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  2. The accusation that those who voted to leave the EU are less well educated than remainers is no doubt true. But rather than draw the inference that it's an indicator that leavers are thick, a more useful interpretation is that the less well educated are much more vulnerable to the effects of globalisation. Like the rust belt and 'fly-over country' in the USA, whose population voted for Trump, the rejection of the EU is a rejection of globalism because people have seen how their towns and cities have been decimated through the transfer of industries, and wealth, abroad. The less educated do not have access to the opportunities accruing from the EU. They are forgotten people. The European dream, which I think is false unless your nose is stuck firmly in the EU trough, is only available for the relatively few. Those in financial services are doing fine, as well as many of the middle-class, who were doing fine anyway. The rest is a dream for remainers many of whom are too young and inexperienced to know any better.

  3. A good suggestion would be to define your mainstream culture, covering all the issues, and then decide whether you belong to a great one or not. The culture of the Western world may be the best this world has ever seen¹. However none are perfect. Each of them has parallels with every other throughout history. Every single tribe has had witch doctors, practised cannibalism, been savage in war, used slavery at some point. Humans huh? Perhaps Ma Nature has actually overstepped the mark. But only the most profound culture will be there all the way through whatever competition is happening. And neither is culture immutable, they change, adapt, usually slowly and fractiously but they are the almost frozen grease that helps the little gears move past one another.

    ¹The saving of the crew of Apollo 13 may have been our greatest achievement.

  4. It's ok for everyone else to keep their culture, including those that enter the UK yet it's racist to keep ours? It's insane. The thing that angers me the most is that it's minorities with big mouths on social media and the liberal elites that are forcing the majority to play along. There are far more silent voters than there are these fascists and we'll beat them at the ballot. We have. The irony is, ask all the regressives pushing this toxic nonsense about what they're spewing and they don't know what they've signed up for. None of them know what fascism is, nor do they know who the founder was. They don't vote, they just call everyone a fascist to get their way and then complain the vote didn't go their way. We're just too polite to tell them to just stfu and grow a spine. No safe spaces for fascists.

  5. I'm not offended by being called right wing or far right or racist .
    Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

  6. I don’t move in Peter and Julia’s media circles but it seems difficult. They are very adapt in challenging the ludicrous generalisations of the people they disagree with, by invoking broad generalisations of their own. They call the bias of the BBC whilst feeling no need to find bias in other media outlets. As ever, very interesting, but also at times frustrating the levels of smugness.

  7. If we remain in the EU then we should get rid of parliament. Why have politicians who hand over responsibility to an unelected body? This is why so many MP's wish to remain: for an easy life, where they just have to win a popularity contest every 5 years based on empty rhetoric.

  8. They did the same to us – the election of 1918 in Ireland. We ended up having a violent war. Parliament is THAT idiotic.

  9. It's all gone perfectly crazy! . I am reading about China in the 60s and this situation we have is offering serious similarities .hate speech, finger pointing screeching at those who are identified as 'the enemy. It's not going to end well! .!

  10. If we can achieve a no deal Brexit then we have a lot of bad apples to sort out like the BBC, like Parliament, and sorting out a good immigration policy.
    Julia is quite right when she talks about being called racist, anyone can shout abuse but if it is not confronted quickly it will become inescapable.

  11. Re Orwell and Negative Nationalism – I don't think it is colonial guilt because if you look objectively, there is much to be proud of. I think the Left's antipatriotism is deeply emotional.

    Nowhere in the world has Leftist ideology taken root and thrived. They haven't made it on their own. They are like the millenials who can't quite manage to leave home, and resent their parents for it.

  12. Julia's great in print – and even better in person! Not provoking, just saying what we all know. Thank-you Julia; and Peter for your impeccable taste in guests!

  13. I believe our MPs have become so complacent in watching the EU rule over us, that they do not believe they are capable of governing Britain. They are more familiar in discussing town issues. Soo if we do end up tied to the EU, we do not need the House of Commons or The Lords.

  14. Another great interview for which I thank you.

    I just don’t get how the BBC is not shut down by Offcom for its undoubtably biased broadcasting.

    Thank God we have alternatives like your broadcasts. I also agree with the view that the BBC will suffer for their Leftist propaganda and find the love of the public will no longer tolerate their perverse behaviour. I will be sad to see a British institution that we were so proud of fall, but I would rather have the BBC knocked off their pedi stool than descend into the disgrace they have become.

  15. It's VERY important that Leave voters remember that leaving the EU alone is NOT going to lower immigration numbers or preserve British culture, because immigration figures have continued to rise – now from non-EU, Muslim-majority countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. Does anyone really think that's going to help us 'take back control'? Wait until the Islamic Party UK pops up. Then we will wish we had demanded real action on immigration from the government/Leave campaign, instead of all these distraction tactics and weasel words. They let people believe that Brexit means lower immigration but they all know it means nothing of the kind.

  16. The baffling madness of today's leftists demonstrates the efficiency of modern brainwashing techniques. Brainwashing is said to reduce its subject’s ability to think critically or independently,

  17. What must be realised is the UK doesn't have a constitution and gets by with a 'series of nods and winks' (Raymond Seitz – former U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom ) and nudging the public out of Brexit is not that surprising and like everything else in political discourse, changes are made in small increments. We will eventually get back to a 2nd referendum probably in about 18 months where the full apparatus of the State will be deployed against Brexit. Ultimately, there will be no Brexit.

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