: I remember that a career center lady came to school once and asked us what we would like to do in life. When it was my turn, I replied with a smile that I wanted to be a game developer. She looked at me in astonishment and said it probably wouldn’t happen. . And now I’m here. Thanks to Minecraft , players started to build and build rather than destroy and destroy. I’m proud of the game. Minecraft. A game we could easily say has changed the gaming industry. And not just that. It has completely changed humanity’s view of games as such, and has influenced the lives of many of us. Today it is exactly ten years since the world saw the first version of Minecraft. Even though the game has created a lot of enemies and opponents over the years, we can’t deny one. . It is an absolute legend that has become the most famous game of all time. So let’s talk together to tell her story story and show that through human diligence and determination we can achieve even the seemingly impossible goals. Our story begins in 2009 , when the then twenty-nine-year-old Swede Markus Persson decided to make a big change in his hitherto boring and stereotypical life Until now, young Markus worked as a programmer for the King development group and King Digital She is behind Candy Crush, for example. However, Markus, who had already started using the nickname Notch, needed a change. He needed to move to a different standard of living. He had to take a big step, so he and his two friends, Jakob Porser and Carl Manneh, came up with an idea We will start our own development studio! And this was the beginning of the journey of a company named Mojang. But let’s go back a few decades back now . Marcus was born in June 1979 in the Swedish capital city,StockHolm . As a little boy, he was fascinated by the games and was drawn to them by something special. When he was eight years old , he got his first computer from his dad, Commodore 128 That was a really good machine for that time, and it opened the first door to young Markus for the magical world of games. In addition to just playing, he began to learn the basics of programming on a computer . It took a while, but his endeavor finally resulted in his first game It was a text adventure and Markus was proud of it. The eight-year-old schoolboy suddenly became such an enthusiastic programmer that he sometimes even pretended to have abdominal pain just to avoid going to school and programming. “I’ve been creating games since I was a kid. I loved it. I loved the feeling of doing well,, and the development of games was the only thing that could satisfy my desire for that feeling . When Dad gave me my first computer, I was really impressed The next day I woke up, I was running to the computer . I wanted to explore it all, start learning. Today you can go to different schools to teach you in a few days , but it took me weeks to figure out how to get started.” From that moment on, Marcus knew what direction his life was going . Although he had entered high school l, he had no relationship with her, and he had no fun at all . And so, after three troubled years, he gave up his studies and started his full career in programming Markus’s mother trusted her son so much much that she even paid him a not very cheap course to take his art to a whole new level . He did it and when he was he started to make a living from programming . A few years later, specifically in 2004 he already had a great deal of experience that earned him a place in the King Studio . That was a great success for Markus. : My mother supported me in everything . It didn’t matter how stupid my idea was . Every time she just smiled. When I came to her one evening and told her I wanted to quit school, and programming she simply countered that it was my choice and would always support me The next day she woke me up and paid me a programming course. Without her I would probably not be where I am When I got a seat in King, I just called her . I was really happy, it was like a fairy tale. However, no fairy tale lasts forever, and this is not the case. Markus knew he needed a change, so after a long five years he resigned. While working at King Entertainment seemed like a great opportunity from the beginning it turned out to be an absolute disaster. Markus was working on his own projects and his superiors didn’t like it. Marcus’s projects received more attention than the projects of the studio itself, and so the management threw sticks as far as he could But as they say, all evil is good for something. who became his great support. They were named Jakob Porser and Carl Manneh. It is with them that Markus establishes his own development studio, Mojang, but Here we are was. Never thought that his own studio could make a living, Markus accepted a job at a jAlbum company specializing in managing and sharing digital photos Working in jAlbum was fine, but Marcus certainly didn’t bring much satisfaction. It was more or less just a source of finance for his true fondness .. games! Markus devoted all his free time to developing his own big project. So something that we call Minecraft today began to form. “I had a big idea in my head. . As a little boy I really loved lego and I missed something like that in the game world . I wanted an open world game where I could just march, build and basically do whatever I wanted . I didn’t have billions, but I had an idea.”” “: At first it was a really simple idea You could build cubes on other cubes I thought that no one would play such a thing. Markus, however, had his head and did not let anyone talk. And in the end something amazing happened Markus tried to inspire wherever possible the greatest inspiration for him was Dwarf Fortress. The graphics consisted only of the colored characters of the