We know the area very well because basically,
it’s home for us. There’s everything available. There’s shops within walking distance. The bus services is every ten minutes or so,
there’s a bus to get you into Nottingham and you can get into West Bridgeford on a bus. You know, the facilities are around if you
want to use them. The insulation of the apartments is absolutely
wonderful. We’ve noticed ourselves that we’re not aware
of the traffic noise, and so I think that is a very big plus. Yes, we’ve sat outside in a morning and late
afternoon because it has been too hot. But no there’s, the gardens planted out nicely
and we’ve got tables and chairs out there which, they’re very good. And there’s people around to talk to, it’s
a community really I suppose. Yeah, we have our weekly coffee morning which
enables us to get to know everyone. And we quickly got to know everybody, which
made it easier, and since then it’s worked out well. We haven’t changed anything, have we? No, I mean we still walk. We go walking by the river, which is very
handy. It’s just, it’s home for us now and that’s
it. So we’re here now for a long while. If we’ve got any problems we either talk to
sales Trisha or to Sue and whatever it is it gets sorted out for us. The way we’ve run our apartment, in which
we have just got one bedroom, the second bedroom we made into a study general room and the
living area. And within a couple of weeks, I’d drilled
a few holes in the wall and put hooks there and we’d put our pictures up, and it was home. and that’s it, it’s been home since. We’ve not regretted it have we? No, no. In fact, we keep telling our friends that
they should be buying it. Yeah. The ones that were here last week. We’ve had a letter from them this morning
saying that we’ve given them food for thought. And we have a number of friends that live
away and who visit us for several days. Simply with having a guest suite here, it
meant that they could stay here and it’s kept them going pretty well. 5-star hotel. I think the thing is not to leave it too late
to do it. Do it while you can make the decisions for
yourself and do it.

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