– I don’t like forced fun. And I know everyone gets
very triggered and upset when I talk about my dad, but
please, just bear with me. It’s hard for me to talk
about Greta Thun, Thunberg? – Mm-hm.
– Thunberg, because she’s 16, and I still don’t believe in
attacking underaged people. – [Co-Host] Yeah, yeah. – I disagree with her. I think everyone knows how I feel about climate change as
a religion on the left. I just didn’t think she earned it in the same way that
the whistleblower did. Is this peak for her? – I started one of the biggest grassroots organizations in the United States. – I believe you, that doesn’t make you a good politician, with all due respect. And Mayor Bloomberg was mayor
for three terms, and so, if you’re gonna go the billionaire route, he’s a lot more compelling than you are. – PC culture has killed
what’s fun about Christmas. America desperately
needs a little Christmas. – My good-luck charm,
(Meghan laughs) Meghan McCain socks.
– Stop it! – That’s enough of that!
– Yeah, okay. – [Clay] She’s embarrassed by this, but… – This is so stupid, I love this. My husband makes me listen to Brexit podcasts in the morning. Oh my God! (audience cheers)
(Chris and hosts laugh) – All right, all right.
– No! – I hate all of it. (rhythmic drumming)
(air whooshes)

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