*Phone Ringing* Hello You like roses? Is it necessary Sameer? Reena, Reena, Reena It’s just a third day of our wedding And you are annoyed I will try my best tonight I don’t want anything But I want it Listen Sameer I am coming home Reena Ok I am waiting Bye Bye *Phone Ringing* Hello You forgotten your friend after marriage No, I didn’t I am trying my best to adjust into my new life Keep trying but don’t forget me Sure Come visit my place on weekend We will have dinner together and I will introduce you to my wife Yes, I will come for sure But when your wife is away Then we will have our party together There will be no parties further I am happily married Happy? Yeah! Yeah, at least I am trying Okay Roses For my rose Reena I don’t know about your like or dislike But I will learn with the passage of time Sameer I want to discuss something What ever it is Let’s discuss it in the bedroom Reena Reena Yes, what? Where is my towel? Oh, sorry I forgot to place it Take it Leave my hand Reena You wanted to discuss something? Relax Now tell me Tell me I am listening Sameer I can’t continue this relation anymore I have tried my best But I can’t You are right This home is right Everything is right, but I guess I am the wrong person for you Reena What do you think my love is less for you? No You are very good Just like a Good caring husband every wife wants to have But I don’t deserve it Sameer I really don’t Listen, if I have done something wrong Definitely, I can overcome Can you tell me what mistake I have done There is nothing like this Sameer You are absolutely alright But The thing we have been doing since 3 nights I felt like I am getting raped I can’t suffer this any more I can’t suffer this any more, Sameer Look Reena For God sake please What mistake I have done tell me? Might be I get aggressive or I don’t know how to behave like a Gentleman with the ladies But I can overcome I can tone down myself, please Please tell me? Sameer Sameer, I am gay Yes, I am gay It was my medical’s third year When Sonia started to share Hostel room with me Another girl was there In the room with us at that time But we hang out with each other Even in classroom We like to sit together And at night as well Everything was going so well But Suddenly something changed When Sonia decided not to Spend her vacation at her home And then she decided to spend her vacations with me at my home I also wanted the same What happened to you girls? Why you both always locked in a room? Sometime help me with housework as well These were the best days of my life And then our studies came to an end Then we have no reason left To stay with each other But again We wanted to stay together Forever And we can stay together If my marriage proposal would not come It was our wedding day She commits suicide But she survived somehow Perhaps she have to resist the pain Just like me She does so many calls in a day She sends lots of messages That one day I will meet her She just want one More chance to get me back I have already blocked her From mobile and from my life as well I am unfaithful, she is not It was my mistake I was already in a relationship and I started another relationship as well I couldn’t able to handle my first relation Nor my present one Please, Sameer leave me You can blame me for having an affair Whether you make fun of me in front of everyone But please leave me, Sameer I can’t live without, Sonia If I can’t live without her Then at least I can die Please leave me Please I am sorry, Sameer I wanted to tell you this It was a guilt That’s finally out now It’s not a guilt It was a truth We all had a past Past Which can never change Or never forget Yes, I will come for sure But when your wife is away Then we will have our party together There will be no parties further I am happily married But you are normal No one is normal No one is perfect I was pretending Pretending to be nice And behave like a gentle man But Reena It is true that After meeting you I explored a new world Reena I found this relation Very complete and beautiful Reena You are the reason to complete me you But To complete you I have no reasons But I promise I will never ever leave you Promise That never gonna be forgotten So just Please Let’s try again Let’s try again Yes

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  2. I'm Pakistani and i truly truly and truly support LGBTQ community in Pak ans its about time our media and society starts to recognize LGBTQ community and support them. Its TIME to STOP ignorance which is equivalent to a murder for LGBTQ community and start accepting us. I wish hope and Pray that every single household in Pakistan have a LGBTQ member so that society get to realise the importance of such valuable lives. #LGBTQPAK

  3. I just love this movie. Because somedays ago I was in the same situation but thank god. I realize it before marriage.

  4. in chutyon ko ye nhi pta k girl to girl relation of lesbain kehte hain na k Gay.. aur aye chale pakistan main lgbt pr movie bananay..

  5. End is horrible…jab dono hi straight nahi hain to try kya krna ha..gay ya lesbian hona mazk ha kya jo try karny se khtm ho jaye..its in your soul.

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