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Khurram Khan – Deniz Seafarer | Container xChange Success Story

Basically, we are a NVOCC and it’s our
core business. We’re having our own fleet which we are rotating to all over the
world, especially from Europe to complete GCC, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan or Afghanistan for special cargo we are moving. We took the membership before six months
ago and it’s a very nice experience, we are very happy with the field and we’re
getting several new things even, which is literally a very fruitful for us, for our
company. The main thing where we are
getting the benefit, is whenever we need the container, wherever, we are getting it
with some simple clicks and even now we are more relaxed about our containers
like if we’re having some containers stuck in some somewhere on the boat, so
we are more relaxed, we just have to put on to Container xChange and it’s
quickly evacuated and it makes us more easy to weigh with a business. We don’t
have to think about to send container over to a new port where we don’t have any
evacuation plan. We move easy with that, we are sending and if there is no any
kind of evacuation we can put on Container xChange and it’s fabulous results we’re getting. Basically before that, we were we don’t
have any other option to do the empty repositioning and you know the empty
repositioning cost is too much nowadays and even you have to put it over there
you’ve got storage you got different things with you know with documents or port haulage you will get so now in this case this case with xChange we are not
getting this type of things and we are just putting and someone like with the
trader or the different shipping companies can use our containers very easily. Honestly, I was thinking about
like what to do with that but once I got the presentation from your one of
representatives I was surprised I was got like yeah it’s it’s a good thing to work
with us because we’re having our own fleet and if we even got three to four
times like if we can save the cost of empty repositioning so why don’t we get
the membership completely it’s completely saving our cost like it’s
it’s if we can even like two or three times if we say that every position cost
we are in more benefits until it’s more good – even sometimes we need to cut
containers and we are not getting them with our Trader’s so we’re just putting on
the newsfeed that we need the container, we are getting it our very good response
from different regions so it’s it’s very nice …it’s super! To be honest, the time it’s it’s
everything you know it depends if you don’t want to say the cost see if for the time efficiency you will have to
be or something like if you wanted to save the costs you’ll have to give
the time to the continuous and do but it’s good, like somehow you will take a
30 to 45 days and you get back the container in our own requirement
place so it’s good. Obviously I did recommend
to some of my friends and even they connected with you. I don’t have to
disclose the names they already been connected and they are very happy and
it’s good like if if the thing is good you’ll have to recommend it. I can say that it’s
literally a pleasure to connect with Container xChange and I do
suggest everyone to please try it once and then they are going to feel the

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