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Literature in the Contemporary Curriculum (Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading Video 5)

– Notice and Note, the
book we’ve just finished, really is focused on
helping kids apply these two literary texts in the English language arts classroom, great
pieces of literature. And absolutely, students will see how to, and teachers can see how to apply them to expository text. But we wanted to start with literature. Because we think it’s through literature that students really
have the opportunity to examine themselves, others around them, the text in front of them,
and the world before them. – And literature,
narrative fiction, poetry, deals with human experience. And all kids, all
readers are interested in themselves and their
lives and human experience broadly conceived. But everybody is interested
in love and hate, good and evil, justice
and revenge, dealing with your social group. Everybody can find an entry point that literature deals with. So, starting there seemed,
to us, to be reasonable. Also, if we are trying
to encourage kids to be attentive, observant,
reflective, questioning, readers, those skills
developed in the short story and the novel, can equally
well apply when you walk into the chemistry
lab or you’re reading the history of the civil
war, those skills apply. They apply elsewhere. We think that you may be
noticing other phenomena and noting it in different ways. But you’re still engaged
in noticing something, paying attention to it, making note of it, reflecting on what it tells you.

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