Yaya Kony consonant hola Jana Corrie partisan Tolec Jana Corrie courtesan to luck or be fulfills and Letty ma come on I better leave her for me Adam you do now ups why Oh to our respected non-muslim guests we asked Allah subhana WA Ta'ala your creator and mine that he opened your hearts and your minds and allow you to be objective in the information that we wish to share with you the purpose of this lecture is to clarify a topic which is central to all three of the monotheistic religions in the world Christians Muslims and people of Judaism they all share a connection however differently to the person of Jesus Christ peace be upon him and his Blessed Mother each of these monotheistic faiths have their own subjective view of this great religious personality what we want to do this evening is to examine the historical and the scriptural evidence in order to know and discover through the documented words and behavior of the person Jesus Christ peace be upon him himself we want to know and we want to discover the real Jesus the historical Jesus and through that knowledge understand and appreciate his mission and his message to accomplish this aim we have to sift and distinguish the simple truth from the complex myth we have to distinguish the actual facts from the carefully woven fiction now this what we want to do is in operation and because of the sensitivity that it carries it's almost like doing neurosurgery because it's almost like opening up the scalp and going into a person's brain washing it fixing it sewing it back up and then allowing them to heal now the many Christians people of the Christian persuasion of whatever denomination that you might be you may find the information that we discussed this tonight uncomfortable riveting disturbing but that's not my fault I will share with you information which is available for everybody it's not rocket scientists it's not rocket science it has no Islamic slant to it it's information that you can obtain an information that you can follow up on and information that if you write to me I'll send you free of charge every single reference and unfortunately the many references that I could give you tonight to substantiate our discussion we simply don't have the time history has compiled literally thousands of blatant pieces of information that will allow us to see that there are clearly two different Jesus Christ known to the world one a historical Jesus documented by his own words by his own behavior by those disciples who were with him that were systematically suppressed imprisoned isolated tortured killed eradicated until another Jesus that was more palatable more widely acceptable more utilitarian for the Roman Greco society who took the name of Jesus Christ and in a very plagiaristic way created a new drama for the whole world and this drama the new Jesus is what is followed and what is understood and what is perceived by 90% of the people in the world who call themselves Christians now I don't debate this issue I don't challenge Christians or their leadership about this issue because it's up to the Christians themselves it's up to the church itself to restore itself to redeem itself to reform itself and come back to the historical Jesus his words his behavior his mission and his message my job along with others who reached out to Christians all over the world is to say that there is a genuine connection between us Muslims and you between the Quran and between the books of the Bible between Muhammad the last and final prophet of Almighty God and Jesus Christ the Son of Mary that Word of God that Messiah that prophet that personality whom we revere and love and embrace and believe in perhaps more authentically than those who claim that He is God or those who claim that he is the son of God are those who claim that he is the third person in a Trinity even though there is not a Christian here nor Christian anywhere that can substantiate the issue of the Trinity no Christian here nor any Christian in the world even understands the Trinity yet it's unbelievable how a concept could be forced on the world with their eyes wide open and all the lives all the time that people go to church read the Bible talk to their priests their leaders themselves around the dinner table pray to God with their eyes open or close and don't understand the Trinity and they accept it that it's simply a mystery that cannot be explained how would a child be told by its mother or father if the child asked what evidence is there that you are my father what evidence is there that you are my mother what evidence is there that I'm legitimate if the father and mother said to that child it's a mystery just believe it how would that child feel going through their life telling others I believe that's my mother and father but it's a mystery you wouldn't accept it no one would accept it but you accept that a person Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother you accept that not only did someone say he is God but that he is his own son and that he is the third person in a Trinity of three persons person person person three persons yet they say one God I add that up and on top of that just recently casting no aspersions upon anyone insulting no one but uncovering the rocks and seeing what's under it just recently Mary the mother of Jesus Christ she has been promoted from being the mother of God to God also now figure that out that's another person added to the Trinity now in order to conduct this sensitive operation we need to be objective and we need to be open-minded and you need to forget about the fact that a Muslim is discussing this issue with you because then your precondition is going to tell you some things that are not true and you're going to close your mind you're going to block out the truth you're going to bring that novocaine that you call prejudice into your minds and so whatever is being said it'll just pass through or you're going to say well they they just hate Christians anyway or you'll say they're just heathens or you'll say they're Antichrist or you'll say they just want to undermine the church or you'll say they just want to brainwash and dominate the world and they want everybody to be Muslims or something else that you have been conditioned to say well people have been saying that but thank God the world is changing and today the world is listening because people are not satisfied to sit in a church or to sit at home or to get down on their knees and not understand who it is that they're praying towards and who it is is supposed to answer their prayers people they want to know today we're living in the fiber-optic