1. Good work Modiji… After long appeasement you come on right path.. welcome back to hindutva… I request hindutva group to oppose vulgar movie.. Modi ji I hate you because you stripped bajarang Dal of real leader and Western vulgarity is flown across the Board..

  2. Nidhi and sanjay you guys need some disciplining for abusing public platform and spreading lies . Sanjay probably not a successful lawyer and currupt. Wants a doomed India. I do not say BJP is without short comings but Sanjay supports curruption along with you. NDTV and the panelists are very gittery because their currupt support is descimated.

  3. Indira jaisingh is Dalal and such people have hidden agenda. There are many such culprits that are working on hidden agenda. The families backing such people are very strong and won't let them behind bars.

  4. Congratulations NDTV for joining the North Korean channel, Nidhi you deliberately let this happen. Shows Nidhis bias and incompetence! Mr Goel , nice job taking on four from the same team !

  5. this anchor is also by far the most corrupt !! she is working and had done corruption with her masters and still doing!! this lady is traitor and pakistani ISI AND CONGRESS AGENT !!

  6. Ha! Nithi Razdaan, Just like you, they are also pr#@titutes of their professional world. You being a traitor to your own people, the Kashmiri Pandts. People like you and them should be sent to Jail.

  7. Finally the queen n master mind of court fixer, manipulator n PIL manipulator is getting some medicine. In the name of ngo they block devlopment works n create communal n caste riots.

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