Oh am I in for a treat that's what everyone's saying in the comments I'm a little nervous I don't know what I'm in for I am a little bit nervous now we are gonna continue doki-doki literature Club and just another disclaimer this is not suitable for children that's what the game the game said and if you're sensitive to topics like depression yeah I guess it seems super cute I haven't gotten to anything crazy yet but uh we're gonna continue and I read some of your comments and I saw some say Yuri you guys want me to read my poem to C or Enix and I think that's the decision I want to do let's go ahead and click that because she's my friend and um I feel like I feel like I gotta spread the love you know I can't just pay too much attention to one girl because being a girl myself if I was in the situation my feelings would get hurt if some dude didn't pay attention to me so here we go this is a good column cupcake are you sure it's your first time of course it's not that good am I the kind of guy who would be writing poems in a spare time I guess you're right but that's why it impressed me well to be honest I was afraid that you wouldn't do it seriously or that you wouldn't write one at all I'm really happy that you just wrote one it reminds me of how you're really a part of the club now not to mention the fact that I'm standing in front of you in the club room oh well of course I'm not really into it yet but that doesn't mean I'll break my promise see it's like I said before cupcake deep down you're not selfish at all you know trying new things like this for other people that's something that only really good people do see Ori I'm not sure if saiary sees the full picture of my motive here then again I can't deny that she's part of the reason I joined knowing how much this means to her and all yeah and I'm gonna make sure you have lots of fun here okay that would be my way of thanking you all right I'm gonna hold you to that then yay now you'll read my poem too right don't worry I'm really bad at this pic we'll see about that dears sunshine the way you glow through the blinds in the morning it makes me feel like you missed me kissing my forehead to help me out of bed making me rub the sleepy from my eyes are you asking me to come out and play are you trusting me to wish away a rainy day I looked above the sky is blue it's a secret but I trust you too if it wasn't for you I could sleep forever but I'm not mad I want breakfast I like that one sorry this is just a guess but did you win until this morning to write this no just a little bit you can't answer just a little bit to yes or a no question I forgot to do it last night well at least that makes me feel a little better about myself don't be mean I still tried my best uh yeah I didn't mean to say that it was a bad poem it came out nice or how should I put it it sounds just like you really yeah especially that last line I made eggs and toast even though you were – you were late to school it's bad to skip breakfast I get all cranky well I guess there's no point in arguing anyway thanks for showing me hey this is so much fun Monica is the best uh yeah but next time I won't forget I'm gonna write the best poem ever well I guess I look forward to it okay let's show our poem to Monica hi cupcake having a good time so far yeah good glad to hear it by the way since you're new and everything if you ever have any suggestions for the club like new activities or things we can do better I'm always listening don't be afraid to bring things up okay all right I'll keep that in mind of course I'll be afraid to bring things up I'm much better off just going with the flow until I'm more settled in anyway want to share your poem with me it's kind of embarrassing but I guess I have to do ha ha ha don't worry cupcake we're all a little embarrassed today you know but it's the sort of barrier that we'll all learn to get past soon yeah that's true I had Monica my poem hmm great job cup quick I was going ooh in my head while reading it it's really metaphorical I'm not sure why but I didn't expect you to go for something so deep I guess I underestimated you it's easiest for me to keep everyone's expectations low that way it always counts when I put in some effort ah ha ha that's not very fair well I guess it worked anyway you know that Yuri likes this kind of writing right writing that's full of imagery and symbolism unlike say Ori who likes using simple and direct words to describe happiness and sadness Yuri likes it when readers are left to derive their own meaning out of them it's very challenging to write like that effectively both allowing people to get something out of it just by feel or letting them deeply analyze all of the nuances it can take years of practice which I'm assuming URI has at this point I never really asked though I'm sure I'm nowhere near her level yet don't worry so much about that you do your own thing just keep exploring and learning by trying new things I'm sure I'll end up trying different things a lot it could take a while before I feel comfortable doing for you this that's okay I'd love to see you try new things that's the best way to find the kind of style that suits you everyone else might be a little bit biased towards their own kind of styles but I'll always help you find what suits you the most so don't force yourself to write the way everyone else wants you to write it's not like you have to worry about impressing them or anything haha anyway do you want to read my poem now don't worry I'm not very good you sound