age we want to know we want to know by telephone or we want to know by television or we want to know by computer we want to know because this is the age of knowledge and people they're not just going for a mystery anymore and I myself was fortunate that out of misfortune God delivered me a fortune I was born into a Christian persuasion one of 10 children that my mother god bless her was not able to take care of and so the Bureau of child welfare stepped in to give my mother some help and found us out to different Christian foster homes and even though I wasn't and often I found myself in an orphanage so from the time I was four years old until the time I was 16 years old I was in six different orphanages or foster homes each one of them are different Christian persuasion so by the time I was 16 you might say that's a shame no it wasn't a shame it was a blessing a blessing would address him because by the time I was 16 I had tasted the full buffet I went to church every Sunday even if I didn't listen I went to church every Sunday and I was a good reader so I read everything they gave me but I did ask questions well by the grace of Almighty God those questions led me to some answers and so by the time I was 17 going on 18 years old I had experienced eight different persuasions or denominations of the Christian Church or the Christian experience so I believe that by that time my love my connection to Jesus Christ had been bonded I believe that by that time I had a genuine concern connection to Jesus Christ but unfortunately the more questions that I asked and the more things that I read the more frustrated and the more confused I became and just as I wanted to know VIN I want you to know I want all of us to know and we have a right to know is Jesus God Almighty did Jesus create himself the heavens and the earth the innumerable planets galaxies is Jesus God Almighty is Jesus the Son of God Almighty literally that is as I have a son and you have a son does God Almighty Lord and creator of the heavens and earth does he also give birth to sons and daughters is Jesus the son s Oh in of God Almighty and is Jesus the third person of a divine Trinity that would make Jesus Christ three different entities he would be God Almighty and his own son and the third person in the Trinity not ass wrapped up now anybody's book that's three persons God is a person the son is a person and the Holy Ghost of the Holy Spirit you might want to call it today would be a person person person person all is Jesus Christ the Messiah the one who was blessed the one that was touched the one that was anointed the one that was appointed the one that was sent in this world as a word and a spirit and given to Mary as a son without the intervention of sperm from any man was Jesus Christ a man God I was here man prophet did he refer to himself exclusively as the Son of God or did he refer to himself as the Son of Man and was Jesus Christ a prophet and a messenger to the children of Israel now this is our task tonight and we don't want to go off into a lot of different tangents because this is a historical journey with historical problems and we could not cover all the problems all the tangents we can't answer all the questions but the central question who is the historical Jesus because history doesn't lie not when you have the documents not when you have the evidence not when you have the proof human beings lie in history those who tell his story there's his story and then there's history now task tonight is to find discover the historical Jesus and to set the record straight for those of us gathered in this room and this Hall tonight now whoever's outside of this room we're not responsible for I'm not responsible to talk to the whole world I can't solve the problems of the whole world and I've come to understand I can't solve some of my own problems but given the evidence given the proof given the witnesses we can solve this issue tonight now as in any operation there must be a selection of tools we have to choose what tools that we're going to use for this operation and secondly we have to determine a chosen procedure doctors surgeons they select their tools which are appropriate for the surgery they will do and they also determine how they will navigate and how they will execute the given procedure now my tool tonight will be what is familiar to you and what is familiar to me we won't call on any new tools so I have compiled oh I have selected what has already been compiled and documented from the old and the New Testament which the various denominations of Christians would be familiar with now I am not using these references as proof I'm using them as a reference because the old in the New Testament is a proof for you because if I were to give you evidence from the Koran which I will you will say I don't necessarily believe that I have no way of verifying that and I can understand that because that would be subjective to me and it would not necessarily be objective to you so we start out first with using the old and the New Testament as a reference because we have to start somewhere and it's only fair that if a new Jesus has been developed manufactured imposed upon the world a sham a scam of the biggest slickest kind if that's what has happened it has happened inside of your own books so we should first uncover the scam inside of your own books secondly we want to give you the evidence of the final divine revelation inspiration and legislation from Almighty God that came to the human beings after Jesus Christ that prophet and messenger that came after Jesus Christ that prophet and messenger that was spoken of by about Jesus Christ that prophet and messenger that was spoken about that was proven that was prophesized spoken about by Jesus Christ and that prophet and messenger that came and fulfilled the prophecy and spoke and embraced and extended himself from Jesus Christ the Son of Mary we're speaking about the glorious quran and if you say to me I never read that how do I know that book is from God I'll say to you you have to read it and let your heart and let your mind if it's open objective let your heart and let your mind determine if it's from God or not because you've been reading the Old Testament and you've been reading the old the New Testament and there are some things in it from God but obviously there's a great deal in it that's not from God but you have been believing in that so if you have been believing in something that has some justification in it then I say to you now that you have computers you absolutely have no excuse because any one of you can go home tonight or