♪ It, it, feel it ♪
♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ It, it, feel it ♪ ♪ Woo ♪ Please welcome back to our show she hasn’t been here forever– We haven’t heard her talk about anything forever, Kathy Griffin! (cheering) Hi you guys!
(cheering) Wendy!
Cute. (cheering) Cute. (cheering) Self promotion, why not? Cute.
Hi there. (cheering) Mwah
(cheering) So glad to see you.
(cheering) So glad you came.
(cheering) Of course! Hi!
(cheering) Hi everybody!
(cheering) (cheering) It’s been a long time I know! Wait don’t cross and get comfortable Oh okay, yeah okay
Shoe cam still exists So here we go Yeah, really cute
(cheering) By who? These are Fendi’s Fendi’s These are Fendi’s and I cannot go jogging in them No well–
But they’re for you Thank you and–
Of course And your slacks? Carolina Herrera Okay and your self-promotion? It’s fabulous (laughs) Do you love it? I have a movie out Uh huh
(applause) And– and there’s no like advertising money, no studio or anything if I have to wear a sandwich board I want people to see this movie. You can get it on Apple, Amazon and as of October 8th it’s in four country– 40 countries outside the US and December 2nd it’ll be on Prime video in 62 countries outside the US. (applause) Sell the story! So last week on this show Kathy Yes We did a throwback of a celebrity. We have this game that we play for a prize. Oh I couldn’t even guess that. How many nose jobs have you had? Two, that was two noses ago and– Okay I found out that as you get older, your nose grows and your ears grow. And I think that
Oh yeah My nose is back to that again. No it’s not, no it’s not. But I can’t have it gutted any more. I’m afraid it’ll like cave in or something so– What would you tell that girl? I–
How old were you there? Oh my, that was my 8th grade picture Okay And I– I work in, you know the five head and I’m sure I had tried to give myself a blowout because obviously my hair is extremely curly. Yeah. So that was my attempt at a blowout and I was a Catholic girl gone bad. Like I was getting in trouble by the nuns all the time and they would write on my report card she has potential but she’s boy crazy. (laughs) Which I still am Weren’t we all? Yes! Thank you! All right so the hair, looks great Thank you! And it must be easy–
(cheers) Must be easy to do. I love it because I– you know the first third of the film is the documentary that honestly it was just filmed on phones cause like nobody would take a meeting with me or do anything. And the second two thirds of the film are a comedy concert film and I made a special and nobody you know, would even look at a 30 second like reel– of it.
Would they take– They wouldn’t even take meetings with you? Nothing, nobody. But you know Kris Who? Kardashian! Jenner. Oh (laughs) Couldn’t she get you on E! or something? I– I– I don’t know if she would like get me a gig. I don’t know, maybe– but I’m op– I’m happy to do an eye pencil line if anyone– Kris, if you’re watching? (laughing) But I will say she– I actually talk about her in the film because while all the crazy Trump stuff was happening, I was living next door to Kim and Kanye. Oh, oh And the very– I actually tell the story in the movie about the very night that the picture went live. I was having dinner with Kris Jenner and she came over and– The picture of the head
She was super– Yes and she was actually super sweet and comforting and– and so I talk about in the movie. Kathy that was two years ago. Two and a half years ago Why are people so– Oh, oh no, so today I’m here. I have breaking news– so today just last night I don’t know if some of you guys have seen this. It’s actually too graphic to show– the New York Times wouldn’t even show it. Oh they can go on your social media though and see it– Yeah because what happened–
You still have it up? I did put it up
I saw it. Because I think it’s important– the fact that this photo that I took which was not illegal, covered by the first Amendment. You can be offended by it, it’s okay. It was a mask with ketchup but you know and– you know I was under a full federal investigation by two federal agencies– And blocked from flying I was on the no-fly list
How did you get here? Did you walk? I’m off–
(crowd laughs) No I was actually exonerated and like when Trump goes “I was exonerated.” No no I have a letter from the government actually saying I was exonerated cause they were investigating me and considering– and this is a historic story in our country. Considering charging me with the crime of conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States. In the meantime on your social media the video that we can’t show but I’ve seen it is the President with a gun The Pres– yeah. There’s a video out–
Killing people in Yeah and he’s doing it in a church like Dylann Roof which is really bad news and they made a video of Trump, you know, doing a mass shooting inside a church. And the last two people he murders are me and Hillary Clinton. (crowd gasps)
And so what– The reason I– I talk about it is– you know this thing will get all ginned up again. So like the same groups that came after me two and a half years ago, they’re gonna be reinvigorated and frankly, we don’t know how people take that video. So it’s really, really violent and people’s heads get blown off and there’s– there you know Stephanie Grisham, the White House Press Comms Director was trying to distance herself but– they played it at Doral, one of his golf clubs? It’s a fake video but they’re trying to make fun of it. Yeah Kathy, how do people receive you in the streets, like cause for me, I’d be like hey Kathy! Yeah, all kinds of ways I mean. It depends– things have– things have gotten better now I will say this video today is not gonna help and so I already have been in contact with the FBI again and so, people are a little bit of everything but like I have been, you know, confronted on the streets many times. Has your house been vandalized? Your mansion, excuse me (laughs) My mansion–
She lives very– and I paid for it cash (cheers) That’s right, that’s right! You heard me! (applause) Cash! Cash! (applause) (laughs) That’s right. Do people tomato your house? Save your money, ladies. Save your money. Cause you never know when you’re gonna need it. Look, do they tomato your house? No but when I go outside-