pretty confident for someone who claims to not be very good well that's because I have to sound confident that doesn't mean I always feel that way you know I see well let's read it then hole in the wall it couldn't have been me see the direction the spackled protrudes a noisy neighbor an angry boyfriend I never know I wasn't home I peer inside for a clue no I can't see I real blind like a film left out of the Sun but it's too late my retinas already scorched with a permanent copy of meaningless image it's just a little hole it wasn't too bright it was too deep stretching forever into everything a hole of infinite choices I realize now that I wasn't looking in I was looking out and he on the other side was looking in whoo all right so what do you think hmm it's very freeform if that's what you call it sorry I'm not really the right person to ask for feedback uh-huh it's okay yeah that kind of style has gotten pretty popular nowadays that is a lot of poems have been putting emphasis on the timing between words and lines when performed out loud it can be really powerful what was the inspiration behind this one well I'm not sure if I know how to put it I guess you could say that I had some kind of epiphany Epiphany recently it's been influencing my poems of it an epiphany yeah something like that I'm kind of nervous to talk about deep stuff like that because it's kind of coming on strongly maybe after everyone is better friends with each other anyway here's Monica's writing tip of the day sometimes when you're writing a poem or a story your brain gets too fixated on a specific point if you try so hard to make it perfect then you'll never make any progress just force yourself to get something down on paper and tidy it up later another way to think about it is this if you keep your pen in the same spot for too long you'll just get a dark puddle of ink so just move your hand and go with the flow that's my advice for today thanks for listening all right last one Natsuki that's a doc hmm well it's about what I expected from someone like you that's a little blunt well excuse me it's not like I said it was bad it just didn't he book my emotion so basically it's not cute enough for your tastes do you want to get smacked I'll pass yeah well anyways I guess I need to show you mine not that you'll like it Eagles can fly monkeys can climb crickets can leap horses can race owls can seek cheetahs can run Eagles can fly people can try but that's about it yeah I told you that you weren't gonna like it I like it what just be honest I am why are you so convinced that I wouldn't like it well because everyone in high school thinks that writing has to be all sophisticated and stuff so people don't even take my writing seriously but isn't the point of poems for people to express themselves your writing style what it makes make your message any less valid yes exactly I like when it's easy to read but it hits you hard like in this poem seeing everyone around you do great things can be really disheartening so I decided to write about it yeah I understand but the other nice thing about simple writing is that it puts more weight on the wordplay like I said it for a rhyme at the end but then made it fall flat on purpose it helps bring out the feelings in the last line so you did I guess more went into it then I realized that's what it means to be a pro I'm glad you learned something didn't expect that from the youngest one here did you yeah I guess not I decide to humor her with the last common I don't really care how old everyone is but if not Sookie is feeling proud then I won't take that away from her sure I guess that's everyone I glanced around the room that was a little more stressful than I anticipated it's as if everyone is judging me from my mediocre writing abilities even if they're just being nice there's no way in my poem can stand up to theirs this is a literature club after all I sigh I guess that's what I ended up getting myself into across the room see area Monica are happily chattel chatting my eyes line on urea Natsuki they gingerly exchange sheets of paper sharing their respective poems as they read in tandem I watch each of their expressions change not Sookie's eyebrows furrow and frustration meanwhile Yuri smiled sadly what's with this language did you say something oh it's nothing Natsuki dismissively returns the poem to the desk with one hand I guess you could say it's fancy Thanks yours is cute cute did you completely miss the symbolism or something it's clearly about the feeling of giving up how can that be cute hey I know that I just meant the language I guess I was trying to say something nice ah you mean you have to try that hard to come up with something nice to say thanks but it really didn't come out nice at all well I do have a couple suggestions if I was looking for suggestions I would have asked someone who actually liked it which people did by the way see or he liked it and cup quick did too so based on that I'll gladly give you some suggestion of my own first of all excuse me I appreciate the offer but I spent a long time establishing my reading style I don't expect it to change anytime soon unless of course I come across something particularly inspiring which I haven't yet mm-hm tell quick like my poem to you know he even told me he was impressed by it Natsuki suddenly stands up oh I didn't realize you were so invested in trying to impress our new member Yuri that's not what I you you're just Yuri stands up as well maybe you're just jealous that cupcake appreciates my