Here’s our questions. -Jim has not seen these.
-Okay. First one. “Would you ever do
an hour stand-up special?” Like Chappelle
or Eddie Murphy might do? -Anything’s possible. You know,
I mean, honestly, I… -Yeah. (applause and cheering) Like, shows… shows like yours
are honestly a chance for me to have the contact, -that-that feeling
of like a club, you know? -Yeah. Just, there is something
about that that is, you know, just part of your…
in your blood, you know, to… ‘Cause that’s what got you here. -Yeah, that’s how
you got started. -So, and I… -(applause and cheering)
-Do you ever…? -I do… I-I am able to come up
with material, -whether it’s good or not…
-Sure. …at a furious pace if I… if I get… go into one
of my fugue states. -(laughter) -So…
-Right, but you don’t… -you don’t go into clubs and do
sets still? -No, no, no. -Okay.
-I haven’t in a long time. But if you did,
that’s a problem I would think with Eddie, too, is that if Eddie Murphy goes in,
I think they do not… -♪ Viral! ♪
-What’s that? -It goes viral.
I mean sort of… -Yeah. They got to put the phones
in the… in the bags. They put phones in Ziplocs now, which they do that at clubs,
which does help. Okay. “As you mature,
does your humor change?” Oh, gosh.
I don’t know. I think, uh…
I think absolutely it does. -Uh, I think it gets sharper.
-Yeah. You know, I don’t know
how you feel about it, -but I feel like…
-I would say, I would think I’m better now,
but I don’t know. But I think you know more,
and knowledge, uh, and experience come
into all the jokes and how you think
and how you write, so I think…
I would think, I-I’m… -It’s different now, but…
-Yeah. -Basically the same. It’s mostly
the same. -(laughter) -And-and… and I…
-I have one note. And the great thing is,
I keep forgetting that I did a joke already, and
I can do it a hundred times. That’s right, ’cause… -It’s a different show
every time. -Okay. -Lapses in memory are
really beneficial. -(laughter) Uh, I don’t think
you do impressions anymore. Any new face impressions
of other celebrities, but… -New faces? No.
-New people. I haven’t done…
I haven’t done face… I haven’t done
that kind of thing… Was Clint Eastwood the last one? No, I mean, probably, uh,
the last time I ever did an impression in public
was when I went to Russia -and I went to Lenin’s Tomb,
and, uh, and… -Fun crowd. The-the soldiers…
the soldiers there– I felt like
they needed a good laugh. (laughter) So, since I couldn’t
speak the language, I did my Leonid Brezhnev
for them. (laughter) (applause and cheering) I’m amazed any of you know
what that is. I know. It’s funny. Yeah, you just picture the tanks
rolling by. Yeah, I’m sure they-they get…
they really get… They got a hoot out of it.
They loved it. Yeah, they don’t get a lot
of stand-ups over there. -(laughter)
-Yeah. Yeah. -Yeah, okay. You have a novel coming out.
What’s it about? Uh, I have a novel called
Jim Carrey -Memoirs and Misinformation.
-Look at this. (applause and cheering) That I wrote
with my friend Dana Vachon. It took us eight years
to write it. And it is an absurdist, uh, uh, treatment of my life
and persona and fame. And, uh, it is, uh… -it is designed to end the world
for you. -Great. -(laughter)
-If-if only for a moment. If only for a moment, because I think deep down
inside all of us, all we really seek…
is our own absence. (laughter,
applause and cheering) Thinker. -If you…
-And it’s funny. If you got on SNL, would things
be different for you? I did audition for SNL. I don’t know if you’ve heard
the story, but I… but I… I got out at NBC
in the Valley, and they, uh… And I was like, “Gosh, I hope
this is a lucky day for me.” I walked out of my car,
I closed the door, and I heard, “Don’t do it! Don’t jump!” Like that. And I looked up
at the top of NBC building, -and there was a page…
-Shut the (bleep) up. …in a blue coat, trying to get
his nerve up, standing on the NBC logo, trying
to get his nerve up to jump off. And I went, “Not a good sign.” (laughter) “Not a good sign.” Yeah. But, uh, yeah, so Lorne
and I still have a running thing where he’s like, uh,
“Oh, it was… it was Franken.” -(laughter)
-Well… -“Franken put the kibosh
on you.” -Yeah. He didn’t like me, either. -All right, um…
-(laughter) -That’s true. Um…
-(applause and cheering) -You do political and
non-political art, right? -Yes. -I-I… -Yeah, you do both,
’cause I saw one -of a squirrel with a knife.
-(laughter) -Yeah. Yeah.
-(laughter) That’s the Mango Series.
The Mango Series. It’s all about mangoes– the sweetest fruit, the fruit
of the gods. But you know, if a squirrel takes your mango
in New York City, you just got to buy another one,
you know? ‘Cause it’s not worth it.
Just not worth it. -This squirrel started some shit
with me once. -He did? Yeah, near the Beverly Center.
I’ll tell you in a minute.

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  1. Of all the actors in Hollywood, Jim seems like he'd be the best to know in real life…like you could have hours of conversation about anything, even if you'd never seen one of his movies.

  2. Dave was the funniest during the first few years of Rules of Engagement (The best was season two). On Lights Out he's about 60% as funny, usually much better than his guests. And enough to get me to which these clips on a regular basis.

  3. I was in the crowd for this taping and it was really cool to see Jim Carrey talking about serious issues even just for a little bit.

