I think It’s better if I go. You’re such a pain! You can stay. I´ll drink just one and I leave. You don’t bother, stay. Moreover, you are going to like her. I’m just going to tell you one thing, I’m not a third wheel. She has a girlfriend. And she doesn’t know anyone here in Madrid and we know what it´s like. (The doorbell rings) I’m so nervous! Your future wife. u are such an idiot! Because of you, it´s just died a pack of kittens. Hey, do I look fine? Oh, do you have something to eat? I’m very nervous! Over there, on the second drawer. Impossible loves are the best. They occupy your head. And they don’t make me think about you. (The doorbell rings) And who are you fucking with right now. -Hello.
-Hi. I hope you have ice and sliced orange. I think so, come in. He’s Jaime, he’s a journalist and he helps me filming. -Hi.
-Hello. Tonight, I take care of the drink. Although I’m just staying for one. Yeah, right. Wow, your house it’s so cool. Thank you. Are you living here on your own? Yeah, of course, as a good old lady. In the middle of my immaturity, I can afford to live alone. You know that you don’t look your age, right? I know! It´s like the height, nobody believes I’m 1.80m tall. – That´s right.
– I don’t understand. Would you give me a glass of water, please? Sure, sit down if you want. Sofía told me if we want to go for lunch with them later. Aha. She also told me that you must go without underwear and dressed just with the pride flag. Ok. Ups, it seems that you got wet a little bit. And she has also asked me if we want to do an orgy. But you can only look. And now what? Help! An old lady wants to take advantage of me! Ok girls, as I said before, I stayed for one drink and I’m leaving. Jaime, we have already drunk two bottles. That’s what I said, I drunk one bottle by myself. Besides… I deserve it. This has been my worst week. – What have happened to you?
– Lovesickness. Ohhh. Nothing, I had been meeting a boy for a week. Everything was so intense and beautiful. But this afternoon when we were saying goodbye. He told me: if I would move in with him to Carabanchel! Excuse me? What kind of glamour is this? You can always do “an Ana” to him. What does “doing an Ana” mean? Just ignoring him and no answering to his messages. He will get tired of me and he will hate me. And finally, he will block me. But I’m not used to do that. Ok, it’s a very cruel summary. But you’ve got the idea. It doesn’t seem like you to do something like this. Why? If I’m the tin girl. Do you know that there is a syndrome that already exist? hh, that’s sounds interesting. Didn’t you have a Baylis bottle somewhere? Yes, as a good old lady. I have one in the fridge. Hey Lucía, tell us about that tin syndrome let’s see if it’s the same syndrome that Ana has. Ok, it’s the people who instead of having the heart in the regular place, they have it in any other place of their body. No, no, no, no… hey and doesn’t exist the freeze heart syndrome? Wait, you’re confusing, I explain it. Basically, I don’t give a shit about other people unless they’re my friends. And directly where there should be a heart there is nothing. What happens to you is that you don’t want to get hurt. Don’t worry Lucía, she’s never going to do “an Ana” to you. You have a girlfriend. You’re sacred. Exactly. Mmmm, I don’t have a girlfriend anymore. Ehhh. I’m going to be very clear to you, I’m a gossip boy. What happened? Actually, it has happened nothing in particular. ’s been a lot of things. Let me guess, your girlfriend found out that you have Tinder to make friends? That you had Tinder to make friends? -Yes.
-My dear… Well, it was her the one who told me to have it. She even encouraged me to do it! Honey, she was testing you. You should have said no. Besides, there are so many apps to make friends. True. However, you wrote me on Tinder to be my friend. And did you believe me? And also. How long did you take to tell me you had a girlfriend? Anyway, it wasn’t only because of this. Enough! A toast for singleness! Cheers. – Mmmm…
-Is it good? -Yes.
-Do you like it?
– Yes, I do. Pilar, Sofía told me that you got the roll for the new Antena3 tv show, right? Well, I finally said no. The character wasn’t deep enough. It didn’t fit my expectations. But I thought the audition wasn’t over yet. I know. I didn’t even go. Well, I want to make a toast. We wanted to announce that Pilar and I we are getting marry. Wow. – Very good, isn’t it?
– Congrats. Ok, let’s make a toast. Yes. Yes, come one. Ohhh, damm it. Shit, I’m so sorry. I’ll go to the bathroom to clean it. Yes, I have wet wipes…in the first drawer. I’m going to.. …help her with the stain. (Someone knocks the door) – Who is it?
– Open it… What’s wrong? How do I tell my friend that her girlfriend is stupid and that she shouldn’t marry her? There is no way I’m going to that wedding. Even I know the topic will be so cool and we could wear costumes. Would you keep a dildo in the bathroom? Maybe it’s water proof. Ana you are not listening to me! Sofía is getting married! My love, grow up a little bit. The fact that you don’t believe in love, in marriage, or whatever happens to you. Doesn’t mean everyone should end up single. Even though her girlfriend is the most foolish person in the world. Said the divorced. I’m not divorced. I remind you that I left her because at the end I didn’t want to get marry. But you do want to get marry. Ok, let’s be clear. The fact that you and I are together, It’s because we both don’t want to marry. Otherwise, our relationship wouldn’t make sense. The problem is that you see me in a way that I’m not. So, you will have a good reason the day you want to break up with me, right? You know what? I have an irresistible look. Well, I don’t mean my normal look, ok? I’m just saying that I know to how to look. And with that look, everybody does whatever I want. And that look has a name? Yes. It’s called the Shrek kitten look. Come on, I need to see that. Ok. I don’t know what is what you want from me, but I give it to you! Now, I’ll tell you one thing. It’s not going to work with the tin girl. It works with everybody. Ok, try me. But I’m telling you, there is nothing in here. It’s not fair! She also knows how to use her look. Enough with the look’s and with the game. Yes, the only one over here is me. Uff I think I should go home. If I make it. I’m going with you, I have to work tomorrow. I’m going to the bathroom first. Do you wait for me? So we can go together? Ok. She likes you. What are you talking about? Shut up. Besides, she just broke up with her girlfriend. Oh come on, she has been looking at you all night long and you were there just breaking her heart. Nonsenses. Well guys, I had a great time we should do it again. Do you have plans for tomorrow? I can’t! But Ana has no plans. Well, I was going to spend the day at home watching ‘High Fidelity’ again. Ohhh, I love that mooovie! Really? So… I don’t know. Do you want to come over? Can I? Sure. Ok, yes, I would love to. I’ll bring popcorns. Cool. – See you tomorrow.
– Bye. This ends up with a wedding. Come one, another pack of kittens have just died. Go away! It’s clear, you like being used. Shut up… She has just broken with her girlfriend. What other situation does remind you? Please shut up. But… …she seems to be good at sex. Will she comply your expectations? Don’t waste your time, I’m not stopping to fuck. Damm it. You’re cruel even in my head. Do you want to know more about El Contacto Cero? Interviews? Bloopers? More kisses? I am sure you do. You just need to visit us on our website, link right here bellow. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, but not on the street… that’s not cool. That’s actually weird.

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