advice more than he appreciates yours huh and how do you know he didn't appreciate my advice more are you that full of yourself I know if I was full of myself I would deliberately go out of my way to make everything I do overly cutesy Oh everyone okay well you know what I wasn't the one whose boobs magically grew a size bigger as soon as cup quick started showing up oh girl Natsuki um Natsuki that's a little this doesn't involve you I don't like fighting guys suddenly both girls turned towards me as if they just noticed I was standing there cuff quake she's trying to make me look bad that's not true she started it if she could get over herself and learn to appreciate that simple writing is more effective then this wouldn't have happen in the first place what's the point in making your poem all convoluted for no reason the meeting should jump out at the reader not force them to have to figure it out help me explain that to her cup quake wait there's a reason we have so many deep and expressive words in our language it's the only way to convey complex feelings and meaning the most effectively avoiding them is not only unnecessary limiting yourself it's also a waste you understand that right cupcake well position how did I get dragged into this in the first place it's not like I know anything about writing but whomever I agree with they'll probably think more highly of me Oh No so of course that's going to be okay so I gotta agree with somebody um I mean I I I personally agree with with Yuri let me just help me this will be this will be the right move I don't want to I don't want to make any enemies tell me CRE not Sookie now Sookie glares at me drying up any words I had in my mouth so instead I turn to URI URI but URIs expression is so defenseless that I can't bring myself to say anything to her C or E oh yeah everyone's fighting is making CRE uncomfortable how come the two of you keep fighting when you know you're making your friend feel like this cup quake well that's not her problem this isn't about her I I agree it's unfair for others to interject their own feelings into our conflict yeah unless Syria wants to tell URI what a stuck-up jerk she's being she would never it's your maturity that's the main were upset in the first place excuse me are you listening to yourself this is exactly why exactly why nobody likes stop Natsuki URI you guys are my friends I just want everyone to get along and be happy my friends are wonderful people and I love them because of their differences not Sookie's poems they're amazing because they gave you so many feelings with just a few words and URIs poems are amazing because they're paint beautiful pictures in your head everyone's so talented so why are we fighting because well also not Suki's cute and there's nothing wrong with that and URIs boobs are the same as they always were big and beautiful C or E series stands up triumphantly Monica stands behind her with a bewildered expression I'll make some tea URI rushes off now Sookie sits down with a blank expression on her face staring at nothing so this is why C or E as vice president I whisper to Monica she nods in return to be honest I might come off as a good leader and I can organize things but I'm not very good with people I couldn't even bring myself to any Jack's as president that's kind of embarrassing to me nah it's not like I can blame you I wasn't able to say anything either well I guess that just means Sarah is amazing in her own ways isn't isn't she we could say that she might be an airhead but sometimes it's really suspicious that she knows exactly what she's doing I see take good care of her okay I would hate to see her get herself hurt that makes two of us you can count on me Monica smiles sweetly at me causing my stomach to not such a genuine person really does make a good president regardless of what she says if only I could get the chance to talk to her a little more mmm okay everyone it's just about time for us to leave how did you all feel about sharing poems it was lots of fun well I'd say it was worth it it was all right well mostly cupcake how about you yeah I'd say the same it was a neat thing to talk about with everyone awesome in that case a little of the same thing tomorrow and maybe you learn something from your friends too so your palms will turn out even better top the top I think to myself I did learn a little more about the kinds poems everyone likes with any luck that means I can at least do a better job in pressing those I want to impress and not to myself with newfound determination Cup quake ready to walk home sure let's go hey Sarah beams up me it truly has been a while since Sarah and I have spent this much time together I can't really say I'm not enjoying it either Siri about what happened earlier hey what do you mean you know between urea Natsuki does that kind of thing happen often no no no that's really the first time I've seen them fight like that I promise they're both wonderful people you don't you don't hate them now do you no I don't hate them I just wanted your opinion that's all I can see why they make good friends with you yeah you know cook plate it's nice that I get to spend time with you in this club but I think seeing you get along with everyone is what makes me the happiest and I think everyone really likes you too that's hey every day is going to be so much fun it looks like Syria still hasn't caught on to the kind of situation when I'm in sure being friends with everyone is nice but does it really need to stop there oh well just