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Jordan Peterson tells a funny children’s story about ignoring problems

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. People I've known who got into psychiatry, all had traumatic upbringings. They wanted to know what the hell went wrong, why and how do I fix it? With Jordan's epic awareness and wisdom, it makes me wonder what happened to him when he was young.

  2. If this happened to kids, there wouldn't be a bullying problem, because the bullied would always be bigger than the bully.

  3. I'm not ignoring it, it's in the periphery of my vision, I've just run it around in my head so many times that to try and wrestle with it again would be an exercise in futility akin to trying to hug and hold onto a lightning bolt.

  4. "Dragons are the myth alive in the hearts of men".

    'Where Dragons Dwell' by Gojira

    Check out that song and read the lyrics, amazing. Preferrably watch them do it live at Hellfest 2013.

  5. interesting age demographic in the audience. also, even 30+ years later, Jordan still likes to tell stories within a story. quite entertaining.

  6. Beautiful story. What I got out of it is if you ignore the problem you run the risk of it growing and making it harder to deal with.

  7. I don’t know which Dr. Peterson I am in love with more younger or older. His is just as handsome and interesting now as he was them. I love everything about him. I am happily married don’t get me wrong, however, the thought of the chance of being married to him regarding in the idea that he is one of the greatest and influential man of this time, it would have been a wonderful experience. I wouldn’t mind listening to him all day long. With all your respect Mrs. perterson and to my husband.

  8. I wish I had nightmares about pollution. As a child I had reoccurring dreams about falling down a long clay slide into a dark cave where my body would be torn apart by monkeys.

  9. Referring to pancakes "Billy only got one of them, but he said that's all he really wanted anyway". Is that Billy saying that or his mother imparting that on him? I also get the distinct impression that Billy is in a way promoting the charade to continue to protect the status quo.

  10. "We don't talk about family issues.", "It's not polite to gossip.", "Don't ask about the bruises she has.", "He's just a shy child.", "It's not our business."…

    And so many more times something translates to "There is a problem that is being ignored."

  11. I desperately wanted to hear the resolution concerning the 4 year old little boy in the corner. Unfortunately the child and his behavior led him to be distanced from both adults and other children his age. Very unhealthy. I can't imagine that getting better unless Dr. Peterson pin pointed the cause and took action.

  12. Me after reading war and peace:meh,it was ok!
    Jp after reading the ad on the chewing gum wrapper: it tells a very deep and interesting story!

  13. It seems wrong to hear that voice out of that young man, but he is a perfect example of someone who gets better looking the older he gets. I could listen to his videos every day, and usually my world is better for it 🙂

  14. I’d better clean the bathroom before my love gets home. There’s a dragon growing in it and a metaphorical dragon growing in the living space because of it 😂

  15. Wow, 17 years ago. He's just as Peterson as he is today, sounds hardly any different. That's how you can tell how advanced he is, he hasn't changed his methods in over 20 years because they're flawless.

  16. I consider myself to be pretty intellectual, but did not get this story at all lol. It just wanted to be noticed? Is it because the boys father came home? Like seriously wtf lol

  17. I’m so glad to know he always sounded like this. It’s almost weird seeing him with dark hair and before the liberal hellscape called Canada gave him wrinkles.

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