Well, at least hyper-local City government television history. But coming up there’s a chance to learn from a true TV legend. Bobbie Wygant has been on TV for seven decades. During that time, she’s interviewed countless celebs from The Beatles to Meryl Streep to Mr. T. And I pity the poor fool who doesn’t go to her Library lecture. Fun fact, I actually used to work with Bobbie at NBC 5. Class act. Sorry, had to pick up that name I just dropped. You can pick some more info at AllenNews.org. Then pick all our social media outlets to follow. And pick the subscribe button on our YouTube channel. That’s the end. (Honk Honk) Oh, my cab is here. See you next time. (Music)

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