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Jordan Peterson Calls Out The "Pseudo-moralistic Stances" Of Activists | Q&A

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. One of the issues that the woman should have exclaimed to Jordan was what are you gonna do about me being a fat cow

  2. Jordan Peterson, the sound of the intellectual hammer hitting the nail on the head. Everytime.

  3. In other words, if u want the world to change. Change ur self first and help those around u change as well, then that will have a ripple effect to the whole world.

  4. Shaking her head cuz he hit a nerve, Peterson speaks the truth..alota people jus are to proud overly opinionated or overly sensitive to listen

  5. That last bit when Jordan straight up says "No", I just love that. That old man didn't see it coming.

  6. ..*do you think you are worse off than your GRANDPARENTS… ??* Now that's what you call DUMBASS PETERSON.. *Nice deflection MORON* And in what respect I better off than my grandparents.. I suppose I don't have bombs dropping on me they were during World War 2 .. so I guess that's pretty good and I should stop whining .. AND BE THANKFUL FOR THAT.. I'm not one of the 40 million that died. Yipppeee

  7. The answers to the last 2 questions absolutely hit the nail on the head, and her reaction both times shows that she knows it.

  8. What all these leftists are forgetting is that the only person you can control is yourself. And making changes that affect your own life will ultimately affect the greater picture, in that multitudes of people making the same changes have a big impact and by doing so you become a positive example for others to follow. So, Jordan's message about fixing your own behaviour (eg. cleaning up your room) is absolutely correct and mirrors the biblical teachings of Jesus (do not infer here that I'm comparing Jordan to Jesus, please, that's not my point) that says take the plank from your own eye before washing the sliver from your brother's. That's the biggest problem with lefties and millennials…they think they have the right to judge others and criticize their opinions (despite having little experience), while insisting their own opinion constitutes truth. If each of them concentrated on their own behaviour instead of everyone else's, things would improve much faster.

  9. I can't organise myself, but I want to lecture the entire world on how they should behave. Chinese proverb: if you want to govern others, first learn to govern yourself.

  10. Wow. After reading many of the comments, it's clear Russia has stepped up its influence campaign in Australia and Canada.

  11. Global warming? Action needs to be taken against China – for their rush to coal. And maybe another war against Germany for the same reason. Assuming that global warming is man made.

  12. The fact the host does the straw man trick with JP argument (suggesting you have to become a prime minister first) just shows that the Host also has some issues and had a biased view on JP. What a bunch of munchkins !!!

  13. The only thing holding her back is her self induced diabetes…. but no doubt she would blame the food she eats rather than the fact that she ate the food in the first place!!

  14. 😆. True. Just being an activist, often jumping from one subject to another, being someone who is supposed to be changing the world is a dubious motivation to have. I have tried donating money and work to such groups which I have seen are plagued by dysfunctional and selfish individuals and end up wasting the donors resources. Self development and effort, such as developing a degree of competence in life as well as a satisfactory effort to understand the various issues is essential to contribute coherently to developing solutions.

  15. They all talk about climate change ending the world yet they don’t change any of their personal behaviors to fix it. Hypocrites make me sick.

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