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  1. I had to stop this video. Half breed kaepernick on here. I hate that xock sucker. Die in hell you half breed

  2. You put kaperdouches 90+ yard that was brought back but not Fred Taylor’s (Jaguars) 95+ yard TD against the Bills!! You’re a Fucking puts

  3. Amazed that Barry Sanders never had a 90+ yard run. Two 80+ yarders in a single game, but 82 was the career long.

  4. Me and my cousins were at that monday night game in 83 just about even with the line of scrimage and had viking fans trying to start a fight with us. After Dorsett ran that 99+yards for the TD we turned around and gave thm hell. gret Game!

  5. Yeah let's put some games in there from the 40s and 50s … Ya know like when only white people could play . Even the music was as gay as the guys running the ball .

  6. always pissed me off that Dorsett got that run a few days after my fave player of alltime Wilbert Montgomery got his 90 yarder….Wilbert was always in Dorsett's shadow his whole career and he was BETTER

  7. Bo from the 30 to the 20 actually covered almost 11 yards in 3 steps that's how you tell speed the 3 step rule. That Bo was running fool and I ran and I kept runnin Easley.

  8. 2:06 BO IS SO MUCH FASTER THAN CHARLES EVEN ITS RIDICULOUS. I counted barely 4 seconds with Bo from 50 to goal line its not human

  9. On Dec 6, 2018 Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry scored on a 99-yard touchdown carry during the second quarter, dishing out three defender-shedding stiff-arms while trudging his way to what was arguably the most incredible touchdown of the season.

  10. I was really enjoying this vid until you put Colin cancer in there! Fuck him he is a bitch made faggot! 👎🏼 for your video

  11. The great thing about that Bo Jackson run is that he runs full speed and seems to be getting faster as he hits the endzone – none of this garbage of slowing down. I mean I like showboating – but just slowing down isn't showboating, if you're going to slowdown then you need to high step or taunt the opponent, otherwise run full speed the entire way.

  12. What does Colin Kaepernick and Michael Vick have in common?

    They both wear number 7, can play both quarter and half back, and got the short end of the stick by the NFL when guys done worse shit (cough) Ben Rothlisberger

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