What are you throwing here, MO? Heh-heh… Okay, that’s now? We’ll put to the fridge, Romas. To the plate and into the fridge, so it would… MO’s spreading the egg wash just a little bit more
after she’s taken it out of the oven. And some on your face… Do you want me to spread something on you? No, thank you… Hello, guys, and welcome to our channel! My name is Romas and here we have my grandmother –
MO! Hello, MO! Hello! What a re we making today? Today we’re making Kibinai. Butter. We’re adding butter to the bowl. What do you mean
“what are you doing”? And we will mix it with flour. You are going to add all of it, aren’t you? Yes, 200 g is required, so we’re adding 200 g. You can find full recipe in the link in the description
below. We’ll add in some flour. Salt. That’s enough of it, because it’s not a healthy thing
to eat. We’ll mix butter with flour. We’ll put in sour cream. Sour cream… I’m going to beat these eggs a little
bit and… We’ll pour in flour. I mean “add in”, not “pour in” You are cleaning your hands, aren’t you, MO? Yes, yes, because they are covered in batter. Heh… Is it okay? Yes. What would you like to encourage people to do? Vote for our channel! Hah… Heh… Yes, subscribe to our channel. Consider supporting us on Patreon. And always share our videos with friends, so our
channel could grow, get bigger and we could make
more videos. Bloom in spring… Right? You can say it like that. Okay, that’s enough, let’s put it in. Give me a plate, so we could put it into the fridge. What are you throwing here, MO? Heh-heh… Okay, that’s now? We’ll put to the fridge, Romas. To the plate and into the fridge, so it would… We have to cool it off a bit, right? Yes, we have to cool it off. For how long? I think half hour. Okay, we’ll put it in a cold place, that’s it. Okay. Look at this pensioner’s fridge! Hah-hah… It’s so full, MO! Why can’t I have it so full? I have it, because I’m not lazy! We’ll put in finely chopped onions. Try to cut them in to as small pieces as possbile. Mhm. What kind of meat is here? We have chicken here. It is the cheapest meat. We’ll add in some pepper. And salt. We will mix everything now. We will prepare the stuffing. Tell me more about this beautiful cutting board, MO. There’s a link below, check it out. Okay. Here you are. The meat is nice too, isn’t it? Mhm. It smells well. Work season will start, Romas. Will you close the cupboards? You opened them all and
didn’t close. Look. Okay, okay, I’m closing them. Look. Look I’m closing them. Heh… Film him. Film him… Maybe not… Heh-heh-heh-heh… Are you going to frink cold tea now? Okay, that’s enough. Will I be able to push it through? Of course you will, MO. Look! It’s good. We don’t have a shape for making them, so it will be
good as it is. It’s not a cafe or a restaurant. Here. But if you want us to buy a shape for cutting dough,
you can always support us and we will… Come on… We will make better videos. Hah… Hah… It’s not bad… Mhm… You are a real UFO. Heh… I didn’t notice the meat, you know. Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh… Go to the supermarket to buy some. Tell us how it’s done. Like so. Just add the meat in and that’s it. You will fold it… Heh-heh… You are an UFO… That will be a bit too much for you. Mhm. The onions smell real tasty. It’s quality stuff, because you grew them. We will fold it. Close it. Wait a bit there something here… I made a rather small one. Yes. It’s a beauty, MO! Here you are. Mhm. We’ll cover them in egg wash. The temperature is set to 200°C (390°F). How long should they cook for, MO? I think 40 minutes and will be done… 40? Yeeesss! 40 years… It’s not many at all. Yes! MO’s spreading the egg wash just a little bit more
after she’s taken it out of the oven. And some on your face… Heh-heh… Do you want me to spread something on you? No, thank you. I think 5 more minutes and that should be done, Romas. They’re cooking really well. You did a great job on them. You made real kibinėnai… Okay, kibinėnas, I’m closing the oven… Okay… You filmed it and be happy about it. That’s enough… You will cool off the oven completely… Look at this beauty, MO! I’m not going to give ugly one. How long have theu been cooking for? 40 minutes, little Romas. Your chest is very hairy. Pull up your t-shirt a little
bit. There’s nothing wrong with that, MO. You’re rich, aren’t you? Yes. Wait a little bit, I need to clean my glasses. Hah… You can be without glasses. Can’t you? I can, but my eyes with marks of glasses, so we would
need to wait a little bit. MO and I will “shoot” now… We’ll eat… What will you shoot? Hares? Kibinai. Here we have some drink… Stock… If you can, use natural one, but here we made some from
chemicals. And now… “From chemical”… [Both laughing in Lithuanian]. I think it will be hot, but let’s try it anyway… They’re really hot. They’re good, MO! Yes, they are. Yes, you made them really tasty! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Don’t forget to like and comment on our videos. And make these wonderful kibinai. So thank you and goodbye, right MO? Goodbye! Wave like this, MO. Yes… Heh-heh… Yes, okay… Okay… Camera man, come here to eat. Okay, we can eat now. Thank you for filming us. Aha… Ummm… Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed the video, you know what to do. Hit that like button and share it with your friends. If you are new here, you can start subscribing and hitting that bell
notification button, so you wouldn’t miss any future videos and maybe consider checking the links in the description below, if you would like to support us or buy some of the stuff featured in the video. Until next time! Goodbye! Cheers! Okay, MO, tell your viewer to subscribe to your
channel. Come on… Tell it faster, because the battery is running low. Let it dry out… Come on! Say it… I don’t know how. Subscribe to our channel. Subscrib… Subscribe to. Subscrib… Subscribe to. Subscrib… Subscribe to. No! The battery is dying, MO, tell it faster! We will open up Kibinai restaurant. Okay, that’s great! Oh, come on, I won’t say that. 5 euros for one kibinas. Can’t you make them? 1 euro, little Romas… God, no, little Romas, I’m going to the village. I could make some in winter… God, I can’t any in summer…

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