tomorrow or go to a public library and you can go into whatever search engine you like Google or giggle and just type in Quran to you ARA ' a in Quran or type in K o ra a in the anglicized form of Quran Quran type that in and see how many references that you get and see how much information that you have been deprived of and then after that read it and when you read it go straight to the book called marry and in case you think that's the name of a R&B star no it's not it's the name of the mother of Jesus Christ Mary the daughter of Imran an entire chapter of the Quran a book of 114 a book with 114 chapters with one chapter dedicated to explaining the life the challenge the pregnancy the conception the delivery of a son that she was given by God whose name was Lisa or Jesus who was born while she was untouched by any man now we Muslims we don't have a problem in understanding that now some of you scientific rationalistic dialectical evolutionary practical people who would have a problem in understanding how is it possible that a woman gets pregnant while she was untouched well you should think about those mommy mommy families how they get pregnant they usually think about them daddy daddy families how they get pregnant if they got some miraculous way to get pregnant then certainly if God wants a woman to be pregnant without sperm coming inside of her then God can deliver sperm to her without a man if those daddy daddy mommy mommy families is getting off the internet God's and give it to our diet now in the Koran the chapter called Mary goes through great detail to tell us how Mary was born a beautiful story says o people of the book commit no excesses in your religion nor say of Almighty God except the truth Jesus Christ the Son of Mary was no more than a messenger of God and he was also the word of God a word which he bestowed upon Mary and a spirit proceeding from him so believe in Allah and believe in his messengers say not Trinity stop desist it will be better for you for the Almighty is one God glory be to him exalted is he above having sons or daughters to him belongs all things in the heavens and on earth and enough is Allah Almighty as a disposer of affairs Christ Jesus disdains not to serve and worships Almighty God he does not desist he has no hesitation to serve and worship Allah nor do the Angels those who are nearest to the Almighty those who have no hesitancy to worship and those who have hesitancy to worship and are arrogant healy almighty will gather them all together unto himself to answer but to those who believe and do good deeds of righteousness he will give their due rewards and more out of his bounty but those that are hesitant holding back and are arrogant he will punish them with a grievous penalty nor will they find besides him the almighty anyone to protect and help in another verse it says behold the angel said o Mary Almighty God has chosen thee and purified thee chosen thee above all the women of the nations Oh Mary worship thy Lord devoutly prostrate yourself and bow down in prayer with those who bow down now this is a part of the tidings of the things unseen which we reveal unto thee O prophet by inspiration you were not with them when they cast lots with arrows in order to see which one of them would be charged with the care of Mary nor was you with them when they disputed the point behold the angel said o Mary Almighty Allah gives you glad tidings of a word from him his name will be Christ Jesus the Son of Mary held an honor in this world and in the hereafter and of the company of those nearest to Allah he shall speak to the people in childhood and also in maturity and he shall be of the company of the righteous and she said o my lord how shall I have a son when no man has touched me the almighty said even so the Almighty said through his angel even so Allah Almighty creates whatever he wants to create and when he has decreed a plain he says on to it be and it is Coon fire Coon and Allah Almighty will teach him Jesus Christ the book and the wisdom the law and the gospel and appoint him as a messenger to the children of Israel with this message I have come to you with a sign from your Lord and that I make for you out of clay as it were a bird and I breathe into it and it becomes a bird which flies away by God's leave and I healed those born blind and I healed the lepers and I quicken the dead and bring them back to life by the leave and permission of God and I declare to you what you can eat and what you store in your houses surely that is a sign surely leerin is a sign for you if you do believe I have come to you to attest to the law of Moses which was before me and to make lawful to you a part of what was before forbidden to you I have come to you with a sign from your Lord so fear Allah fear Allah Almighty and obeyed me it is Allah who is my Lord and your Lord then worship Him this is a way that is straight now I read that in English so I wouldn't have to be legal you to have the brother to read it another verse in Arabic but I wanted you to hear the Arabic of the Quran because it's a medicine that flows to the air like electric like the laser like information and although it's in a language you don't understand your mind your energy forces will receive it like a medicine and it will give you some benefit now we heard what the Koran said we heard what Jesus Christ said in the Quran now I want to just turn to a reference for you that you would be familiar with he said so fear Almighty God and obey me it is Allah Almighty God Almighty who is my Lord and your Lord then worship Him and this is the way that is straight now I remind you in John the twelfth chapter xlix to the fiftieth verse listen to the words of Jesus Christ himself – I have not spoken of myself but the father would sent me he gave me a commandment what I should say and what I should speak and I know that his commandment is life everlasting whatsoever I speak therefore even as the father said unto me that is what I speak now does that sound like God talking to himself or does that sound like Jesus Christ receiving from God and then speaking to the people that he was appointed to speak to dear brothers and sisters and dear respected non-muslims in our discussion on this topic we want to follow this procedure first we want to talk about the historical Jesus his birth his disciples his message the many miracles connected to him his titles his adversaries the challenges and the end of his short period on this earth and what has become of his original followers now let me be as brief and direct as I can we believe as Muslims from the Koran and new Christians