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  1. Maximum creativity.
    within 40s transformations time like main squad of madoka magical girls/collab magical girls/main magical girls character like Iroha. Introduce both character, infusing with modern but remix their theme music.

    Just incredible.

  2. if i love their bodies and transformation… is that counted as a criminal? i mean why many so police car here? :v

  3. F4Exec: So we need something new for the next Summer Event. Last year we drained the otaku purses by just giving them two seperate ones. How can we top that?
    F4Developer: Well, I guess since we already covered the main cast of both Madoka Magica and Magia Record, how about having the villains make a trip to the beach?
    F4Exec: Good thinking! I like it! Half of them are primary schoolers, those otakus love lolies! So who do we put into the center stage?
    F4Developer: How about one of the Amane twins? People like twins…
    F4Exec: Yes, make it so!
    F4Developer: Which one?
    F4Exec: I already said yes. And make them do a music video!
    F4Developer: What?

  4. I think i just heard police sirens, best remix ever 😍😍😍
    Talking about summer that swimsuit are soo cute 😘😘😘

  5. I can say this is the longest transformation of all, and their bodies… Owo

    Wait… Why do i hear police sirens?

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