peace to the gods peace to the herbs and all of the righteous families of the planet I don't caught the man of the hour right here hey this brother right here is you know self-explanatory you know I'm saying you know at the end of the day you know is his name really needs no introduction you know one of my big brothers you know good brother right here you know introduce yourself brother he got look God let me welcome you great guy yes sir land that a righteous yes when in the homes of Islam in the wilderness of North America yes sir a special place to me because this is where I really was really able to teach a lot of Islam and learn a lot of Islam not coming to divine name or brother walk kill Allah today's mathematics is being born yes sir borders are bring into existence mentally as well as physically your soul is to be complete yes sir born in the alphabet is I mean I it's long I so the self man is God also Conway advocated for the same cause if slaw was our true way of life which leads us to our righteous and holy and original nation being the nation of this one which have no said birth when we are older than the Sun Moon and stars a Nation of Islam have no beginning no ended so I welcome to Great God no there's some special father centers that we also want to talk about today is because some of that is your son that I made peace to the man woman and child and all the right these families and the positive people on the planet Earth sir peace and blessings the Salah Mubarak compilation survive yes oh yeah brother yo I've been trying to catch up with you for a while you know I mean you know a few years ago not even a few years ago but about a decade ago I know you put out the book in the name of a law and it stirred a lot of controversy you know among the 5% groups or whatever you know in just over the years just talking to brothers and they like man you know I pulled out Rock Hill's book in the name of Allah in the brothers when they seen it it was like oh that's poison get rid of it though the way you know why do you think your book caused so much controversy and so much you know just over the years over the last 10 years within the 5% or the conscious community well for one the 5% is whenever you speak it on the 5% and we leave is a topic that many didn't enjoy you know what we looking at history being best qualified through what our research should be in the most attractive history has a magnetic as a nice drop right as we know and understand it's really poor scientist who was a law we had taught right history in advance right at the equal to circumference or the planet Earth the planet Earth being a home of this farm whenever you speak of history your impact in man woman child specifically if the five percentage but when the book first came out it really wasn't any controversy behind came out it was a anticipation if you will about it it was an excitement about it fun and the people that read and studied it really benefited because the book is it really my words God if anybody read the book in the name of Allah history found 14 X in the Fox and if I wanna buy into well they know that if very little narration in there everything is really specific exact quotes coming from brothers and sisters that was president so anybody got a problem with the history more than likely they got a problem with the father wrong they got a problem even with the the minister for a lot of the minister as released in there they got a problem asked for Mohammed most honorable logical harmony the father lost family you know rather than his sister to his mother to his children to his grandchildren's you know we got the firstborns in the air where his going to Mecca then later on the brothers are the pioneers of Medina now notice first Lawrence okay Medina got me needed different artists from the hip-hop community that was involved in the process so really was a Great Awakening I would think and it was something that was in my mind and heart oh wow to do and I just saw that nobody was doing it so I decided to do it but there's no coincidences in allows universe you know so I just stepped out god I stepped out when I didn't and I remain steadfast and it's gonna have consequences like the god or the eldest wanted me for not mentioning the elders and related history before elders but at the elders communicated to me that there will be some expectation around it being controversial because it's a controversial matter the consequences subject some when whoever manifested it who had to have enough wherewithal you will run Hegarty run and courage down on a square days to do it so you see I'm still here still and whether it be the government whether it be opposition whether it be some of our people that we miss form this educated misguided misdirected um really at the end of the day the reward is really with us for buying that history so many have benefited because it was never done before and I know that me being an original man there was controversial and some of our brothers had champion Caucasians to do it an apron thing pretty much it was kind of quitting the eggs in that basket if you will okay but you know you can never bet against a law of God so if you stand with a log are you gonna be successful which is why the wall to put that where's the wisdom on the flag between points also to be represented victory we have the victim now subject that's