  4. comedians are like fruit…they have a shelf life and then they begin to ROT……Jim Carrey stinks…hasn't been funny for years, lame impressions, keep an eye out for him to do a Robbin Williams

  5. woah, totally cool to see Jim Carrey on the show. i feel like the last decade for him was a tough one, he seemed extremely introspective to the point of almost no return. it’s really good to see him happy and swinging a little more to a joyful equilibrium and retaining his growth but yet he made it full circle. peace to you Jim- we love you man!❤️✨🙏

  6. I’ll say it, he’s an ass. A self absorbed, overpaid Hollywood elitist in his twilight, desperately trying to make the sophomoric physical comedy that is the cornerstone of his career into something more sophisticated and meaningful. You can see him straining to conceal his sardonic smile.

  7. Stand-up is really huge right now in Russia. So please come visit or perform. The audience is very welcoming. Have even english speaking comics on our stages.
    Too short of a clip. It is so interesting to listen to you talking!

  8. I dont know if the sense of humor changes when getting older or you just mature and change as a human and that affects what you find funny🤔 Who cares

  9. Funny how Jim was giving a thought out answer and David with his "thinker" cut him off. You can tell David is not a "thinker." The fact that he didn't get it is hilarious. Love them both.😍😛💚💙💜

  10. Jim Carey seems like he's a lil bit more down to earth now. There was a lil while there were he was kinda going off the deep end

  11. Jim carry ex girlfriend who had depression forged documents that she had contracted 3 STD's from jim carry. However, it was all a lie…she apparently forged documents by using her friends std test and use it as her own to blackmail him after they broke up. Still, he went to her funeral and carried her casket. This dude is a standup guy and a man with a good heart despite the shit he was put through.

  12. It's crazy how Jim Carrey is suddenly back in the spotlight again I mean for awhile there I thought he was going the Russell Brand direction he grew a beard did alot of philanthropic work kind of hid from the world so to speak now it looks like he's back to his old self

  13. He threw out there "when I'm in a fugue state…" and no one touched it. He legit has some mental health issues and I thank him, and people like Gary Gulman, for talking about it.

  14. I guess I'm in the minority, but Jim Carrey is a weirdo. His early stuff, In Living Color, was funny and innovative. I watched 2 or 3 minutes of this interview because David Spade is very funny and seems like a very likeable person. Not so much with Jim Carrey.

  15. I grew up with all of his movies being popular but I never cared for him-not my cup of tea but after seeing him on Bill Mahar show. It's clear that not only is he clueless when it comes to anything political stuff but is also trying to use his fame to get people to be on board with socialism- and as someone who grew up with grandparents telling me horror stories of living and being killed and controlled by an socialist government- that pisses me off. It's not a grand utopia of free stuff and freedom. It's starvation, death and poorness, that only ends with death or fleeing the country- like my grandparents did. I'm tired of stupid, clueless actors trying to push for something that won't even effect them-because their rich and lying about what it really means to people who don't know the real dangers. He needs to stick to what he does best- pretending that his ass is talking.

  16. I love Jim Carrey I think he’s real and he exposed his real and people didn’t like that he did it
    He’s Jim
    He’s Jim Carrey
    We … I
    Love him

  17. I think that Jim Carrey, like most comedically gifted intellectuals struggles with the fact that they walk through life painfully aware of how futile everything is and how their own lives are just material pursuits with a total lack of meaning. I think that’s why they commit suicide so often. I believe he’ll probably go out the same way that Robin Williams did unfortunately.

  18. Love both of them! David wasn't obnoxious or fake like most talk show hosts. That's probably why Jim was so relaxed and chill.

  19. I'd rather have seen him on the sofas with everyone interacting with the jokes in Spade's normal format. Don't really care for the old interview style talk show stuff.

  20. David spade wishes he was more famous and funnier. It kills him to know that even when he was at his prime not even close to Jim Carey’s worst.

  21. I’ve always been a Farley, Sandler, Carry, and Spade fan. I’m stoked he’s bringing back late night comedy, I can’t stand the liberal Jimmys anymore. Also the pushed humor, they don’t know what true comedy is. Love you David!

  22. Jim Carrey is a scumbag, hypocrite, socialist, who’s only the latter because he’s obscenely wealthy.

    Fraud through and through.

  23. why can't that dbag carrey stick with what got him famous? he tries DESPERATELY to seem "smeart" and "deap"….he is not. and that's ok, until you demand others go along with your nonsense. ok, hit me with the flamage, idolaters…

  24. I'm 62, watched Spade grow up, never really liked his humor except in the SNL sketches. Didn't like his movies either, just not my style, same w Sandler even. But now, just like w Sandler's recent (OSCAR WORTHY) movies & phenomenal standup, through Lights Out I am now a HUGE Spade fan!! Maturity has brought a low-key consistent brilliance & hilariously consistent comedy to everything he does on here, even as a great interviewer! Can't see Adam doing this, but David has really found an entire new groove & group of fans, like me! Now I've been watching & really appreciating his previous stuff, esp his standup. Plus, he's gotten really hot😁Very sexy, smooth, & comfortable with himself & his easy humor, doesn't need to try as hard do not goofy, I adore him & can't get enough….. REALLY needs a Netflix special now like Sandler & Murphy👍😍 Feel same about Carrey's comfortable, funny, non-goofy, less extreme comic maturity as well♥️ Both these guys are super-comics🙌👏

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