have to see what the future holds theory I pat syria on the shoulder I set that morning myself than to her but it's easy to use Syria as an internal monologue sometimes okay yeah let's do this okay time to write my poem so I kind of want to well I do want to spend more time with Monika maybe I could try to impress C or E um let's see how about cheer list and silly and vibrant Oh oops maybe we could just try to please everyone right let's get a couple of Natsuki in here so how about handy and extraordinary fun Oh Sonny Oh ding it ambience sugar dance ah dang it bunny nightgown Oh intellectual I don't remember how many actually have four all of them but I'm trying to keep an even playing field so essence skipping charm and allow analysis and starscape oh one more let's try Mouse I just don't get why I can't impress Monica why she isn't any option for me to impress I know the day passes and it's time for the club meeting already I've gotten a little more comfortable here over the past couple days entering the club room the usual scene greets me hi cupcake you see re looks like you're in a good mood today okay I'm just still not used to you being in the club that's all I see that's a pretty simple thing to get you in a good mood but I guess it's always a simple thing with you anyway speaking of which I'm gonna hungry will you come with me to buy a snack no thanks hey that's not like you at all I have my reasons why don't we take a look at your purse say Orie why VAT all of a sudden no reason really I just wanted to look at it see re nervously retrieves her coin purse she fumbles with the latch and gets it open then she turns it upside down and lets it content spill onto the desk only two small coins fall out uh-huh I knew it I can see right through you say Orie that's not fair how did you even know it's simple if you had money in the first place you would have bought a snack before coming to the club room so either you're not hungry I wanted an excuse to take walk or you plant two conveniently forget that you spent all your money so that I could I would lend you something but there's one more thing you're always hungry and so that only leaves one option Wow I give up don't make me feel guilty if you feel guilty that means you deserve to feel guilty uh-huh you're a suddenly giggles yeah I didn't notice that she was listening in her faces in her book as always uh I wasn't listening or anything it was just something in my book Yuri talk up quick to let me borrow some money that's don't get me involved like that theory besides you should only Bible you can responsibly afford and frankly after pulling a mischievous little stunt like that your suffering is fair enough retribution did I just I I didn't mean that I was too absorbed into my book I really like it when you speak your mind Yuri it doesn't happen much but it's a fun side of you that's there's no way you could think that you were right though I did something bad and now I have to accept my Revolution retribution that still coming from you theory I guess there's a little devil inside all of us isn't there he don't let her fool you ser he knows exactly what she's doing after all she told you guys she was rigging me to the club before she even told me but you wouldn't have come if it weren't for the cupcakes so I had to trick sookie into making them come on give me more credit than that sorry hey yeah I don't know where something smacks iorry in the face and tumbles onto the desk Oh was a cookie sure enough it's a giant cookie wrapped in plastic saiary glances around is this America it's because I paid my restitution retribution actually that one almost worked ah ha ha ha I was just gonna give it to you but then I heard you blab about some cupcakes it was totally worth seeing your reaction although though ha ha Natsuki that's so nice of you I'm so happy CRE hugs the cookie jeez just eat it cieariy rapidly tears open the paper and takes a big bite so good mmm CRE suddenly clasps her hands over her mouth I bit my tongue ha you're going through a lot over just one cookie that's it he takes a bite of her own cookie yours looks really good to Natsuki can I try it jeez beggars can't be choosers but yours is chocolate yeah why do you think I gave you that one fine still I'm really happy that you shared this one with me hey Siri gets out of her seat and goes behind Natsuki then wraps her arms around her oh geez I get it I get it cookie still in how Natsuki reaches up to necessary offer off of her mm say our toilet sorry suddenly leans down and takes a bite of Natsuki cookie what the hell girl hey did you seriously just do that Oh mouth full say re traps away to safety URI and I laugh as well jeez you're such a kid sometimes Monica can you tell C or E F Natsuki glances around Monica isn't in the clubroom uh where's Monica anyways good question have any of you heard anything about her being late today not me yeah I haven't heard either hmm that's a bit unusual I hope she's okay of course she's okay she probably just had something to do today she's pretty popular after all yeah you don't think she she's uh uh-huh I wouldn't be surprised she's probably more desirable than all of us combined that's true excuse me suddenly the door swings open sorry I'm super sorry ah there you are I didn't mean to be late I hope you guys weren't worried or anything hey Monica chose the club over her boyfriend after all you're so strong-willed the boyfriend what on earth are you talking about Monica quizzically glances at me never mind that what held you up