Okay. So today we have two specific races
that I'm going to talk about for 2020, where we really have extraordinarily uh, um, uh,
uh, inspiring. I guess I would call them opportunities to take down some of the most prominent and
toxic Republicans in the Senate. Yesterday I told you that Senate majority leader Mitch
McConnell has a challenger after, uh, later on in the show. I'll talk to you a little
bit more about that race. But first today, totally terribly toxic Trump tool. How about
that? Lindsey Graham has an opponent and the opponent has raised a record breaking amount
of money. His name is Jamie Harrison. He has raised
one point $5 million to challenge Lindsey Graham in South Carolina for his Senate seat,
and if you haven't been paying attention to Lindsey, he has become even more unhinged
under Donald Trump on leasing one of unleashing, rather one of the most cartoonish and embarrassing
tirades that may be I've ever seen during the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court
justice. Brett Kavanaugh. Remember when this went down? If you wanted a FBI investigation,
you could come to us. What you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat
open and hope you win in 2020 you said that not me. You've got nothing to apologize for.
When you see Sotomayer and Kagan tell him that Lindsey said, oh, because I voted for
them. I would never do to them. What you've done to this guy, this system, most unethical,
sham, since I've been in politics, that was real life. That was not part of some poorly scripted
political drama or reality show and a a full reality show. It would be really great to
remove Lindsay Graham and Jamie Harrison conceivably could make that happen. Now let's, I always
am realistic with you in these races. I don't do the thing where I pretend that someone
pulling 1% really has a shot at winning in the presidential primary, and I'm not going
to be, you hear either Jamie Harrison is way behind. He's raised one point $5 million,
but Lindsey Graham has nearly $5 million or had $5 million in the bank at the end of the
first quarter of the year and they're still calculating their second quarter total. So
he may have three, four, three or four times as much money as Jamie Harrison and money
matters in our political system, as you know. But this is one of the strongest candidates
in recent history to really have a shot at taking out such a prominent Republican. Senator Baito had a shot with Ted Cruz in
Texas, ultimately didn't happen. Jamie Harrison is admittedly like many of these southern
Democrats, um, basically a centrist establishment guy. But given the circumstances, that's okay
because we'd be much better off with Jamie Harrison than with Lindsay Graham, particularly
in a state like South Carolina. Jamie Harrison is a top official for the Democratic National
Committee. He's former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party. He's an establishment
guy. I mean, there's no doubt about it, but Lindsey Graham is just terrible and the polls
are pointing to an uphill battle. Graham has a big lead in the polls as of right now. But
okay, we still have a while. Let's see what we can do. And as I said before, uh, yesterday
talking about the Mitch McConnell Challenger in Kentucky, the key is that even if Jamie
Harrison doesn't defeat Lindsey Graham in the end, even if Amy McGrath doesn't ultimately
take out Mitch McConnell in 2020 getting the Republican party to have to spend a bunch
of money defending incumbents in red states, makes it more difficult for them to win other
seats because of limited money that they obviously have. And that's a very good thing. And people have
been writing to me about Lindsay Graham saying, even though it goes against our principles
on the left, shouldn't the left be targeting Lindsey Graham for being gay because Republicans
don't like it and they might vote them out. I totally disagree with that. Strategy number
one, it's below us to stoop to that level. Okay. We don't think there's anything wrong
with being gay, so why would we target another candidate? Because they are, I don't know
if Lindsey, I don't know what took to what level of, uh, uh, how publicly Lindsey Graham
is gay. Um, but I don't think it's a good idea for Democrats to be doing this because
it's just the wrong thing to do. And there's nothing wrong with being gay. But more importantly,
I also don't think it would work. The right claims to be about family values. But when it comes down to it, they voted for
Trump who was accused 15 times or more of sexual assault. The mistresses, the entire
thing, they don't actually care. They're not going to vote for a Democrat, most of them
anyway. And in the same way. Yeah, the anti gay religious right in South Carolina, I get
it, but they don't actually care if the alternative to Lindsay Graham is voting for a Democrat
because this is sport to them. They see this as wins and losses, losses, period. It's below
us and it's wrong to start using Lindsey Graham's sexual orientation against him. And by the
way, it also wouldn't be useful. Uh, so that's what's going on with Lindsey Graham a little
bit later on in the program. I want to update you about what's going on in Amy McGrath's
challenge of Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. The fundraising
numbers are stunning for Amy McGrath, but that's coming up a little bit later. Make
sure that you are following the show on Instagram at David Pakman show. Follow me on Instagram
at David Dot. Pacman. I recently posted a behind the scenes shot of what the studio
here looks like, what I'm looking at while I'm taping the show. Follow me at David Dot. Pacman on Instagram.
See that and much, much more quick break as they always are. And back right after

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  1. It is really disturbing how money is so important in us politics. Don’t know any other democratic country where money is more important than the politic and ethics a politician is standing for

  2. But I love the way you brought it up, was not aware of Lindsey Graham’s sexuality until now thank you. Fucking fagoly

  3. Woah 1:04 I never noticed how dramatically SMUG Brett sneered at this exchange… he’s like a child smiling while mom yells at his sister for some shit he did.