what we did you know and I say all praise due to Allah we say we did it because again very small amount of narration was in there who leaned into the subject I didn't history enjoyed he became for my brothers and sisters she will in the walkie talkies back at Madison it's often ever great for the today that's why I shouted them all out as many as I could yeah yeah I seen yeah a lot of shout outs he stuff within the book and you had a lot of rappers and you know for twenty man – Erica by dude a lot of people come down and you know come out and support you know I'm saying the book right you know when said it was a good book so that's why I you know today is too strange that you'd hear so many five percenters you know so core five percent right buddy see that guy yeah don't say mountain outside everything God but made that book controversial at the time we was putting together like the brothers from a law team run a lot of guys took issue with the term fiber citizens run so it was an offended even by the title we've done I mean it was offended that brothers before themselves father said I deal with that in an appendix of the first part but the way I got it it was always the fiber city it was always a fiber sedation it was all the fiber settings from it it's much but they show you how much influence the wisdom was supreme wisdom gotta the lessons of what the father manifested the fact that there was many that was in opposition to the term five percent and even a teaching which is 120 left the fact that we've stood on the square and today it's caught on to such a high degree that you catching everybody now when the city father says that's one of the purposes about the book because I didn't want to see the father written out of history not I mean I don't want to see the five percent is written out history and it kind of hurt me to see God's speak against the concept of teaching about thing that was just something that I just couldn't accept doesn't mean God we wonder what he could have believed at the end of the day yeah yeah I was gonna say to like what the flag controversy that ties into that as well about weapons accepting or calling themselves 5% as his goals just saying there's something else or whatever the case right speak on that for a minute just a flag issue and controversial what I was part of the everything when the guards the brothers that they referred to the five percenters that's referred to as Muslims are today well it would have been more so than traditionalist right those who Donna teaching the culture its mom teaching the 22 points you know the flag every aspect of it right now the universal flag of Islam that these brothers had when the original universal flag of Islam given by a lot of fun run meaning a lot of father in a person to Clara 13 explain running people run exactly what I'm talking about some of these so his flag came under a lot of scrutiny he's a lot of brothers criticizing the loss flag they were saying anybody that flew the flag of the law they had issues and problems with one but again we had to stand true to decree that he laid down run so and then the brothers had an issue with the crescent moon arrival the brother said okay that was the big thing and what we did was we wrote a degree call the universal flag controversy okay this time God you could wear a loss flag you know without really going through an issue with runners because brothers felt that we sham God came out later money respond to flag that did away with a law had manifested run when we saw the wisdom or what Allah had manifested so we wanted to keep it original we don't want to you know portal Pro grab from the original if you will we started teaching on all of the points of the flag we put that lesson out run brothers had responded to the lesson run unfortunately or to the article they responded to it they did some gravitation of the flag you know many brothers denied that a lot even had the original flag run so we brought out two points in 1967 uncle in a law school we brought out all kind of historical facts you know God we always bring all a lot of team down there goes to God you can think about oh yeah that's what they gonna bring to go bring in actual facts so even though there was a lot of opposition to the flag first brother that really came to our aid was first born Prince it was the first born to Mecca one of the first now boy Mecca because he recognized he bore witness even though at the time their law school there was a rocket with the original universal flag so it was kind of controversial right but firstborn Prince had cosign to fly and then other firstborns go sign the flag to the firstborn of Medina co-sign the flag then eventually people caught on they said you know they go respect the laws flag once again but we still maintain and we still hold fast to the universal flag of Islam in a tradition of the father even though there's a lot of people that disagree with that but that's the square we got a scared you know we got to defend him at the end today cuz he gave us life God so it's no oh you don't disrespect to anybody just a matter of you know we felt that the brother made a strong sacrifice right and it should be respected even in this symbol even though we're not necessarily religious we didn't really have issue with anybody not using the slide right you're gonna use that the flag if you wanted to we'd