for the most part 85 90 percent of you believe that Jesus Christ was born without a father you may not understand how that happened you believe it and we also we don't know exactly how it happened but we also believe it we accept that Almighty God has the power to create the heavens and the earth by his word we accept that if the creator of the heavens and the earth if he wanted to destroy the entire cosmos this earth its solar system all the solar systems in the Milky Way all the galaxies in the nebula and all the nebulas that we could imagine that have been discovered or haven't been discovered have we destroyed all of them by his word he can recreate them just like that because he has that power because everything is in his hands and he can create whatever he wills just like that we also believe that the almighty created the first man Adam and the first woman Eve you say Adam and you say Eve we say Adam and we say how I in arabic the word how i it means feeling emotion isn't that a good description for women the mayor said I think so the woman said I feel it so the creator he created Adam from nothing from nothing and Adam he had no mother and he had no father oh you feel me do you agree with me Adam had no father and no mother then the creator gave Adam from the same soul so that makes them equal in the sight of God from the same soul he created his mate and then gave him his mate Eve how I and Eve the mate of Adam also had no father no mother now here are two people the first man the first woman the two first people that gave birth and all of us and everyone came from those two who had no father no mother so I ask you what is more difficult for God to create Jesus with only a mother or to create Adam with no mother and father and to create his mate Eve with no mother and father what do you say of course the first is more difficult – with no father and mother the third was only a mother that's easy so Allah said to us in the Quran when they ask you about Jesus when they ask you the question about Jesus how could that happen your answer should be the likeness of Jesus is the likeness of Adam he created them from dust and then he said be and they were simple that's our answer as to the disciples of Jesus Christ there were 12 and by the way Paul was not one of them just so you know that Paul was not one of the disciples there was Peter there was John of Zebedee there was Simon there was Thomas there was Judas Iscariot there was James there was Joseph of alla Samia the aristocrat there was Jacob there was Matthew there was Steven there was Philip and there was Bartholomew those were the twelve and by the way not one of these twelve wrote any book in the New Testament now these are the ones that traveled with Jesus Christ from Nazareth they walked with him they slept with him they ate with him they listened to him they prayed with him they washed themselves as he told him how to wash and they prayed to the master as he told them how to pray he explained to them everything he guided them he was the rabbi to them so if anyone knew the historical Jesus who was it it was the disciples who traveled with him from Nazareth because he was known as that man well that man from where that man from Nazareth that's why his followers were called Nazarenes they were not all from Nazareth but they were called Nazarenes because he was called that man from Nazareth as to his message the message of Jesus Christ was a simple message a simple message he said to his people when they asked him Oh rabbi teach us how to pray he said I will teach you how to pray and you Christians hear you recite along with me you remember the Lord's Prayer you didn't forget that What did he say he said our Father who art in heaven he didn't say my father who I'm with in heaven hallowed be praised be thy name not my name and our name but thy name thy kingdom come not my kingdom come but thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth where I am and you are as it is in heaven where you are only God give us this day our daily bread that means me my mother and all the human beings give all of us this day our daily bread and give us something to drink afterwards because that goes along with bread Jesus not asking for bread and you and I not go ask for bread and don't drink water so if Jesus and his mother said give us this day our daily bread that means they had to eat they had to drink and like you and I when we eat and drink the body uses a portion of it and what the body doesn't use we defecate and urinate can you imagine God defecating and urinating give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses now guarding trespasses against nobody as we forgive those that trespass against us and lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever whenever I'm in that's the Lord's Prayer isn't it is that the Lord's Prayer what does that sound like God praying to himself teaching his disciples how to pray to himself three a triune Trinity God no that's Jesus Christ the man the Prophet the son of Mary that man from Nazareth teaching his disciples his companions how to pray when they asked him and when that lady wanted to be healed and when Jesus Christ passed by that lady and she touched His garment and she said good master good master he pulled his garment from her hands angrily and he said to her a woman why does thou call me good there's none good except the one that is in heaven this is Jesus Christ the Son of Mary that prophet that messenger that man from Nazareth the message of Jesus Christ let us listen what Jesus said and what was said about Jesus those that witness Jesus those that ate with Jesus those that saw Jesus those that set with Jesus those that receive His blessing those he laid his hands on those that laid their eyes on him those that surrounded him walk with Him traveled with him let me tell you what they thought he was let's go to Matthew 21 11 and the multitude said this is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee let's go to Matthew 21 46 but when they sought to lay hands on him they feared the multitude because they took him for a profit let's go to John 4:19 the woman saith unto him sir I perceive that thou art a prophet John 6:14 then those men when they had seen the miracle that Jesus did they said this is of truth that prophet that should come unto the world John 7 40 many of the people therefore when they heard this saying that they said of truth this is a prophet of God Luke 7 16 and there came a fear on all and they glorified God saying that a great prophet has risen up amongst us and that God has visited his people with this prophet you