  4. In order to win you have to play by their rules. And they obviously aren’t playing by the rules. You see how that works? We tried they go low we go high. That didn’t work.

  5. I agree with Sam Seder's insight on Lindsay's tirade. The lady republican lawyer inadvertently highlighted that there might have been an inconsistency in Kavanaugh's dates – and this is when Lindsay started to rant – his lawyer nose smelt the whiff of trouble…

  6. South Carolina has a GAY Senator Lindsey Graham. hey South Carolina Lindsey Graham is a lunatic GAY Family values means your daddy or your son. A Republican GAY who spits on other GAYS. Hey Lindsey trump feel you up yet his Christmas wish

  7. What sort of system is it that requires millions of dollars for someone to even try to get elected? Talk about being beholden to the small number of people who donate to you.

  8. Sen Graham's sexuality should not be an issue to be brought out into the open for as long as he does not impugn the gay community by attacking it or supporting laws to curtail the rights of gay men and women. Until then, it is not a good idea to out him (I don't think he is open with his sexuality).

  9. Just call him a closet and I are he's a self-hating gay you can easily attacked that without attacking Gay's in general it's like attacking self-hating Jews their anti-semites even though they are Jewish oh wait did I just describe David pakman oops

  10. What the guy is gay. Really, WOW.. I did not know that to be true. Is it really true? I mean his way of expressing his self just don't line up. Man this is a shocker for me. So why not, ask him if he's fighting for the LGBT right's I.E. the couple that that was not served or the where a cake was not made. Ask him, I'm sure some church people would understand. Right.

  11. Flanked by an alleged swindler and his incompetent fixer, Trump declared a SCOTUS victory in the census case and went on to explain his plan to bypass his SCOTUS defeat; he's ordering all federal agencies to mine (fool's gold?) for citizenship-related information. It's pure BS because the only numbers that count are those found by the census. However, his cult is hooked on BS and will love it! Trump is the “BS Champion of the World”!

    Of course, Trump must blame someone for this crushing defeat and the last man he expected to let him down, that is, his fixer Barr, is the culprit. Barr looked guilty standing by Trump's side and tried to appease his master by publicly and profusely thanking him at least three times for being such a wise, all-knowing, wonderful, human being. It made many of us want to throw up! What a pitiful excuse for an Attorney General of the USA this ass-kisser Barr has turned out to be!

  12. Tell Epstein Lindsey Graham says hi. And he will do his best to stay quiet , but can't guarantee he can . unless he helps him get off.

  13. And if you remember, every single Democrat on the Kavanaugh hearings let Graham's fake rant go unchecked, reinforcing Gramham's rant in a lot of voters minds as "fair".
    I only hope that Jamie Harrison takes every single opportunity he can to bring down the biggest hypocrite in today's GOP after tRUMP.

  14. I'm sick of having a corporatist in every single major senate race. Even in red states, populists have better winning chances.

  15. We need to be going to communities in SC and KY and registering people to vote. Minorities in both of these states need help getting their voice heard.

  16. Yeah Lindsey, he should’ve taken the opportunity to follow in the footsteps on John McCain. That is gonna kill his chances right there. The poor man is rolling in his grave.

  17. And Lindsey Graham is not gay.
    There's nothing wrong with being gay.
    But Lindsey is not
    So knock it off already

  18. Look at Lindsey pretending to be a man so that his Pimp The Sexual Predator in Chief can see him defending his pet Boofanaugh.

  19. Get gullible Graham the hell outta there. Who the hell would be green enough to believe anything ever said or written by a Roman? I know I'll be attacked if I mention the you-know-whats, who supposedly wrote the Old Testament, but I presume there are no virulent Roman apologists in this comments section so what now? Is anyone going to say how dare I besmirch the Romans, the nicest, most virtuous and utterly truthful people ever to exist? Graham might not be an over the top Christian but he did say this; "I unashamedly accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior". Would an intelligent non-Roman lover say that? Was not the entirety of modern Christianity outside of the actual words of the Bible devised by the Romans? Where in the Bible does it say go to church on Sunday? Where does it say to recite stuff from the Bible in a creepy droning manner, if at all? It's all stuff made up by Romans.

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