have had issue with brothers trying to do away with what Allah manifests wrong and that was just unacceptable for us maybe we were kind of crew and our buildings we had to defend it right so we created some kind of animosity along the way but even with that like anybody who brings two five percenters yeah finally somebody they don't embrace the loss flag today that's a no other work that was done by five or six you know who was in the Corps today so like like with the with the whole you know Muslim guard thing you know I mean I want you to build on that real quick because a lot of people you know they like you know yeah it was the leader of the that's you know with the term as it relates to five cities right one God brothers they go back to the beginning gotta go back to the 60s well we're with the pharmacy nation understand when the father came out he said he went to come he want to teach the brothers and sisters that was out on the street right know as you teach whether sisters have a lot of brothers this is out the street you got to teach him degree by degree so he arrangement degree by degree was that it was still different characteristics of what they would call a dead world were that many of us had embraced no election young master smokey you know they drink in the gambling mmm the drug in you know it is what it is but there always was a small group of brothers you know in sisters that the father taught and taught them to aspire to not deal with idiot they were more for culture every fireman right right they were they would be more like the Orthodox kind if you were right yeah but it was ironic because like when you're dealing with peer pressure you had young brothers right so a young brother everybody was smoking weed which inequality by you know sniffing cocaine is what it is it's called it understanding run and so you had younger brothers that didn't want to touch it right static mean outside but ain't touching none of it right so the peers with cheese dough you know to mean they'll be like oh wait you must be a Muslim was like a Black Muslim one inaudible eyes on it Murli it's like a smoked chocolate rain you ain't trying to participate in like juvenile things run routines with indulge it run back in the day now with this a normal seat run anybody coming up you know when you're a young person we're going to experiment like that but you had a small group level that didn't experiment like that and it was teased and referred to us busing gone yeah that's that's pretty much the history that I got as well it first started off just as a joke or just you know oh your brother's trying to be self-righteous so self right and so oh y'all don't want to drink no more you can't smoke no more act like one of most Muslims so yeah that's what I heard but like also as mine like 'no told me you know and as many other muslim guards you know who i speak to after reading in the messengers books and seeing the name the messenger put the name muslim god just in that order you know what I'm saying brothers eventually just took to the name and said you know I'm a homeless right right yeah and I was gonna actually that just a minute ago when you mentioned firstborn Prince like I don't think he would have been opposed to the name Muslim God or someone calling him a Muslim guard well you know it was dope with that like first of all Chris got a Leslie called Los Alamos so lesson number three now remember when he gave it to me he was fun in law school okay and in that degree you know he says what is a Muslim and he manifests that a Muslim was a righteous person okay you know one of these when I was living out the coachmen what a will of Allah run and that's the definition given to us in the knowledge itself aka the supreme wisdom given to us by Alana Christ in Tabasco Muhammad the most honorable eyes Muhammad and the father either taught of like that so that's all that admits you know to me many of us that came into the 5s and asian-inspired to be was so we have the Muslim names wrong act when the father met the first boy they all considered himself to be muscle mmm a lot ain't give them their names the firstborn of Mecca write a lot and give them then nobody had a minute okay so Kareem name with that you know black beside before you met the father run as was al Jabar being Prince burn I was nineteen who became bish me a lot you know your whole rule I know all those brothers you know ouch mill so they all had righteous Muslim name running long before the Memphis father that's what we aspire to be and the precursor to the firstborn with the Harlem sticks right so you know the the effect that the Muslims have had on us was undeniable when the father said that quarter-turn you know the tradition dad they'll be brothers and sisters who would join the temple right come on for why run an mg team run to live that out they would have a job in there they were having a job here but the reason why there's opposition against righteous gods move in a cypher whether it's the Fox Nation or whether we have any street organizations and even you know cultural organizations oh yeah among anytime you aspire to live in accordance with the conduct not according to knowledge itself there's really no pressure no pressure you know in the conversation of the colonizer well you're gonna have people that's young young trainees gonna have people that's gonna challenge that