Welcome the literature club! Hey! I haven’t promised anything yet! Oh wow, Sayori! Who’s your friend? It’s our club newest member! That’s…not set in stone… This is Monika! Yuri! and Natsuki! …and you already know me! A new adventure starts now! Do you like reading? Come on, sit with us! You’ll improve, you’ll see! Have something to eat! and why must it be a boy? Let’s try our hands, There’s a festival at school We’d better get prepared! Will you help me cook?
Or me decorate? And I’ll walk home alone today… If you don’t want me I won’t look for you I’ll just remain your childhood friend I don’t even know who you are to me anymore Hey, Sayori, you doing okay? Don’t worry, everything’s ok Oh yeah? So why aren’t you smiling? I wish she’d do it again… …and that the things went back the way they’ve been. She’s depressed and stressed and she’s feeling blue… And you definitely won’t be the one that will LIFT her spirits JUST MONIKA! JUST MONIKA! JUST MONIKA! JUST MONIKA! JUST JUST MONIKA! Welcome the literature club! Wait! What happened to Sayori? Who? There’s no one here named that… Do you like mangas? Or do you respect them at least? I have some for you too! Why don’t you read this one? Maybe I’ll lend it to you Are you staring at me??? Follow me out here…
But where’s Sayori? Stay here with me instead! I’ve been learning piano!
And I sing soprano! And I’m obsessed with you! What’s happening to me? What’s wrong? If this is just a crush it’s really strong but a knife really looks more harmless… Yo! I shouldn’t say it but… Yuri seems a bit- sAnE aNd cHiLL ANd jUsT a little sweaty…
But I will cut right to the point: I want you and love everything about you! Trust me, yours is a mistake So my dear Yuri, CUT it out! JUST MONIKA! JUST MONIKA! JUST MONIKA! JUST MONIKA! JUST JUST MONIKA! Could you have guessed?
Or maybe not? Say goodbye to Natsuki, I’ll delete her too! And enough with cupcakes, poems and tea. I only need you to love me! Aah! Hey…It seems like it’s just the two of us… And all I’d ever want Is for you to say that you love me! I’ll live together with you like this all I’ve done to get up to this point I hope it doesn’t bother you even though It no longer matters, ’cause now you belong to me! Forever. Forever. FOREVER. FOREVER. FOREVER. Well, look who we have here! Sayori? You’re still in the Literature Club? Of course! I’m the president, after all! Wow, Sayori! Who’s your friend? He’s our newest member! I’m guessing that’s not set in stone… This time, I think it is. Come join us? I was just going to show to Natsuki here my favorite horror novel. Hey! It’s…it’s not like I like it or anything… So…are you walking home with anyone later? Just with you Sayori. JUST SAYORI! Just Monika is a song by Random Encounters Arrangement, piano, drums, keys: REWIND Guitar: Marco Ferrè Italian adaptation: Rewind Mixing help: Emanuele Intagliata, Emanuele Campagnolo Production, modding video: Rewind These subtitles were made by DreamMax! Don’t forget to subscribe Check out also other italian Doki Doki stuff we made! Have you ever been to Italy? We make fantastic pizza and pasta and coffe Oh, looks like the video it’s over

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  1. È un anno che aspetto questo CAPOLAVORO e ne è valsa la pena(Complimenti alla doppiatrice di Sayori)
    Ora ho una richiesta:
    Potete doppiare why did I say okie doki? Così la mia vita sarebbe completa.

  2. “È depressa, stressata e si sente giù…e non sarai di certo tu a TIRARLA SU”
    A parte gli scherzi, complimenti! È davvero difficile doppiare una canzone di questo tipo e voi ci siete riuscite con tanto di giochi di parole e bellissime voci! Wow

  3. Adoro! Capisco quanto possa essere difficile un testo di una canzone mantemendo il senso e questo è un lavoro perfetto!

  4. Tutte le cover italiane sentite in giro non mi sono mai piaciute ma questa mi ha proprio fatto dire PORCA ZOZZA QUANTO SO BRAVI (applausi)

  5. AIUTO È BELLISSIMA! complimenti a tutti! le voci ed il testo erano favolose!
    P.S.: oddio anche la musica è stata fatta da voi adoro. è il lavoro migliore che io abbia mai visto su DDLC Italian fanbase!

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