third room left always goes a very hard there as well he's already closing up Watson blasted the first 150 see what explains there's a between him [Applause] steaming around the top men two years ago 27:30 [Applause] result in glorious isolation as we saw just then in what was effectively an exhibition run you

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  1. 46.5 world record 46.70 second place, 46.73 third place, and another 47 mid to 47 high for 3rd place. World Champs will be faster than face. The 400 hurdles are officially a sprint races. 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Underrated athlete, people raved about Samba & Benjamin and ignored this guy despite his speed 45.0 INDOORS and strength as a former decathlete.

  3. A Scandinavian is dominating in a racing event, and a Jamaican is dominating in a throwing event.
    What has this world been coming to?

  4. So after how may looses thid season he just pop up with a 7th fastest time ever and the world lead time hmmm…

  5. Here I was thinking Warholm would have to change his fly and die strategy to keep progressing but here he is proving me wrong.

  6. Oh man
    47.12 for Warholm
    47.16 for Benjamin
    And 47.27 for Samba

    Their seasons bests (PB for Warholm) is leading up to 3 fantastic times at the IAAF WC

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