toady so that's why you have I think opposition as relates to their brothers other than by bison nation my ways whether they five us a nation a nation a a smile that's why you have issues runs when brothers take issue in quote-unquote a Muslim job and it is like an exclusive term has come to being exclusive turn but it really is not supposed to be exactly that kind of a guy normally you say Muslim guy you already know right this is one that's living by the cold in conduct when word is born upon his life we will get it like before he works himself none of me basically these submit you live out the will you not i mean they submitting to live that out and word is bond and bond is life they can't necessarily really break away from those laws really justified yo brother we definitely got to get together and do some more bills man i got to catch up with the good the elder god a llama llama shoutout to the soil food but all grades due to a loss we're doing water the brothers and sisters we're doing a biopsy nation a lost five percent nation to gaza nurse you know whatever aspect which what you want to refer to it as school thoughts right so the brothers are congregating right now we just got here doing the work of the community in discrete means we got some people that's for being a institutions got some people that's gonna be out on the street you won't see the community gardens all the way live yeah you're loving it a feeling yes sir any more on like future broadcast radio broadcast anything we can look out for indeed well you know I got the broadcast deal away as a relates to this subject understanding running five centers Radio Network show then we have still history alienation Islam in a wire series run that was still do it they were gonna start doing videos god I really ever do no videos my a like you know dr. Wesley Mohammed more so you see him manifest in the videos one of the most high-powered brothers we can ever think of in the history in a wilderness in North America yes sir I'll be lovely leader teaching guide Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan whenever you are the man like that you getting to find God it's like that yeah you're gonna be a star like I'm running and all of us in the Nation of Islam would be stars none of me radiating that she was God for the five points twenty John Howard II definitely brother man yo has been a pleasure like I said catching up with you you know yeah yeah hey you know like I said we all just trying to do our thing man trying to keep the father's work alive and it's like I tell people all the time I think the Muslim gods we had the ones that you know the father you know seeing down the wheels of time who would you know eventually take his his teachings and his is is uh is his example if you will you don't I'm saying and bring it to fruition a lot of people hit me up they always ask you how did he become run and always save that's something necessary that you go sign up or the registration there's nothing like that well it didn't used to be a righteous God that's all I mean what runs you're right just limit it out your proper sermon at the end of the day you're in the Nation of Islam right that's it that's really that's the best way I could explain it cuz so many people do oh you're Muslim go okay so when your Parliament is okay when y'all show improved OB we are we are school they don't understand what they have really belongs to us welcomed righteous God mommy always welcome there yeah you not I mean it just that's what this is supposed to be even though brothers don't say it anymore with back in the day when I got a knowledge of the FAFSA nation it's offset y'all you righteous yeah you're right sister because I right yeah know that you have 1983 that was back in the eighties I remember whenever I got knowledge yourself I used to hear brothers say that like I said you got knowledge and somebody right tried oh you got a trunk oh no you right you all right yeah jammed I wrote an article and son of man you know with that what a lot yes sorry you know being Muslim Indian writers how hard it is wanna be a Muslim to be a righteous you know without knuckleheads going on the world know the meaning when you look at that word knucklehead its high power God Father had a great way of communicating I was the father's own words yeah thing is everybody this room for everybody everybody's not gonna be for local Muslim right you know what I mean everybody's not gonna necessarily be that nd more the country degrees to it but we that by nature right that's what a lot of manifest not I mean you righteous righteous by nature yeah you gotta by nature you're righteous God by nature what's enough but we're not trying to be elite we're not trying to be exclusive you know Bob sinners we Muslims right it's like everyone else else the 60-degree no wonder 14 right that's our definition right but yeah man definitely man we gonna get together you know we gonna definitely do some more future bills we're gonna link with the other gods in sha allah you know and definitely get this thing going man you know we got a lot of work to do man the babies the babies neither you know the lost found is out here they need it you know indefinitely brother yo that book you know I tell newborns that all the time man this is a book y'all should be reading after the message to the black man and all of the messengers