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  1. I’m sorry but I don’t think that Christianity can be called monotheistic fate because mono-theism means single deity faith. However Christianity ascribes partners to GOD in form of Jesus peace and blessings be upon him and the holy ghost. So NO by the definition Christianity is NOT monotheistic fate.

  2. The Quran refers to jesus as the word and spirt of Allah. In Islam Allah is uncreated therefore his word (jesus) is uncreated. If Allah is the only uncreated being that means jesus is God because how can jesus have a characteristic only made for Allah. In conclusion Jesus is the word of Allah, allah’s word is uncreated, jesus is uncreated, jesus is God.

  3. Muslims don’t know the true Jesus. Your book was 200 years too late. Read the bible and find out the true Jesus.

  4. Brother Khalid Yasin was a Christian who woke up from ignorance and accept Islam after thorough research by the grace of Allah the almighty creator. To Christian brother and sister do not rely on what pastor for profit says about Jesus study your own bible from the beginning not from the last. Son of Mary Jesus came to confirm that was revealed to Moses so denying good part of Old Testament is denying son of Mary Jesus who was the follower of Moses. But the church rely on what Paul and John supposedly said to justify their nonsense faith about Jesus but they completely ignore clear verses of earlier bible which clearly portrayed son of Mary Jesus as a messenger of God ( some one who was selected as the teacher or conveyer of God words to people by God) . Christianity is dependent on uncertain verses of latter bible not on the certain and clear verses of earlier bible .

  5. Beautiful lecture. G_d (swt) bless and guide you and us all and maintain us on the straight path. G_d (swt) forgive us for our mistakes and ignorance. G_d (swt) protect us against the many evils of this world and its proponents.

    For those of you interested in the name of the nasheed used at the beginning of this lecture by Shiek Khalid Yasin, it is called G_d of the Universe (swt) I Surrender to You, by Mohammed Obayd.


  6. Jesus was not a miracle, because he had a mom, but Adam was a miracle, and God created from the soil with out parents.

  7. Many Islamic lectures revolve around attacking the authenticity of Biblical scriptures and the deity of Jesus. The zeal Muslim’s have for their religion is something I admire, their entire religious belief though relies totally on one man and one book, Muhammad and the Quran. The Bible on the other hand is made up of some 66 books written by 40 authors by inspiration of the Holy Spirit over a period of 1500 years. All the books from Genesis to Revelation reveal in one accord God’s plan for the salvation of fallen mankind through Christ Jesus.

    The Bible hangs its authenticity and credibility on its constant ability to write history in advance without error. The Bible is an integrated message system from outside our time domain.

    Many of the teaches I have listened to fail to understand the Biblical narrative in particular the many times Jesus claimed Divinity! I feel if they are going to attack the the Bible and Jesus the way they do a serious non-Islamic Bible study may be a worthwhile life saving education in more ways than one.