anyway well my last period today was steady whole to be honest I kind of just lost track of time haha that makes no sense though you would have heard the bell ring at least I must have not heard it since I was practicing piano piano I wasn't aware you've played music is ballin Monica uh I don't really I just kind of started recently I've always wanted to learn piano that's so cool you should play something for us Monica that's Monica looks at me maybe once I get a little better I will yay that sounds cool I'd also look forward to it is that so in that case I won't let you down cupcake Monica smiles sweetly uh I didn't mean any pressure anything like that uh-huh don't worry I've been practicing a whole lot recently and I'd really loved the chance to share once I'm ready I see him in that case best of luck Thanks so I didn't miss anything did I not no really those weird I choose to leave out Sayuri's mischievous escapades I'm sure Natsuki will end up complaining up to her anyway it looks like everyone has already settled down Sayuri somehow already finished her entire cookie Yuri is back to your book and Natsuki disappeared into the closet into the closet man it looks like no one wants to be bothered today i slump down into the nearest desk how am I supposed to occupy myself with something literature related by myself like this I guess I could always read some of the book here he gave me but I'm feeling a little too tired to read I could probably fall asleep right now I close my eyes and end up listening a non series conversation with Monica we're probably gonna seem really lame compared to all the other clubs though hmm well we can't give up the festival is our chance to show everyone what literature is all about the problem is that the idea of literature club sounds too dense and intellectual but it's not like that app at all you know we just need a way of showing that to everyone something that speaks to their creative minds hmm that doesn't solve the problem though what do you mean even if we come up with the most fun thing ever nobody will come in the first place if it's a literature event so it's more important to figure out how to get people to show up in the first place you know and after they come we can do the thing to speak to their creative minds what's this CRE is taking this really seriously it's rare to hear hurdle deliberating like this huh that's a good point in that case do you think the food will do the trip well what kind cookies well I guess we could cupcakes uh-huh good thinking Natsuki would love to do that you're right Natsuki makes the best cupcakes that would that works out perfectly that wasn't wise you suggested it cupcake speak to my creative tummy cupcakes it is then I'm hungry anyway we still need to work out the details of the event itself okay I find myself smiling in the end CRE is still her usual self but therein lies the unexpected reason I admire her and like me who has trouble finding any motivation at all saiary can put her mind to do things or two things and make them come to life I suppose that's why I ended up letting her get on my case about things I can't help but wonder what it would be like to see the world through her eyes oh that's up close and personal well I opened my eyes to find Ceres face filling my vision I nearly fall out of my chair it sorry we actually I'm not sorry at all it's your fault for sleeping like that this isn't the napping Club does our school have an a peon Club you're staying up late again aren't you now that you're in the club you're gonna have less time for anime you know you'll need to get used to it don't see that out loud I glanced up on my shoulder to see if Monica overheard it's true though yeah I know I know you're always looking out for me sorry hey it's why I do best that's a problem what about you you look out for me better than you look out for yourself you're still over sleeping every day aren't you yeah not every day that's not very convincing how many days this past week have you gotten up on time that's it's a secret I knew it come on at least give me the benefit of the doubt I can't even do that look sorry it's written all over you yeah Sarah glances around herself how is it written all over me you were clearly in a rush this morning look your hair is sticking out all around here I run my fingertips down the side I see auras hair trying to straighten it out man you really need a brush for this my hair is just really hard to get right I won't fall for that there's more than just your hair look your bow isn't even straight either and there's toothpaste State on your collar right here I try to wipe off the stain with my fingers but nobody would ever notice that of course they would nobody's gonna tell you about it because they don't want to embarrass you fortunately I don't really care about that hey you meanie and you don't even keep your blazer button up seriously sorry why do you think you don't have a boyfriend yet that's messed up that's super mean sorry but you'll thank me later I start to button her blazer from the bottom once you see how much better it looks you'll change your mind oh geez oh my gosh alright here we go hey this is so funny what is well I was just thinking how weird it is to have a friend who does these kind of things well don't say that you'll make me feel weird about it stupid it's okay though I'm happy we're like this aren't you uh-huh I guess hey be careful the button might come off oh we don't want that happening now do we why is this one so hard to close I