books brother walk heals book man in the name of a law because in my view I've always said it's the most comprehensive study you know course for any newborn or new student coming into branches of the five percent nation as well as you know deity the neck is true and and and and your Dabu Shaheed fathered you right now that's poking out of me all of the elders to me cuz I notice Abu Shah he gives the most slack as well from a lot of the you know some of the for having some enemies God the only thing we we're not gonna compromise real quick about Abu Shaheed getting exiled into peel on or something like that I hear God's talking about and you know for the exiled father just in closing just touch on that real quick ya know he was never exiled anything like that um when a law in shy he left the temple of Islam mass number seven Monday Minister Malcolm X you know other the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad mmm they started giving names into the burrows know who the first name that he gave was the Harlem was Mecca know cannot I mean and that's why Allah is right with his family we mother door due to a lot of what the father is in the mouth of himself mmm but um so the father was in Mecca in the second brother of a nation whose Abu Shah he won't be lived in the Bronx okay and he called the Bronx P lon okay the thing is the knowledge they ain't go from Mecca to Medina that knowledge before Mecca to peel off a lot of people don't know that and up in Pilar you had our book Shahi we had first more terrain movers fatherhood worth more bismillah no first boyfriend's money in an operon Salaam as well treating my speed Akbar miss Allah with true physical brothers well they will go up to the Bronx well um and they was up there teaching they were partnered without Boosh I eat as well as Sheheen's wife who was just a comment who was the first earth ok so the first earth also lived in pilaf mo but they called the peel on because they had a rough time rung up and peel on teaching a very rough time only appeal on its moon out of me so it was very hard but in knowledge it take me dead wrong with the father called the peel on ok after you know you look at the winds of God that we were lost almost elicited number two I John of Patmos right and he was the companion you know to the Father for the father in a Shahi he gave me that name he was an extra and I hear things about Shaheed I am trying to vilify the first na boy wrong with all due respect God and I don't mean it's disrespectful to anybody out there that whole just you but I got to see it cuz I gotta represent for them but if anybody vilifying the elders are the first time for God didn't go to hell cause I'm concerned because these brothers made such a huge sacrifice right well you even questioned these individuals I don't care what kind of folks what working daddy want to fall fine and this is that this one you know like I said see that's what's what we this was to go this was a gamble do whatever so therefore you know God they can't be racist and that's that's the irony when the brothers that wasn't doing that quote run runs runs had a problem with that so you're damned if you do you're damned if you don't you wanna telephotos you don't do it Dean what a vilify those who indulge in it but you know God can add the history of it all these things had to happen and the way I was taught by the healthy nation Islam was that you know when a baby is first manifested like it says that I believe is surah 96 in the Holy Quran mmm the clock well you know the clock is you know cloud of blood one very ignore thing when you look at it we're gonna mean what Allah manifests himself from that triple stage darkness from that clock and manifests the most perfect of all forms an arm leg leg arm hey it's me man being a lot of black man woman and child and so that's the development the growth and development NASA would take place so brothers that go back in time and then when the pointing fingers at the elders or the first boss and they want to undermine them give them a platform that's emphatically now excited because we should always be grateful to the Pioneers ya don't wanna be Nation of Islam whether it be the father centers that's why I wrote that book none of me because I always did it gratitude to them well you overdid it gratitude yes all people should be found being thankful for Shahi more the door for a lot of father old man justice for you because the Queen Carmen but if the first earth we don't mala on down you know the mean God and even if the first balls of Athena Lawrence balls of pilaf Oh God we thankful you know ratchet we thankful today we should be so ever you turn to be thankful so you would never hear me saying a bad word about this yeah you know I mean God because just in time for them I wouldn't be a god even Satan little stuff I'm saying right now yeah yeah we definitely appreciate you brother and we want you to keep on doing the good work you know you and dr. Wesley you know y'all are really you know made an impact and yeah yes sir yes sir I'm striving to be like you brothers you know I'm saying you know so with that being said you know this is brother Fahim they son to God here with you know the great God why kill a law saying peace CC speeds bless the nation be city Nation of Islam while they come Salam space

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