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  1. so no one’s gonna say anything about the kid who bit the chimichanga from the side? or the kid who ate the corn dog from the side?

  2. Some kids might be picky just because they haven't been exposed to multiple cultures. But some might be just plain picky hahahah

  3. I’m surprised by how negative some of the reactions were, eg the turkey which was pretty universally hated, I kinda expected it to be more like giant fried chicken and more tasty. It goes to show how diverse fried food can be, pity there wasn’t any deep fried pizza though.

  4. Ok idk why that single kid annoyed me for removing the batter/shell of that fried food, cuz thats the important part of the FRIED FOOD, sorry bout that uwu, cuz i still love these timelines, cuz they educationall

  5. honestly… i dont know if these kids are spoiled rotten…. or just plain spoiled. I hope that at least they are getting all their daily vitamins and minerals and not just carbs left and right.

  6. Loved that kid in a navy blue polo shirt, and generally liked all the kids' opinions on the sometimes really unusual food choices. But the kids acting like adults (like the girl with braids figuratively calling her mum etc)??? I'm not that sure we should be encouraging this type of behaviour. Cheers

  7. The kid eating the corn dog from the side made me irrationally angry. Like, I know he's a kid and that kids just kind of explore doing things different ways, but uh. . . it just pissed me off so bad.

  8. worst part of the video was the girl saying she used to love a candy bar before she found out what calories are. Made me so mad. Kids should be able to enjoy food without diet culture making them feel bad for eating.

  9. That one guy that says "ew" at all the foods he is given should be given dirt for dinner for the rest of his life. How ungrateful.

  10. Thank you mom and dad for giving me a wide variety of foods as a child ,because of that I have an expanded palate as an adult, most of these kids were clueless even for the simplest of foods ,I weep for the future

  11. Not tartar sauce if it's got pickles and capers in it. That's called remoulade (of tartar sauce), but that last part is usually dropped. Tartar sauce is just mayo and herbs.

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