keyboard, but still it was quite an interesting visual. In addition to the dwarf stronghold, there was another game that might have altered Markus’s idea. It was an independent project Infiminer, where it was possible to build almost anything you imagined from cubes and you could even benefit from. Infiminer, however, was not to be a Singleplayer affair but focused on a network game where you had to race in the extraction of raw materials and building construction was primarily to slow down enemies . Perhaps it would be Minecraft Infiminer, which would reap the popularity of the cube game today but the Internet leaked its source code and players began to create their own customized versions. . The author of the game finally decided to release the game with an open source license, which sparked an even greater wave of community edits . And this was the impulse for Markus He had an idea, the basis of the game had already been created and so he started to build on it. He had been locked up in his office for days and only came out when he had to go to work In less than a week, he created something that we could call the first prototype of the game . Markus named it “Cave Game” and it looked something like this (Link in Description of Video) the first version of Minecraft . Originally it was not a game, but rather a tool for game world designers The controls were reversed and the only two types of blocks you could find in this version were the typical cobblestone and grass block. Well, the current Minecraft was really marginal . In an attempt to popularize his creation, Markus also made a short YouTube video.(Again,Link in Description of Video) What made this “tool” interesting was that you had to collect the raw materials that you could then use for your construction . It was inadmissible for Markus to allow users to use his program without work. These were the first signs that this could be a game. Since the release of the Cave Game on May 17th, Markus started a blog because he wanted to interact as much as possible with the fans of his game . This blog was regularly updated and discussed with others . Every review, every feedback he took to the heart and then tried to reflect in the game Regular updates eventually made him rename the game to Minecraft. In 2010, he decided that it would be best to charge the game. But Markus had no expectation that the game could earn any longer , so he continued to work in jAlbum. However, the growth of the game did not stop Various articles began to appear in the media, all the information about Minecraft was spreading on the forums and less than a year after charging, the game became a complete phenomenon Everybody played Minecraft. It didn’t matter if you were Czech, Russian or Japanese. You knew and loved Minecraft. The first Minecraft Let’s play began to appear on YouTube and the whole community was in a trance. It was great At this point, Valve himself offered a job posting, offering Markus a fabulous salary But he refused, saying thatt. it could slow the development of his beloved Minecraf After all, Markus didn’t have to worry about money anyway. Minecraft earned him several tens of millions of crowns. from that year.
And it still wasn’t nearing the end “”In the beginning I didn’t realize the tremendous power of Minecraft. It started out as an adaptation for some other game and it became one of the biggest and most famous games of all time . If I think about it now, it’s crazy I put so much energy into it and Minecraft gave it back with interest. Even after such a huge success, Markus was still reluctant to resign in jAlbum . He just got married and wanted to have some stable income to secure his family But pressure from all sides was no longer sustainable Valve really wanted the Swede, because they saw huge potential in him, after a long persuasion at least invited him to visit their company in the USA Markus eventually accepted this, and a few days later he was already hovering over the ocean. However, even a visit to the US did not convince Markus He simply didn’t want to work in Valve, he needed freedom Yet a trip to America gave him something. He was determined. He was determined Still at the airport he called jAlba that he was finishing. And it wasn’t even the end of our fairy tale It continued until September 2014, when this time Markus came to Microsoft himself They offered a straightforward buy-out of the entire Mojang, Markus development company, including his legendary game. Markus hadn’t thought about it for a long time. He eventually sold the company for an unbelievable two and a half billion dollars. . And you know it. Microsoft is still developing Minecraft today But what about Markus himself? His personal life was certainly not what he had imagined. In 2012, two years after the release of Minecraft , he divorced his wife and began his solitary life Despite several billion dollars in his account, he said he does not feel happy . In 2015, a year after Minecraft was handed over to Microsoft, he commented on his life in a series of several tweets. :” When you get everything, you absolutely lose the motivation to try anything. Interaction with other people is impossible went to Ibiza with a few friends recently. I ‘ve never felt so lonely in my life. I didn’t like anything , I didn’t want to try anything. When I’m in Sweden, I’m waiting for my friends to finish their work so we can do something . I’m not tired of anything at all. Just looking at the monitor and bored When I find a great girl, she is afraid of my lifestyle. He doesn’t want to spend time with me. If I could, I’ll go back in time back to 2009, when I still lived a normal life. READ COMMENTS, FOR SOME SPECIAL INFORMATIONS !

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