    What these would be scholars completely miss is the many times recorded in the Gospels Jesus actually claimed Deity. It is also recorded in the Gospels the religious leaders of the day took up stones to stone Jesus for blasphemy every time he claimed he was from the Godhead. Every time Jesus answered "I Am" to many of the questions put to him he was calling himself the God who spoke with Moses from the burning bush.

    Exodus 3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shall you say unto the children of Israel, I AM has sent me unto you.

    Jesus did not come to be served or to be worshipped, he came purely to serve. Jesus came for the soul purpose of meeting the Judgment our sin nature deserved, he came for the purpose of enduring that cruel death of a Roman crucifixion, a death eternal we all deserved to pay.

    1 Corinthians 15:1-4 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.

  8. beautiful lecture by sheikh Khalid yasin from United states of America former christian creator unseen brought him from darkness to lightness ameeeeen

  9. Assalamu Alaikum sheikh.
    I'm not clear, why do you you address prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) as "Christ"? By addressing him as "Christ", are you not accepting the myth of crucifixion, one of the foundation beside Trinity, of christianity?
    I think we should address him only by prophet Jesus (peace be upon him). Thank you.


  11. ur dear Rassool is not God because he was born like Abrahim PBUT. We celebrate his birthday as a proof that he is not God. He is the most loved by God who is his only teacher (he had no human teacher). He knows everything, sees everything as he shall be the witness of all our deeds on the day of Judgment.God does not like false witness. He lives for ever as he is Rahmat-ul-Alameen and God's rahmat cannot come to an end.

  12. Christians are careless about there believed, they like to say believe,,,. but they have no idea wat that means.. just like the jewis the Christians take it all to the next level. on error ..but Islam being the last Nation that covers all wat other religions are missing ,,,,it's the mercy of God to reguide with the protected scripture Al Quran. which is relevant till the end. .and some don't like the arabic that's why they don't want to revert they think they will be doing the Muslims favore but it's themselves. …

  13. christians nations are good peoples but misguided by deaf dumb and blind fools …saint paul white western europeans….that's all

  14. Dear brother Christians 82% of the bible is the words of Saint Paul who claimed that he had met Jesus in real for a short meeting with Jesus.How could a man was able to memorize the whole scripture ,the Quraan was revealed to Muhammed for 23 years and mind you at that time we do not have the computer technology so that Jesus does not have the tumb drive to pass to Saint Paul.So we can conclude that Bible is the work of Saint Paul.



  17. And no Im not a Christian. I bare witness to the (oneness) of Allah. the shell of the egg is not separate from the egg nor the yoke three parts but its still an egg. That spirit that operated in that one was pure, holy, and righteous, now what do we called that? Mind, body, and soul is not three men though they be in three parts still one man. The book is really not all that complicated at least not this part. Allah said that when he decrees a thing, he say he say be to it and it is. Isa was and is the word of Allah subhanna wa ta Allah…. In the beginning was the word and the word became flesh. John1:1

  18. I know the new testament say that God is head of Christ, and Christ is head of man, so I cant see where he is confused if he read everything that was given…

  19. uhh freddy sheikh khaild yasine used to be one and yusef estes also so they know what they talk about 😉 have a nice day 👋

  20. the christian just cant accept it that what muslim believe who is jesus. they lazy to read the bible. they prefer to hear from the priest. christian believe church word then jesus word.

  21. The Historical words of Jesus Christ John 14:7 "If you really know me, you know the Father (God)." John 14:9 "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father (God)." John 10:30 "I and the Father are One." That's the historical Jesus

  22. The Prophets spoke of a Messiah who would come to teach the good news, pay for sins and rule over the nations.
    Jesus says he is the Messiah who was to come
    John 4:25-26
    The Messiah would be born in Bethlehem
    Micah 5:2, Matthew 2:1, Luke 2:4-6
    The Messiah would be born of a virgin
    Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:22-23, Luke 1:26-31
    The Messiah would come from the line of Abraham
    Genesis 12:3, Genesis 22:18, Matthew 1:1, Romans 9:5
    The Messiah would be a descendant of Isaac
    Genesis 17:19, Genesis 21:12, Luke 3:34
    The Messiah would be a descendant of Jacob
    Numbers 24:17, Matthew 1:2
    The Messiah would come from the tribe is Judah
    Genesis 49:10, Luke 3:33, Hebrews 7:14

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