I just got to be careful to not, like, disrespect the culture Japan is all about the respect… [music] The dumb Americans have arrived! [indistinct chatter] Oh no, don’t worry about me, I’m just a vlogger! [echoing voice] Gotta be careful to not, like, disrespect the culture… Tokyo is a real-life cartoon! [yelling] It’s gonna eat the GoPro! “What’d he do?” “No!” すみません、私の方が言って行きますので、申し訳ー (Excuse me, I’ll go talk to him, sorry…) You know how it is in Japan, they’re all about the respect… We’re gonna be respectful. LOGAN PAUL DOT COM SLASH SHOP! Look, they just got loaves of bread, I’ll take the whole thing. “What’s the issue?” “This one, it’s just for display.” Oh, so we’re gonna be respectful. The Game Boy Color! How much? [indistinct] 9500? AAAAAA ATTACK Excuse me sir, the game seems to be malfunctioning. Much-o broken-o. これは (This is…) [distorted voice] Respectful… Toyota, I choose you! No! No! No! Okay, go! [indistinct] [laughing] Catch you! [shouting] I choose you! 何でしょう? (What may this be?) [shouting] Japanese police. [distorted voice] Gotta be respectful… ARIGATOUUUU! Pants coming down… [echoing voice] I just gotta be careful to not, like, disrespect the culture …mavericks. People who are doing it differently. People who walk on the street instead of driving in cars. Hi, how are you? Okay… …the road to Japan. Hello. Hi! Hey! [indistinct] How many what? [indistinct] How many subscribers? Are you subscribed? [music] [whispering] Shhh… he has no idea… Hello! Oh! Hi! How ya feel? Ahh… [distorted voice] We’re gonna be respectful [music] [laughing] Hey guys! You want some fish? [shouting] [music] [distorted voice] Just gotta be careful to not, like, disrespect their culture… “You sure you don’t want this?” “Yeah, I [am] pretty sure!” [music] Honestly bro, I’m done with these fish. [echoing voice] Japan is all about the respect… I know it’s true, so I gotta take my choch levels and bring them down. Japan—Tokyo, specifically— [distorted voice] uh, thanks for putting up with ya boy [distorted voice] We’re gonna be respectful

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  1. It wasn't only the fact that he laughed at a dead body that was the peak. This whole video was upsetting because you can see how uncomfortable those Japanese people were but they were trying to be polite unlike he was.

  2. That’s just disrespectful and mean, he acts like in Japan he could do anything and acts like everyone and everything is a joke. Hope someone does what he did to Japan to him.

  3. I'm just happy that this isn't a TOTAL RIP OFF From Tom Green!!! and what a bad job he did at this… SUCKS BIG TIME, won't ever watch anything from this dude, never even knew him before, gross

  4. This video was painful to watch. When you go to another country, you're a representative of your own nation. You should be respectful of the native residents and the rich culture. This idiot made the whole of the West look bad with his stupid stunts, especially since Japan is a largely homogeneous country without many Western foreigners, so this would've been some of those people's first interaction with someone from the US. Logan Paul can burn in hell, as well as his cringy army of 12 year old fanboys.

  5. Japan should not let Americans visit because we’ve created terrible people like Trump and this terrible dis respectful person.

  6. he should have been so sick and had to be in hospital like all his buds should have been then karma would get him.

  7. Man, I do not envy that guy in the beret who seemed like he essentially had to babysit him the whole time.

  8. I genuinely wish the officer pulled a gun on him yelling Japanese and then when he tries to calm the officer he opens fire

  9. Ok literally what the actual fuck. This is disrespectful anywhere you go. Honestly , who does this guy think he is? This is disgusting and he should delete his channel cuz what the actual fuck. Any functioning human would never think to do such a thing

  10. He’s acting like there not human and thinking just because he’s not in America and they speak another language it’s different you should still act like you have since

  11. Youtubers like this are the reason the licking ice cream "challenge" started trending. Not because he introduced it but because he shows that blatant disregard to other people has no consequences.

  12. I always think that the Japanese people are questioning there exists while Logan paul is running around like a maniac in Japan I'm srry for all the Japanese people who had to go through that harassment

  13. Him and his brother are like the two biggest douchebags on this planet. Like I seriously don’t know how he didn’t get punched while he was there.

  14. bro.. literally the exact reason y Americans r so hated. Cuz of people like that. This is so terrible and humiliating. This is the second time Logan has fucked up. I hate him so much. He has no respect at all.

  15. I am a Japanese Citizen and I was shocked when I saw this….. this is awful, I heard that Logan Pall was good, funny, nice person but apparently not 😢 My heart is broken after what he did to my home country…..

  16. You should go to jail I hate him he's disrespecting culture if I were there or what disrespect I would respect the culture

  17. I’ve never thought this guy was ever funny, stupid maybe, but not funny. Apparently many people do find him hilarious. As for being disrespectful to Japan, well, yeah he was, but nothing to loose your marbles over. It’s all comedy, even if in bad taste. Such is life.

  18. In Japan the people are very non confrontational so that’s why he wasn’t getting many reactions and he continued to act like that, if he did this in a different country it would be a different story.

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