– (sigh) Okay. (suspenseful music) – What happened? – (sigh) – Kaitlin is here, she’s at the studio. Now it’s ten o’clock at night and she wants to come visit with me. – Basically, I got pulled over in a construction zone speeding
and didn’t have my license. I hadn’t gone to the doctor earlier today and it was not in my purse. So, I had the cop follow me home so that wouldn’t get an extra ticket ’cause I already have double
the fine with the construction. So I was freaking out and
had an anxiety attack, and then whenever, I realize
I should have called someone and let them know what was going on, but I was just so flustered, I don’t feel like I could’ve got words out or talk to anyone and like let them know. And I know that I should’ve done that, ’cause everyone was worried, but. – Are you under the influence of anything? – No. – ‘Cause, I mean, I think
your behavior right now is a little odd. (suspenseful music) – Do you have the ticket? – I talked myself out of everything. – You talked yourself out of a ticket? – I just, I just cried and. – Do you have, did he give
you a warning or anything? – A warning, yes. – Do you have it? – What if they call here and
they can’t recall a ticket? – It’s in my car. – Can you get, can we see it? – My mom drove me here. (suspenseful music) – Well Kaitlin, you’re an adult women, people get pulled over. – But he wasn’t any normal
cop, any normal situation. I’ve never. – Well, what’s his name? Officer who? – It’s on the warning,
if you got a warning or you didn’t get one, no? – Do you have the warning? – He didn’t give me a physical paper that said it was a warning. He just said, this is a warning. Next time don’t, whatever, don’t speed. – I thought Kaitlin’s
story was real confusing. It didn’t make sense, it didn’t connect. Hmm. It had a lot of holes in it, if you will. It just didn’t make sense to me. Okay, well it is now late,
but we are glad you are safe. – Me too, I’m sorry to
make everyone worry. – It’s time for Kaitlin. – (Kaitlin) Yes, Ma’am. – To grow up and be a veteran, huh. – Yes Ma’am. – Okay, goodnight. – (Kaitlin) Goodnight. (suspenseful music) – I’m telling you, I can
tell when my daughter’s lying to me. Something does not add up. She’s lost some confidence from me. I don’t think it’s the
best place she should be on our radar of responsibility. – It was kind of immature
of me and I realize I need to mature and I’m working on it.

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  1. THANK YOU for posting these old clips of the show, I had forgotten about this one and it's kind of hilarious to watch back

  2. She's so lying. I really do believe Kelly and Judy have her best interest at heart. I wish she would have been honest with them. They would have helped her.

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