Do they spray paint- It’s really odd because, you know I don’t know like who’s– who’s one of them like who’s– you know people– people thought that I was in ISIS okay you guys? Like they weren’t just mad that I held up a mask with ketchup on it, like they then manipulated the photo and it went global and I covered that in the movie like I didn’t know it was in Arabic papers. It was in papers in Russia, China and saying Kathy Griffin jihad asset. (crowd gasps) So people come up to me on the street and s– you know, think I’m in ISIS and these are obviously like the hardcore Trumpers and it’s very bizarre you know, I’m a– I’m gonna be 59 in a couple of weeks and you know once again, this video comes out today and I’m like, would you really want this to happen to like, your mom or your aunt or– You know, and– and since the photo two and a half years ago I’m still like– in the original. So you don’t feel like the tide is turning? I– I don’t know, I mean. I still don’t have a gig, you know. I don’t have– So you paid for your whole on demand special by yourself. The lights, camera, action–
I paid for the film myself and we even filmed the documentary portion– On an iPhone. On an iPhone–
Your boyfriend. Yes, my boyfriend and I filmed it– You guys are still together? Yeah we’re still together, eight years Okay. We– Yes
Nice. (applause) And he’s here now He’s here now
He’s in the building He’s in the building That’s right, he’s in the building still 19 years younger, ho
(crowd laughs) And so yeah, it’s– it’s kind of a lot you know what I mean because I worry about his safety even Has– has this caused turmoil at one particular point? I don’t mean to be nosey but
It has with our– No it’s okay, it has with our families. Like his family is super– like they don’t– They’re very vocal online about how they feel about me and that’s hard for him to deal with. And none of my family members talk to me not one Griffin has contacted me. Like my cousins
Well no hold on now! Are you serious? No So how has that affected your relationship with him? Oh I think I c–
Does he sometimes sleep– I think it’s made us closer
Okay Because you know when you go through something like this that’s so immense, like when the United States government and the President and the Attorney General come after you. Yeah! And they put you on the no-fly list and then I was on the Interpol list, when I could finally travel overseas cause I couldn’t make a living here. And I’m still– I’m still you know, I have no network that will touch me, no streaming service
If you were a man this would have already been forgotten about, like Eddie Murphy–
Please! And Dave Chappelle have already been forgiven by the gay community for their homophobic– And they’re getting 40 million dollar deals! Yes. And so, I just wanna say like I always you know still wanna talk about pay equality because you know I know
It’s real Every woman fights it but
Yeah In the standup comedy world, it’s really not that much better since the– when I started.
Yeah. So one thing I did during this last couple of years– besides make the movie, is I actually bought back my own library cause it’s really all about licensing and ownership. So I paid a lot of money to buy back all six seasons of My Life on the D-List, all 23 of my specials, the two seasons of my talk show and here’s the best part– it’s worth nothing, nobody wants to buy it but I’m hoping like, someday if I kick the bucket or something
You wanna know what? Somebody’s gonna be like hey I wanna show those specials. They were funny or whatever, so– I own em now, ya gotta come get em and you gotta pay me what you would pay a man. (applause) What you would pay a man. Yeah
That’s what I want All right so Jenny McCarthy, as we talked about on Hot Topics is out with Ryan Seacrest. She quit New Year’s Rockin Eve. Oo Yeah and– and I know you used to do it with Anderson Yes
But now he does it with– With Andy.
Yes. By the way, what’s your relationship with Anderson did he turn his back on you– Or did he?
Yeah Oh Oh, oh
Sorry, he did– I mean, you guys all saw it, so– I can’t lie about it (laughs) Wow. And it hurt, like I always– How do you get along with Andy? I say in the movie
Cohen I don’t get along with Andy Cohen. Who– what celebrities do you, like– Well not Andy Cohen, I mean he was terrible to me. He fired me from Bravo and he was a horrible boss the whole time I was there and you know, he gave himself a talk show and he still runs the network. He’s the only person in the history of television to give himself a nightly talk show which magically gets picked up every season (laughs) So who–
(crowd laughs) So would you– if Ryan Seacrest called you and said come host on New Year’s Eve would you do it? I love that you think ABC would like come anywhere near me I mean, I wanted– here’s– here was my thing that I pitched for the last two years and nobody was smart enough to bite. I wanted to do New Year’s Eve live with Kathy Griffin and Stormy Daniels. (crowd gasps)
Thank you! That’s a show! That is a sh– that’s right!
(applause) (applause) That is different. It’s thinking outside the box, if you know what I’m saying ladies I still got it and I think it would just be fun and so, you know, I don’t know. Right now I’m– I’m still like too scary to all the– It’s just funny like, everyone is so afraid– Like if you go to Craig’s for dinner do you have to wait a long time for a table or they tell you we’re full–
(laughs) How do people in Hollywood treat you? I– not well, I don’t go to Craig’s anymore. I don’t go out that much anymore. I went to one Emmy party and like hardly anybody talked to me but the night before,
Wow I got to do this– be part of this really amazing show at the Greek Theater like 7,000 seats capacity and Jane Fonda performed and Lily Tomlin and Sia and it was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. And that was just a whole different scenario. I mean people were like really great and obviously the LGBT community is being marginalized as is people of color under this administration. So you– I’m just here to make you guys laugh and hope we all get through this and you know, gotta laugh no matter what so– It was nice to talk with you. I love talking with you always Kathy Griffin everybody!
(applause) Give it up for her!
(applause) Check out her new film, it’s called “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story” anywhere you can buy or rent movies. ♪ It, it, feel it ♪
♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ It, it, feel it ♪
♪ Woo ♪

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