Back ground music
playing Back ground music
playing Joseph was one of the
12 sons of a man Jacob in Canaan. He had 10 elder brothers
and one younger brother. Joseph’s mother had died when she gave birth to
his younger brother. Joseph and his brothers helped their father in the
field They also herded the sheep. Joseph was the favorite
child of Jacob since he was young and
innocent. Jacob spent a lot of
time with Joseph. This made the
brothers very jealous On his seventeeth
birthday, Jacob gifted Joseph
a beautiful coat that had all the colors
of the rainbow on it. Joseph was very happy, but his brothers were not! They were now even
more jealous They felt that their
father did not appreciate all the hard work they
were doing for him. One night Joseph had
a strange dream. He was very excited, and He went to his brothers who were herding the sheep. Hey Simeon, I had a very strange
dream yesterday night. You should hear this! Ow look!…. Daddy’s little pet had a dream. Don’t waste my time boy! I have a lot of work to do. I can’t sit and dream
all day like you No…. listen! In my dream, we were all tying
up sheafs in the field. All of a sudden, my
sheaf stood upright while your sheafs
bowed down to mine! Simeon looked scornfully
at his Joseph and then at his brothers. Oh… he is’nt just stupid. He thinks that even we are stupid?? No…. this was my dream! And listen, in another dream…. The sun, the moon
and the stars were all bowing down to me! That was so beautiful! So, now you want us to
bow down to you, huh? Run away before we beat
you with this stick!! One day, Jacob sent Joseph to
check on his brothers who were resting on the
hillside. They were actually
talking about Joseph and how irritating he was. When they saw Joseph running
to them from a distance, they got so angry that they actually
planned to kill him! Reuben, the eldest brother felt
strongly against this, but he knew that his brothers were too angry to
listen to him. Let’s kill this irritating boy and we wont have to worry
about him ever again! What do you think my
brothers? Come on Simeon…. We are his brothers. We cannot just kill him. We will just throw him into this deserted well and decide what to
do with him later. Hmm… that’s a good idea! As Joseph came to where their
brothers were resting, Simeon and Reuben held him while another brother took
off his colorful coat. Then they threw him
into the well. The brothers returned home, leaving Joseph all
alone in the well. Reuben was sad at what
happened, he planned to come around
later and rescue Jacob.. Just then, they saw a group
of merchants were passing by. They were from Egypt and were returning after
selling their merchandise. Then Levi, another
brother had an idea. Why don’t we sell Joseph to
these Egyptian merchants? That way, we can get rid of him once and for all
without killing him! That’s a great idea Levi. Let’s do it. Call those merchants here. We will also have some
money on our hands! Where is Reuben? Will he agree with this? Hmm.. He went home to pick up something. Don’t worry, he will agree with us! The brothers tied Joseph’s
hands behind his back, and sold their little brother to the merchants for
20 silver coins. When Rueben came back, he was terrified to hear
what his brothers had done, but he could not
say anything. The brothers then took Jacob’s coat and sprinkled it with
the blood of a goat. The brothers went back to Jacob and told him that Joseph
had been captured by a wild animal. Jacob burst out crying, and he was deeply saddened for his favorite son’s loss. Joseph was sold to a very
rich Egyptian named Potiphar. He was an assistant to the Pharaoh. Joseph was very intelligent and hardworking. He was also very handsome. Potiphar was very
pleased with Jacob and put him in charge
of all his properties. Back ground music
playing Unfortunately, Potiphar’s wife one day had an unnecessary
argument with Joseph. Since she was upset with him, she told lies about
Joseph to her husband. Potiphar was angry with Joseph, and he send him to jail. When in jail, Joseph overheard
two prisoners talking to each other. One prisoner was a servant to the Pharaoh and the
other was a baker. I had the strangest
dream yesterday night. I wish I could make
some sense of it. My dreams are even
more weird than yours. Maybe I can help you… I can help you
understand your dreams. Ha ha…. You’re just a boy. How are you going to
understand my dreams? I do not interpret them. My god helps me. I will try to tell
them what they mean. My God surely has a message for you. So, the servant described
his dream to Joseph. Joseph listened to him carefully and told the servant
that his dream meant he would be released
from prison in 3 days and he would be taken back by
the Pharaoh as his servant Joseph asked the servant to remember him when
meets the Pharaoh and ask that he be released, Three days later….. the servant was released just like Joseph had predicted! But when he returned to the prison, he forgot all about Joseph.. And because of this…. Joseph remained in prison
for two long years. One night, the Pharoah had a strange
dream and could not sleep. The next monrning, he called all his wise men, ministers, and counselors and described his dream to them. Nobody had an answer to
what they could mean. When the servant, who was in jail with Joseph, heard about this, he suddenly remembered his promise! He ran to the Pharaoh and told him about the prisoner who could interpret dreams. The Pharaoh immediately summoned Joseph. who was in jail with Joseph, heard about this, he suddenly remembered
his promise! He ran to the Pharaoh and told him about the prisoner who could interpret dreams. The Pharaoh immediately
summoned Joseph. So…. My servant says you
can interpret dreams. He tells me you are extremely gifted! I am not capable of such
things your majesty. My God works through me. He can give you the
meaning of your dreams. Describe your dream to me. Very well. In my dream, I saw 7 fat cows eating
grass in a field. Then 7 thin ugly cows rose up from the river Nile and swallowed the
seven fat cows! What does this mean?? Joseph listened to the Pharaoh and then closed
eyes for some time. He walked across the room and came back to the Pharaoh. My lord, this dream you just described is very symbolic. It is a message from God. God is telling you that a
great famine is coming. It will last for 7 years. There will be no food to grow, no rains. A lot of people will
starve and die. Oh… That is terrible news. We are all doomed then! Wait my lord, I am
not finished yet. The dream came to you
as a warning from God to prepare for the famine. There will be 7 years of
plenty before the famine. So, you can store up on
Food grains and livestock, and other supplies
during this period. You must make the most of this chance to produce excess food so that you can
store it for later. Oh…. You are right! Thank God I found you. This is great news. We will be prepared for the famine. We will produce plenty of
food and build up storages for
the difficult times. Thank you Joseph. You are the most wise
man in the kingdom. I am appointing you in charge
of overseeing this work. Your majesty…. The honor is truly mine! These are not my powers. God speaks through me. I am simply conveying
his message to you. Joseph helped the king to
grow extra food grains, and build storages during
the seven years of plenty, so that people would not starve
during the seven-year famine. He was also very popular
among the people and earned their
love and respect. The seven years of
plenty had passed by. The famine started. In the places around Egypt, animals were dying, lakes and rivers dried up, and people were starving to death. The people of Egypt had plenty to eat and drink because of the work done
by Pharaoh with Joseph. They had so much
of grain stored up that they were selling
whatever was left to people outside of Egypt who were starving. Jacob and his sons were
struck by the famine as well! Their crops had all failed and their sheep had
died one by one until nothing was left. They had heard of the
Egyptian Pharaoh who was selling food grains to people outside of Egypt. So, Jacob sent his 10 sons to
Egypt to get food for the family. Benjamin, the youngest son
stayed back with Jacob. When the brothers reached
the palace of the Pharaoh where the food grains
were being distributed, they saw a royally dressed man sitting on a high chair and supervising the
distribution of the food. They approached him. It was actually Joseph! But they did not recognize him since it had been 10 years since they had seen him. But Joseph recognized
his brothers. He realized that they did
not know it was him…. And he kept quiet. His brothers greeted him and then bowed down
in front of him…. Just like the dream he had had when he
was a boy! Where have you come from? We are from a faraway
land called Canaan. The famine has struck us badly. We are a family of 12 and we have come to
buy some food grains. Our father is waiting for us at home. I do not believe you. You look like spies…. Are you here to bring harm to our people?. No my Lord… we are not spies! We are just hungry travelers
in search of food. Please give us some food grains and we will be on our
way home to our father! Please help us!! Ok… Ok… get up. I will sell you my grains. But you must bring
your youngest brother and father when you
come next time. Thank you my Lord! We will do that. The next time, Jacob and Benjamin went with
the other brothers to Egypt, to meet the Pharaoh. Joseph was overjoyed to see his
father and little brother. After some time, Joseph revealed himself to them! Reuben, I am the brother you sold
off to the Egyptians! Oh my Brother! Its really you! What have I done?? Do not fear me. I hold no anger against you. Because of you, I was
able to meet great people and be of service
to these people. I was able to help feed them
in the time of starvation. I have earned their
love and respect…. All because of you! I want all of you to
come here in Egypt and live with me. Jacob could not believe that his darling son was alive after all these years! He ran to him and hugged him while his brothers
bowed down to him, just as he had dreamt
many many years ago! Back ground music