struggled to fully close the button near her chest cuz then boobies does this thing even fit you properly hey it did when I bought it if you ever buttoned it you would have noticed sooner that it doesn't fit you anymore what are you smiling about it means my boobs got bigger again don't see that out loud anyway you look much better now so why does it feel strange to see Sierras blazer button up like that but it's so stuffy oh it's not worth it at all sorry hey Singh Lee I'm buns your blazer once more yeah that's so much better Theory puts her arms out and twirls around so if I keep it unbuttoned then I won't get a boyfriend right what could watch ik is that why are you saying that like it's a good thing because if I had a boyfriend then he wouldn't ever let you do things like this and you take care of me better than anyone else would anyway so that's why I keep it on buttons stop saying all these embarrassing things hey I didn't say embarrassing anything embarrassing geez well anyway just focus on trying to wake up a little earlier only if you focus on going to bed earlier fine fine it's a deal hey I guess we really are better at taking care of each other than we are at taking care of ourselves yeah I guess so huh so maybe you should come with me up in the morning oh you're doing it again sorry but I was joking that time man it's impossible to tell with you sometimes okay everyone hey Monica suddenly calls out why don't we share the poems we wrote now yay cup quick I can't wait to read yours yeah same I fail to sound enthusiastic but series still trots away to repeat for fun who should I shout my poem with first okay we're just gonna do I'm gonna do let's do Monica first to Monica first hi again cupcake how's the writing going all right I guess I'll take that as long as it's not going bad I'm happy that you're applying yourself maybe soon you'll come up with a masterpiece huh I wouldn't count on that you never know want to share what you wrote for today sure here you go I give my poem to Monica hmm all right I like this one it makes me think of something see area would like Oh spreading the love you know is that so you and CRE are really good friends right I wouldn't be surprised if you had those sort of things in common well we made me good friends but Sierra and I are actually really different hmm well that may be the case but maybe there are also some similarities that you wouldn't expect the way she talks about you it sounds like the two of you really care about each other's well-being even if you show it in different ways it ends up being more similar than you think so I think that's the kind of vibe I get when you're reading your poem hmm you sure you're not reading into this too much haha I could be oh gosh I sound like Yuri but in any case serious writing has kind of a gentle feel to it I can tell that she liked exploring emotions like happiness and sadness who knew that someone so happy would enjoy sad things too yeah that's totally unexpected well to each their own and you shouldn't be afraid to experiment a little bit either got anyway you want to read my poem now I like the way this one turned out so I hope you do too alright let's take a look save me oh no hopefully this is not a load me oh my gosh okay all right let's through this save me the colors they won't stop bright beautiful colors flashing expanding piercing red green blue an endless cacophony of meaningless noise the noise it won't stop violent grading waveforms squeaking screeching piercing sine cosine tangent like playing a chalkboard on a turntable like playing a vinyl on a pizza crust an endless poem of meaningless load me hmm it's even more abstract than your last one huh huh huh I guess it's just the way I write I'm sorry if you don't like it no I never said that it's just a kind of thing I've never really seen before I guess I kind of like playing with my space on the paper choosing where and how to space your words can totally change the mood of the poem it's almost like magic the way I read the lines really sure it makes it feel like they're trying to speak over the noise I see it's still hard for me to tell what it's about though sometimes asking what a poem is about isn't the right question a poem can be an abstract as a physical expression of a feeling or a conversation with the reader hmm okay so putting it that way not every poem is about something anyway here's Monica's writing tip of the day sometimes you'll find yourself facing a difficult decision when that happens don't forget to save your game save your game what you never know when you might change your mind or when something unexpected may happen wait is this tip even about writing I don't know I'm gonna save it now I'm gonna save it yeah good call what am I even talking about ah ha ha that's my advice for today thanks for listening what is happening okay let's go to C or E cuz she said Sarah would like this oh my goodness this is so good cupcake oh I love it especially after yesterday's poem uh you're too honest sometimes sorry no but really I want to put this on my wall can i sorry you must be seriously overreacting I'm not a good writer at all I honestly have no idea what I'm doing well maybe that's why because I have no idea what I like either ha ha ha jeez I'm sure your his opinion has to be a little more constructive than this maybe even not Sookie's are you sure you don't like it because I wrote it well I'm sure that's part of it I think I understand you better than a lot of other people you know so when I read your poem