this is so fucking insane it's the day of the festival of all days I expected this to be one where I was walking to school with her but she's not answering her phone I considered going to our house to wake her up but I decided that's a little too much meanwhile the preparations for the event should be nearly complete I managed to carry all the cupcakes myself by carefully stacking the two trays Natsuki is already texting up a storm but I can't respond thanks to my hands being filled but funnily enough I probably feel the same way as Natsuki about the event I'm more excited for it to be over so I can spend time with sorry and not to give the festival but knowing Monika I'm sure the event will be great – speaking of Monika we got a motherfucking okay here we go Monika let's talk you're the first one here Desmond thanks for being early that's funny I thought at least URI would be here by now she's placing a little booklets on each of the desk in the classroom they must be the ones she prepared with all the poems that they're performing in the end I found a random poem online I thought Monika would like and I submitted it so that's the one that I'll be performing I'm surprised you didn't bring sorry with you yeah she overslept again that dummy we think on days like this where it's important that she would have tried a little harder I say that but I remember what syuri told me yesterday and I suddenly feel awful knowing that it's not nearly that simple for I only said it because it's the way that I'm used to thinking but maybe I should have gone to wake her up after all uh-huh take a little bit of responsibility for it Desmond I mean especially after your exchange with her yesterday you kind of left her hanging this morning you know what the fuck she's being as friendly as usual but for some reason I felt a chill down my spine after hearing that what the fuck nigga yo what's going on here dogs this is fuckin this is getting crazy this is getting fucking ridiculous they came out really nice the pamphlets yeah sure I grabbed one of the pamphlets laid out on the desk oh yeah they really did something like this will definitely help to take people to take the club more seriously I thought so too flip through each members poem is neatly printed on its own page oh you're gonna already share the poems and niggas I thought it'd be like a surprise factor performing I recognize not Sookie and Yuri's poems from the ones that they perform during practice but what's this I flipped to Cyrus poem it's different from the one that she practiced it's the one it's one that I have not read before what the fuck is going on holy shit all he said holy shit what's going on your bro dogs I don't know what the fuck is going on here bro yo get out of my head before I do what I know is best for you get out of my head before I listen to everything she said to me get on my head before I show you how much I loved you before I finished writing this poem but a poem is never actually finished it just stops moving reading the poem I get a pit in my stomach des what's wrong nothing this poem feels completely different from everything else she's written but more than that I changed my mind I'm going to go get savory so well alright try not to take too long okay I quickly leave the classroom don't strain yourself she calls out Monica calls that out after me i quickened my pace what the hell was I thinking I should have tried a little bit harder for sorry but it's no big deal it's not a big deal to at least wait for her or help her to wake up even the simple gesture of walking her to school makes her really happy besides I told her yesterday that things will be the same as they always have been that's all she needs and what I want to give her I reach her house and knock on the door I don't expect an answer so she's not picking up the phone either then yesterday like yesterday I opened the door and let myself in sorry what's up she really is a heavy sleeper go to the room I swallow I can't believe that I end up having to do this after all walking wait waking her up waking waking her up in my bed oh my kevin chen saying yo beat that monica beat that bitch Monica's ass nigga i'm telling you bro i'm pulling out the thought destroyer she said oh don't overexert yourself as i was running out the classroom trying to get sy read what the fuck is going on here bro something is really weird with that monica chick that really is something that a boyfriend would do isn't it in any case it just feels right outside of her room i knock on her door Zaira me wake up dummy no response I really didn't want to have to enter her room like this it's kind of a breach of privacy but she leaves me no choice get your ass in there I gently open the door what what the hell I fucking I shouldn't have confessed that's not what she needed at all she even told me how painful it is for others to care about her then why did I confess her and make her feel even worse screw the literature Club screw the festival I just lost my best friend fuck the fuck is this yo wait a minute what's going on here and she's not there load game maybe I can load up from that point that I was at what's this option what the fuck what the fuck I see an annoying girl running to me from the distance waving the girl is cool holy shit what's going on here yo I've always walked to school alone what so suddenly she's not there anymore yo what it's like no one Monica yo it's been a while yeah wait we do know each other

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  1. Me when I see the trash bin on the floor and all the trash I'd scattered everywhere and my dogs are tryna hide 2:02

  2. I’m so sorry Etika. I couldn’t be there for you. Darn, are these tears? Wherever you are, I just hope you’re finally at rest.

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