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  1. Yes anyway if anyone don't believe I don't care 😥 joseph is prophet of Allah that's all😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😄

  2. Yeah right …they were all white and blond. Middle Eastern people are not pale white….it's blasphemy to denounce all God's creation. But Christians believe in the God of Rome not in the God of the Creator of the Universe.

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  4. These little cartoons are not telling the truth to our children. They are leaving out scriptures of the Bible. Potifers’s wife wanted to sleep with Joseph. Even the story of Cain and Able is wrong, God still loved Cain and forgave him. Don’t show this to your children because they need to know the whole truth about the stories in the Bible. The world is already telling them lies and trying to get them to fall away from the truth of God. I read the Bible to my son and explain what every scripture means even the graphic scriptures because he needs to know what happened to Jesus, he needs to know what sin is. our kids are not dumb they learn the latest worldly dance moves, they learn how to have crushes on each other at even a young age, so when it comes to the Bible we ought to be truthful and teach them how to live for Christ. These stories will lead many ppl away if they don’t really read the Bible or know Who God is. Be careful!

  5. I see a lot of adults up here watching these that just goes to show that not only kids watch this show. Many of the adults don’t really read the Bible so they rely on these cartoons to teach them, you need to fully read the Bible and gain a true relationship with God.

  6. A bit sad that this has been so scrubbed for consumption of kids, that there are clear problems with it. The biggest challenge to such this (nicely animated) story of Joseph is that they give motivations to the characters that are not in the Biblical accounts, this keeps the story moving, but it leads to unwarranted conclusions. There are also erros such as the Pharoah "being pleased with Jacob" (instead of being pleased with Joseph). Potiphar's wife has "and unneeded argument" with Joseph. So, Potipher became angry and sent him to "jail". Joseph is "just a boy" in prison… and yet, his age is certainly full grown… 30-40 years (In Genesis 41:46 we learn that Joseph was 30 when he was made overseer … So Joseph lived in Potiphar's house 11 years or less and was in prison 2 or more years"). There is no mention of the other prisoner's dream and his dismal (judged) future of having his "head lifted off" ..instead we hear just the happy story of a servant being released. And these problems just continue….and the odd ending white-washes the whole past in a way that is beyond misleading. Other than that, hey, it's great. 🙁

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