it's not just a poem it's a cupcake poem and that makes it feel extra special like I can feel your feelings in it Siri hugs the sheet against your chest you're so weird say Laurie hey well I'm not very good at figuring out if the poems are good or bad but that's why I just got go to my heart by my heart if it makes me feel things then it must be a good poem I'm not sure that's exactly how it works then again I guess conveying feelings is a pretty important part of this whole thing I agree yeah maybe honestly I don't even know what kind of writing you like in the first place yeah me neither uh why don't you at least try giving it some thought oh you want me to write something for me that's so sweet Yeah right but you're always thinking about other people you need to think about yourself once in a while if you don't you might end up getting hurt at some point oh I don't really know what you mean but I'll try to keep it in mind well whatever anyway let's see hmm I guess I like happy poems wait sometimes I like sad poems too sometimes a little bit of both there's a world a word for that right what's the word I'm looking for bittersweet yeah I like things that are happy and things that are sad happy and sad I can't see you liking something sad sorry well I like happy the most but sometimes when you have a little rain cloud Odin your head a sad poem can help give the rain cloud a little and make a nice happy rainbow sorry that's unexpectedly poetic it is maybe I'm getting better at expressing my feelings after all thanks cupcake I should go write that down then you can read my poem now okay all right bottles there's a long one okay there we go what's oh Jesus first line I pop off my scalp like a lid of a cookie jar it's the secret place where I keep all my dreams little balls of sunshine all rubbing together like a bundle of kittens I reach inside with my thumb and forefinger and pluck one out it's warm and tingly but there's no time to waste I put it in a bottle to keep it safe and I put the bottle on the shelf with all the other bottles happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts and bottles all in a row my collection makes me lots of friends each bottle of star lights who make amends sometimes my friends feel a certain way down comes a bottle to save the day night after night more dreams friend after friend more bottles deeper and deeper my fingers go like exploring a dark cave discovering the secrets hiding in the nexif and crannies digging and digging scraping and scraping I blow dust off my bottle caps it doesn't feel like time elapsed my empty shelf could have used some more my friends look through my locked front door finally all done I open up and in come my friends and they come in such a hurry do they want my bottles that much I frantically pull them from the Shelf one after the other holding them out to each and every friend each and every bottle but every time I let one go it shatters against the towel between my feet happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts in shards all over the floor they were supposed to be for my friends my friends who aren't smiling they're all shouting pleading something but all I hear is at echo echo echo inside my head what the hell what is happening holy crap sorry did you really write this of course I did didn't I tell you yesterday I was gonna write the best poem ever yeah but I mean I didn't expect something like this coming from you Monica taught me a whole lot and I've been really in touch with my feelings recently I see that it's almost kind of creepy creepy well not exactly maybe because I'm used to you being cheerful well nevermind I'm thinking too hard about it the point is it came out good so you should be proud of it oh thanks I feel like I was meant to express myself this way it even helps me understand my own feelings a little better writing is like magic you've gotten pretty passionate about this huh I hope you keep it up yeah writings the best I'm gonna keep reading until I die oh geez uh-huh don't get ahead of yourself sarah has always had a habit of getting obsessed with something before dropping it no more than a week later I wonder if this is one of those times but seeing the passion in her eyes makes it hard for me to be pessimistic okay let's save the game we're gonna save the game um I can feel the darkness creeping in very very dark but I'm honestly enjoying this game so far so I hope you guys are enjoying it as well I'm really curious to see where this goes like my mind is just running with ideas so we'll find out more in the next episode I hope you guys enjoyed if you did let me know leave a like and let me know if you guys are enjoying like the voice reading and like I don't know I love poetry and reading so it's a lot of fun to do yeah thank you guys so much for watching my name is cupcake and I will see you guys later bye peace

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  1. Me: does poem with the jumping chibi girls

    Me: chooses depression Sayori jumps

    Sayori: jumps on depression

  2. Is it just me or was monikas poem " hole in the wall" sound like the game like she was loiking to the outside of the screen and the player is a boy for the game looking at thr screen aka into the game 🤔🤔 or am i just weird

  3. "This is not suitable for children…" thinks to self about how I'm in 5th grade and also how it's only not for children who are easily disturbed Smiles like what my profile is named (a clever fox)

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