‘Magical Grinder’ Once upon a time
there lived two brothers in a village. Vikram and Raghav. Elder brother Vikram was rich. The younger brother Raghav
toiled very hard… …but he couldn’t fulfill
the needs of his family. He was disturbed because of poverty. Vikram didn’t give Raghav
the share of his father’s property. He never helped Raghav. It was the festival of Diwali. The entire place was lit up with lamps. Every household was full of sweets,
savouries, new clothes and happiness. Vikram was celebrating
diwali with great pomp and show. His wife and children
wore new clothes and jewelry. There were variety of sweets
and food items in his house. On the other side Raghav
didn’t even have money… …to buy food for his family. He went to his elder
brother expecting some help. Brother, I don’t earn
well from the work I do. I’m disturbed. I go out daily in search of work… …but I come back disheartened. Radha and Suraj are starving. Please help me. I’ll return the loan
as soon as I earn some money. Raghav, I’ve worked hard
to enjoy a luxurious life. The expenses have increased. You must work hard. I can’t help you. You may leave now. Brother, give me the share
in father’s property that I deserve. I never asked you to give me my share. But, I’m going through
financial crisis at the moment. So, I want my share back. How dare you ask your share from me? Get out of here immediately
or it’ll be very bad for you. Raghav was upset with
his elder brother’s behavior. He went towards the jungle. After walking for some
time he met an old woman. There was a bundle of sticks before her. Raghav thought that he could
earn some money if he helped her. Can I carry these sticks
for you to your home? You can give me some money in return. I’m ready to do any other
work that you may have. Of course.
I’ll definitely pay you for helping me. But, why do you look so sad? My wife and son are starving. There’s no food at home. I failed to get any work. Don’t be disheartened.
Take this. These are saffron sweets. You’ll find four tall
trees if you go ahead. You’ll find a small
cave behind those trees. Three dwarfs live inside that cave. They love these sweets. As soon as they’ll see these sweets… …they’ll ask you
to give them the sweets. Tell them to give
you a grinder in return. The grinder will change your fortune. Raghav helped the old woman. He took the sweets from
her and kept walking ahead. After walking for some time
he saw four tall trees. As soon as he went near
the trees he saw a cave. It had a small narrow opening. He bent down and entered the cave. As soon as he entered he
found three dwarfs standing inside. They were elated to see the
saffron sweets in Raghav’s hands. We love these sweets. Can you give it to us? Yes. Keep the sweets here for us. Okay. I’ll give you the sweets. But, I want the grinder in return. Okay, we’ll give you the grinder. But, this is not an ordinary grinder. It’s a magical grinder. You’ll get whatever you wish from it. As soon as you get what you
want cover it with a red cloth. This is the only way
to stop this grinder. Thank you. I’ll remember your words. Raghav was very happy. But he couldn’t believe his fate. He gave the saffron
sweets to the dwarfs… …and returned home with the grinder. Both his wife and son were hungry. Raghav shared everything with his wife. They spread a sheet and
placed the grinder on it. Raghav told the grinder… Grinder, give me rice. Very soon the place
was filled with rice. Raghav placed a red cloth
and stopped the grinder. He asked the grinder to give him lentils,
wheat and other things that he needed. Raghav and his family had a hearty meal. Raghav took the remaining
grains to the market and sold them. Gradually Raghav’s financial
condition improved. He had good clothes to wear,
unlimited food to eat. He could afford his child’s education. Life became pleasant and easy. Raghav made a new house. His elder brother Vikram
heard about his change of fortune. He was surprised. Raghav didn’t even have
enough food to eat very recently. How did he earn so much money… …to make a new house,
buy new clothes, buy food… …and afford his child’s education? From where did he get so much money? I must find out his secret. He went to Raghav’s house on
the pretext of having a meal with him. He didn’t go back home after the meal. He stayed back and hid near the window
to see what was happening inside. As soon as Raghav asked
the grinder to give him grains… …it started giving grains to him. Vikram planned to steal
the grinder and take it home. The next day when Raghav went
to the market to sell the grains… …Vikram stealthily entered his house. He stole the grinder and took it home. Pack your bags quickly because
we’ll leave this village and go. But, where are we going to go and why? From where did you bring this grinder? Don’t ask me questions now.
I’ll answer your questions later. We must get out of here. Vikram left his house and
village with his wife and child. He planned to go and settle
down in a far away village. He bought a boat and sat on the boat
with his wife and child. Why are you carrying this heavy grinder?
