You know my favorites are maniac. You
know maniac is such a huge giant crocodile and I love working with that
animal. He’s so intelligent he’s so charismatic he’s just a treasure to work
with. Hi my name is Terry Philip I’m the curator of reptiles here at the Black
Hills reptile gardens in Rapid City South Dakota. Now we’re the Guinness
world record holder for the largest reptile zoo in the world. You can find
hundreds of species of reptiles here we have giant crocodiles giant tortoises
giant snakes we have little tiny snakes they’re little tiny lizards
we have amphibians and bugs it’s an amazing place. We have a huge number of some of the Guinness World Records breakers here at the reptile gardens. I’m
Chelsea this is Tank he’s a giant Aldabra tortoise and he’s 52 years old I
worked at reptile gardens for about five years and I take care of these guys
every day. They cover about 14 feet in 45 seconds as far as working with them goes
them being slow actually helps us out a lot we can get a lot done around them in
the amount of time but when it comes to moving them around it’s very hard to get
them to do what we want them to do but we do have a lot of time in the mean
time to take care of other business their favorite food is anything sweet
specifically watermelon they haven’t gotten watermelon all year this is
exactly how we got them to sit still for this whole interview process is by
bribing them with sweet food their temperaments are very different from one
another actually Tank is kind of the more social
whereas Quasimodo and Orvill tend to keep to themselves a little bit more so
as a species these guys live to be usually around 130 years old the oldest
ever for an Aldabra tortoise was 152 any child that’s about five to 12
years old will be able to come back later in life and see the same tortoises
with their children as well in the wild these guys are a threatened species not
endangered which is really good and they are definitely becoming more populated
every day and I feel like places like this in places with giant Aldabra
tortoises in general really help people become aware and focus on repopulation
and not just of their species of other species there’s something beautiful
about every species that we work with here you know everyone thinks that
snakes are so scary and so misaligned and but honestly they’re just
misunderstood okay so now we’re gonna talk about the most venomous snake in
the world this snake right here the snake is what
we call an inland Taipan also known as a fierce snake that are found in the
remote central parts of Australia and this snake has the single most toxic
snake venom in the world record venom yields of 110 milligrams of venom and
it’s estimated only one milligram of this snake’s venom to cause a human
fatality frequently when people are bitten by inland Taipans they will bleed
from every hole in their entire body from their eyes their ears or nose the
other end you know and in fact you’ll start to bleed from your gumline and it
also is followed up by a neurotoxic venom and that venom is going to stop
your ability to breathe it paralyzes your chest cavity and so you’ll
suffocate it also has a powerful cardio toxin in there that rapidly stops your
heart the simplicity of it is every single one
of those animals in nature snakes included are beautiful animals
that have their own little niche in the environment and they belong there
we just need to learn how to appreciate it hi buddy come out and say hello I come on that’s a good boy
Guinness World Records longest venomous snake the Hamadryad also known as the
King Cobra specimens of 12 to 15 feet are fairly common however the record
back in the 1930s was an eighteen and a half foot specimen that’s enormous this
particular guy right here is right about 13 feet so she’s got a little bit of
growing to do yet now king cobras are found throughout Southeast Asia all the
way down into Indonesia this particular guy was found in mainland Malaysia The hood
of the king cobra is an elaborate defense display it makes the the snake
look much larger much meaner than what he really is so that’s the beauty of
coming to a facility like the reptile gardens is we give you an up close and
personal tour of some of the world’s most dangerous misunderstood and
misaligned animals and it’s a great place to get over that little fear all
right so now we’re gonna be looking at the Guinness World Records fastest land
snake course that’s gonna be the African black mamba the African Black Mamba has
reached speeds of 16 to 19 miles per hour over flat level surface however
fortunately I have assured our cameraman 6 feet away that he won’t cover that
distance before I can stop it Saul hey buddy how you doing hey honey you
gonna come on out I see you looking at me hi well come on out oh wait you don’t
have any ears you can’t even hear me calling me come on over here now this
here is the African of Black Mamba Guinness world record for fastest land
snake this guy’s also quite likely have the
record for the fastest human fatality from their snakebite
I saw a fairly reliable report of a human fatality in two and a half minutes
that’s an extraordinarily fast now this beautiful guy is the Guinness
world record titled for the slimmest lizard it’s called the burton’s legless
lizard found in Australia and New Guinea and unlike a snake
these guys have fleshy tongues they have ear openings and also an eyelid or a
retractable eye neither of which the snakes have this is the Gila monster
this is the Guinness World Records title holder of the most dangerous lizard in
the world now the Gila monster is found in the desert southwest of the United
States and they are one of two lizards in the world that have a clinically
significant venom the venom of the Gila monster it’s very similar to that of a
rattlesnake and in fact causes tremendous pain swelling and a drop in
blood pressure however their there are no true human fatalities recorded from
the Gila monster and they’re a very timid lizard they’re found only for a
few months out of the year so properly left alone there are wonderful little
desert inhabitant good little neighbor to have people think that this job is so
tremendously dangerous but realistically as long as I pay attention to what I’m
doing I don’t do anything that I’m not supposed to do I don’t show off and try
to pick up girls or something silly like that
you know there really is very little risk in my job the mistakes that are
made here are just that mistake there’s no such thing as an accident in our
profession in fact throughout the world there is no such thing as an accident
all those incidents for injury are mistakes
someone made them so my job is a job of perfection I know the snake is there
right I know how to handle that snake and as long as I do my job right and
well I have very little to worry about any given week I average between 800 and
1,000 interactions with venomous snakes do that every week been doing it for 20
years this can be the Guinness world record
for the largest toad in the world it’s called the marine toad it’s also known
as a cane toad in parts of its range these guys naturally range throughout
Central America the Caribbean and down into South America interestingly enough
this is probably the world’s most image oh really this is probably the the
world’s most injurious species of toad these guys have been transplanted both
intentionally and unintentionally throughout most of the world so
unfortunately it was introduced into Australia now it’s everything in its
path these guys need venomous snakes they eat
little crocodiles they bugs they can eat other frogs it’s really one of the most
one of the saddest stories that we have of introduced species into other parts
of the world an interesting thing about them is this little lump right here is
called a territory gland and when these guys are agitated and threatened they
will emit a little mucousy substance out of that gland and in the way back olden
days people used to lick that secretion for a hallucinogenic effect it’s
definitely not something I recommend in fact it can make you really really sick
and will actually kill any mammal species I’m actually very excited to get
my edition of the Guinness World Records it’s really gonna be neat to crack open
that book and see my ugly mug staring in there with a with a bunch of animals but
really I’m excited for all of our staff here this is a great opportunity for all
of my staff to get their faces known their passions out there and show these
wonderful reptiles to the entire world I absolutely love every day that I come
here and it’s honestly the happiest part of my day when I get to spend time here
especially with the giant tortoises and the other animals and helping people
understand them It’s really cool

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  12. I've been handling wild venomous things for 15 years. He's right. As long as you know what you're doing, and aren't being stupid, you won't get hurt. Plus, most reptiles only bite when frightened. Once you show them that you mean no harm, they calm right down. I've left live wild snakes in my shirt pocket before, and hung them around my neck, and let them lick my nose. But after the first minute of catching one, you've got nothing to fear. Even from highly aggressive species.

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