They’re the unknown workers. They’re the unsung heroes of construction. Their attitude, I think their casualness, the indifference to the risk that they’re taking is what separates the photograph. If you see the picture once, you never forget it. This photograph which is known around the world Shows Eleven men sitting on a beam about 800 feet above the city of New York You can see Central park in the background see buildings below and they’re casually sitting there one right next to the other eating their lunch and They’re all construction workers, and they came from all over the world. There are Irishmen, there are Mohawk Indians. It’s a mixed bag of people, and they’re all working in 1931-32. The image first appeared in the New York Herald Tribune [on] October 2nd 1932 the Herald Tribune was a major New York publication And it I think [that] generated an enormous [amount] of excitement about what was going on they were getting as much publicity as they possibly could in any office that was rented whether you were a dentist or a Hairdresser or a major Corporation they would get you into the news Rockefeller put a quarter of a million people’s work in the middle of the [depression] there were truckers are people in quarries people making windows Different kinds of people, but it really had a serious effect on the economy And that was the attitude very very positive towards the future very positive Towards America very positive Towards business The funniest part about the photographs were they were done for publicity So you’ll have stunts Like this fellow Joseph McCluskey holding a flag up that seems to be attached to the top of the Empire [State] building The other pictures also show men riding the final block of stone up going to celebrate putting the last stone in place We do have a photograph taken the same day And what I call the hats off picture shows them looking at the camera and saying look at us They’re so proud of themselves. You know there’s a real sense of pride and accomplishment [and] I think that’s also what all the pictures show the pride the guys had in their work There are a couple of photographers who were present that day William Left Which Charles [Ebbets] and Thomas Kelly, who had to have a death wish [and] They would have on their back a leather container that contained the glass plates, and they would actually switch them out [I] Think that they liked to show off next to the construction workers Well you guys walk these beams, but so can we we take risks, [too] The question of the names of all these men comes up frequently [who] are these men because on the back of the photograph They’re not identified We have people who have claimed that. They’re their uncle [or] their relative But most of them are either good guesses or plain guesses [I] think it’s kind of sad that they’re not recognized because everybody else gets a credit and Yet the people who actually have built the building are forgotten the fact that they are immortalized in this picture and They are the guys who risked their lives building this building And I think that’s what’s important [about] the picture is that it places them in history as being important in the Development of New York City and Rockefeller Center, and Gives a great deal of credit to a group that basically goes uncredited you

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  1. Hands started sweating just from the thumbnail. No amount of money is gonna get me up there for a living.

  2. NYC should have stayed Exactly the way it was in the 1930's-1950's…They Destroyed that Beautiful City when they tore down them Stunning Classoc Buildings…Now only the 1% can afford to Buy into NYC

  3. The "every person celebrity era" we live in now wants us to have a face+name tag pinned to everything. Get credit for everything you pin yourself to.
    Truth is most of the world and its' "wonders" were built and made by unknown faces and names.
    I think it's cool there is a shade of mystery behind this picture; who were those men and who exactly took the picture. In 500 years nobody will care anyways, there will be too many nametags to remember😂😂😂

  4. They were lucky if they were getting 75 cents an hour, and they were happy to get it, not like the whining babies of today !!!

  5. So, this photo is really real? I am really just asking, because it seems really crazy that the workers would not loose their balance sitting in such narrow steel pillars. Really amazing!

  6. Is it raining no one of Those
    Guys just pissed on My head
    That's f in crazy never do that job
    I will stick on the corner selling
    Bean pies with a umbrella

  7. i thought i saw on tv or something that this was an early photo shopped picture, they were barely off the ground. i mean cmon, napping on the beam ?

  8. Steel balls. Real men. No OSHA, no PPE, no grievance committees, nobody to tell them their jobs. The one to the far right is holding a bottle of booze. Hell he's probably the boss!
    No liberal winey babies or cowards here folks. A diversified crew that put their lives in each other's hands on a daily basis. You leave your grudges on the ground. You have plenty of time to knock each other's teeth out after work, but when you go UPSTAIRS your life depends on the guy next to you and that's as real as it gets.

  9. Them sitting on the beam was not their regular lunch break routine it was obviously done to raise publicity all the same I've got this picture on my wall
    Next to a picture of the Manhattan skyline at night

  10. “It was a mixed bag of people… they came from all over” sorry revisionist libtard, those are Irish men….

  11. This is what the greatest generation did for lunch in 1932….not a one of them had a mani/pedi one time ever.

  12. Very true.. about recognizing the actual people who fabricated the super structure of the a tall building, like in downtown LA,California ,Wilshire building.

  13. These photos are deceiving. These men appear to dangling on a beam in mid air but in reality, they are above previously built sections of the building the are working on .

  14. If special effects have long been present in movies for decades, photo-montages could have also been present in newspapers for many decades.


  16. Funny, the Rockerfellars put a 1/4 million people to work making a impact in the economy in the great depretion, the old problem solution scheme, they caused the depretion because they controlled the money…

  17. It’s a bunch of white people who came from the east, not “all over the world”…… America was more racist then

  18. 4:48 I don't really care if one of these idiots fell, I'm more concerned that if the one on the far right dropped his bottle of gin, it might hit someone below.

  19. I could never do this. Hats off to these men – absolute nerves of Steel. It takes a special kind of mindset to do a job like this.

  20. I am afraid of heights….But I managed to watch this entirely. Nothing but respect for these early construction workers. They should have gotten recognition with their names being put on the historical record.

  21. Their is a new documentary about this 4 of them are Irish it shows them in other pictures in Ireland before they left

  22. न्यू दुनिाभर दुखो को थोड़ा सा कम करके नई उमग के साथ

  23. Back in the good old days when workplace safety was irrelevant and corporations didn’t care who died as long as stuff was done

  24. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like the first guy on the beam looks like he has a Fifth in his right hand!! 🤣🤣😳😳

  25. I had this Photo hanging in my Parents Office upstairs for maybe 7 years!!! Totally an Awsome Daring Photo!!! I always loved looking at it when I was a kid

  26. 1:00 i find it SO annoying that in most cases when they refer to ''people from all over the world'' they never care to mention Mexicans or people from Latin America; so fucking racist

  27. There is a time for everybody to exist and these were the men of those days. Just by looking at these pictures and seeing other things from that time one can clearly see that these men were selfless. They were not all about themselves and did not obsess about anything that men obsess about today. They didn't care about their skin, and getting ew dirty, and were completely fearless. There was a level in testosterone in these fellas that men DO not have today. Men should not feel bad though because this does look a bit insane but the work had to be done to get these buildings built. I believe God used these men at the time to get this work done and that was their purpose. There is a time for everything.

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