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    tHANKS CHRIS FOR BEING USED BY God .thank Jesus for you

  2. I loved this song years ago! I guess I was in still darkness. And then I got farther and farther from God and sinned greatly. And one day I finally went to church again and the worship team played this song and I burst into tears because I knew God was speaking to me. God and I have a connection with this song. and i was thinking of all the times He has been watching over me thinking of me 24/7. Thinking good things. I used to ride my bike listening to this song. And he was bringing me to Him when He chose to have this song in the worship set. “You chase me down. You seek me out. How can I be lost when You have called me found. You chase me down. You seek me out. How can I be lost when You have called me found.” That’s my favorite part!

  3. Thanks god for all your great blessings, your love , peace , never leaving me alone , in this times of pain

  4. I am saved by the grace of God ! I will never go back ♥️🙌🏽 I love you Jesus !!!!! Let us all pray and seek his glory . God bless each one of you !

  5. the only blame necessary to allow into our lives if you are still looking to blame in this life we have we are only capable of blame to ourselves! if you must than i say to you Blame ME! I have allowed everyone including myself to continue teaching and making the choices that allow the pain i have of hate and anger, the frustration in my life to be in your lives as well… For that i am to blame and i am working on truly keeping what power and control that the Truth of what LOVE i have the blessing of completely knowing we are all capable and destined to once again understand.

  6. Here it is. Forgive yourselves before you can forgive me. i have mislead all of you when i said i am and always will be free. i will never be free again until each and everyone of us become powerful enough to forgive the mistakes of our pasts and understand we forgot to pay attention to the first blie i know of to create what we call to be a lie in the first place. a mistake made, the choice of creating a law before understanding ourselves what knowledge of creating the purpose of the law in the first place. A "lie" is to enable and force the choice of another to made without having the knowledge oneself refuses to give (truth) of these choices given the capability (creation) of making the choice to decide what choice is made or not made at all. to be capable of creating the possibility of Failure, Pain, deception, Suffering and Loss….

  7. I First need you all to understand love will guide you to the heaven we all lost. we must know all truth. truth i know now is nothing without love and all who have ever been with all to come.

  8. This music lifted me up, especially after I watching the interview with Chris Quilala on what the lyrics meant, how the love of God is so great that it is Fierce and how like the prodigal son in the book of Luke which is an example of though we may make mistakes God loves us and will forgive us, God is like the Good father in the book of Luke.

    I believe that it is very important to pray for your fellow brothers and sisters as you would pray for yourselves, also because prayer itself is a very powerful weapon and because there are people out there who are suffering, Our Lord Jesus Christ is also in heaven is also praying for us and interceding for us, so if you give God will five you double, People might leave you or trespass against you but God's love endures forever. Praise Jesus! "But thanks be to God! Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ" 1 Corinthians15:57

    Thank you,

    May God bless you all

  9. This song is fairly new to me, great song powerful
    vocals 🎶🎼🎙they played this during a prayer meeting last month☝

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