Why did we leave the village? This isn’t an ordinary grinder. This is a magical grinder. This has helped Raghav
become rich and prosperous. I stole the grinder from his house. We’ll earn a lot of money
with the help of this grinder… …and live a relaxed life. Wait, I’ll show you
how this grinder works. Grinder, give us salt. The grinder started giving salt. Gradually the boat was
filled with a lot of salt. Vikram didn’t know
how to stop the grinder. The boat started drowning
because of the weight of the salt. Vikram and his family
were getting drowned. Vikram and his family lost
their lives because of his greed. Raghav was hard-working. He didn’t have the grinder anymore. But he toiled hard
and doubled the wealth… …that he earned
with the help of the grinder. He lived happily. The moral of the story is
that greed is a vice. Magic Pencil A boy named Kushal lived in a village. He loved drawing. He used pointed stones and small sticks
to draw on wet clay and sand. He didn’t have money to
buy paper and pencil. He always wished that
he had a pencil with which he could… …draw beautiful pictures. He always drew the pictures passionately. One day when he was drawing
he met an old man. He gave a pencil to Kushal and said… You should draw pictures only
for the poor people with this. If you ever need my help
use this pencil to call me. After saying this
the old man disappeared. Kushal was very happy. He drew a mango with the pencil. Wow! This is wonderful. The mango turned into a real mango. After that he drew a dog. It also transformed into a real dog. What’s this? This is a magical pencil. Thanks a lot, old uncle. I’ll always remember your words. Kushal drew food with his pencil. It also transformed into real food. He drew grains, fruits, clothes
for his parents. All of them transformed into real things. Kushal drew the pictures of things
that the poor people needed… …and gave it to them. The villagers were very happy
with Kushal as he helped the poor. The king heard about him. He called Kushal and ordered… Make a gold tree for the royal garden. Give me your pencil. Your Majesty, you’re very rich. I draw pictures only for the poor people. The king got angry. He ordered that the pencil be snatched from him. He started drawing a gold tree. But the gold tree didn’t appear. He told the chief minister
to draw a picture. But even his drawing didn’t turn into real. The king was furious. Kushal, listen to me. You’ve to draw the picture that
I want you to draw or I’ll imprison you. Kushal thought that
if he disobeyed the king… …he would put him behind the bars… …and he wouldn’t be
able to help the poor. He was very smart. He picked up the pencil
and drew the picture of the old man. The old man appeared before him. He tried to reason with the king. Greetings, Your Majesty. You don’t have dearth of
money and wealth. But Kushal is trying to make
the poor people happy. You snatched the pencil from him
but it didn’t fulfill your wish. No one else can bring
the pictures to life. After observing Kushal’s dedication
towards his work and his honesty… …I gave him the pencil. The king realized his mistake. He asked the old man
and Kushal to forgive him. The old man disappeared. The king rewarded Kushal. The moral of the story is that
we should do our work… …honestly and with dedication. It’s wrong to deceive people
to fulfill our selfish wish. Magic Bell A boy named Shiv lived in a village. He lived with his mother
and younger sister. He used to graze cattle in the forest
near the mountain. There was a huge tree. Shiv used to sit beneath
the tree and sing songs. He became friends with the birds there. He kept an eye on the cattle. He would come back to
the village in the evening… …and hand over the cattle
to their respective owners. He would get some money
for grazing the cattle… …throughout the day in the heat. Shiv met the household expenses
with the money he earned. He took care of his mother
and sister with the money. He bought household essentials
with the money he earned. His younger sister would
long for good food at times. She was bored of the simple staple food. Shiv understood what she
wanted but he was helpless. He had to save money
for his sister’s education. The next morning Shiv went
to the forest to graze the cattle. He noticed a woodcutter
cutting the tree… …under which he sat
and grazed the cattle. He was worried as well as sad. But, he got an idea. Listen to me woodcutter. Why are you cutting this tree? I think you aren’t aware that the witch
who lives in this tree… …will possess the
person who cuts this tree. She’ll trouble him. The woodcutter was
scared and he ran away. Run! Run! After the woodcutter
went away from there… …the spirit of the
tree appeared before him. It happily announced… You saved my life. Therefore I’m very happy. I gift you this bell as a reward. What will I do with this bell? This is not an ordinary bell. This is a magic bell. You can get any food you want with it. But, always remember that you
can ask it for food only once in a day. Thank you, my friend. Shiv was very happy as no
one would go to bed hungry any more. His younger sister would
get food of her choice. When Shiv returned home in the evening, He shared the incident
with his mother and sister. His mother and sister were very happy. They requested the magic
bell to fulfill their wish. They ordered the food of their choice,
ate to their heart’s content… …and went to bed. Next morning Shiv took
the cattle out to graze. When he reached home in the evening,
he found all the utensils empty. There was dry flatbread
and pickle for him. The food that he ate daily. Shiv was disheartened and angry. He didn’t eat anything and went to bed. He took away the magic
bell with him the next morning. When his mother and his
younger sister were hungry… …they looked for the magic bell. They searched the entire
house but didn’t get the magic bell. They were sad. They thought that they lost the bell. They thought they would
neither get the bell nor food. They went to bed hungry. When Shiv returned
home in the evening… …he took out the
magic bell from his pocket. He ordered the food of his choice. His mother and younger
sister were very sad to see this. His younger sister started
crying and she said… Brother, you’ve become selfish. You weren’t like this before. Shiv was sad to hear this. He also realized his mistake. But, he also shared what he felt. You asked the bell to give you food
but you forgot to keep food for me. I was tired and went to bed hungry.
I had no other option. I was sad and angry. His sister realized her mistake. They shared food. How was the story? It teaches us a lesson. Always remember this moral. The moral of the story
is that we shouldn’t be selfish. We must take care
of the needs of others. Don’t forget to press
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