1. OK so the police need to sneak into thier hotel room tell the maid to let them in while thier out and put a recorder in thier room think yeah it's illegal but what thier doing is illegal to

  2. She needs to be extradited back to Idaho. And be pressured to bring these kids home already. They said that Lori was saying that doomsday is in five months. She figured let me do something to them so that they won’t suffer when doomsday comes. She probably gave them something to drink and poison them. And then hid there body somewhere along the road. Like the reporter said if ur driving somewhere far for hours. There are a lot of possibilities to dump a body.

  3. If these folks were anything but white, they would have been resisting arrest and in orange jump suits 3 months ago. The fact that the cops haven’t done anything makes a lot of people think that they are in on it too. Corrupt cops aren’t a myth.

  4. It doesn't sound as if anyone is too concerned about the whereabouts of these 2 kids! Not the mother, stepdad, OR the reporters or law enforcement.

  5. Why Didnt the police Rexburg? when they found that storage locker video,why didn't they bring in cadaver dogs to alert for dead body's. W H Y??????

  6. I swear the way he was holding the duffel bag it looked like a child was inside..still don't understand why they rvnot being arrested?#?

  7. This is very sad and very sick. I'm hoping the kids are somewere with loads of food and water and clothing and a roof over there heads. But on the other side this is way to long. I have a funny feeling they may have killed them not leaving a blood trace. Then drove over some bridge. And after midnight when every thing is dead. They dumped them over probably stuck some sorta weight in what ever contraption they used. So they could sink and there some were in the bottom of the ocean. Or they died there hair so they aren't recognizable and put them in a boarding school were no one would think to check records or they black market sold them to some sick twisted human trafficking. So sad and I really hope the authority's get a wack in there heads and decide to arrest them with no bond 300 to life years in prison. Attempt of court. Some kind of child endangerment charge with how ever many counts of murder in the books. Please find them soon so peace can be rested. So sad

  8. I will never understand our system! The kids went missing 4 months ago, multiple recent deaths surroundings them and there strolling on the beach in Hawaii?

  9. LOVE YOU KEITH!! You make Dateline my absolute favorite show! This case is by far the nuttiest ever profiled. The FBI needs to take it over completely and arrest these two. They shouldn’t be free just because they hid the kids bodies so well. They obviously dismembered them and put them in tubs. Probably burned them and they won’t ever be found. The local police and prosecutors are a joke.

  10. They are dangerous and think the world is ending. How many more people have to die before they are arrested? They have nothing to lose and could go on a mass shooting or kill more relatives! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Why can't these two people be arrested and charged on all the circumstantial evidence? So much evidence. Others have been arrested, charged and convicted with circumstantial evidence like this and with no deceased body ever found. I do not understand this. So what they are saying is that I can make my kids disappear then go on my way living life with no consequences???!! If it were me, I'd be arrested on site ASAP. So, what kind of foolery is this??? Two kids are missing for Gods sakes. Innocent children. Im very passionate about the wellbeing of any child. Its horrible how heartless some people can be. They have given nothing but lies of the children's whereabouts. Arrest them already. What's the hold up? SMH!!

  12. i think they hide the children in some underground shelter. like all the crazy people who believe dooms day they all prepare a shelter for themselves.

  13. Sad and disgusting….
    Over 800,000 of people have been reported missing all across the country.
    Can you say, your kids, as well as yourself will never be abducted by a stranger, an acquaintance, a friend or a family member?
    No one should ever have to protect themselves every time a stranger walks by or ride by, for fear of being abducted, even though we must.
    Abductors appear to look normal and be friendly, until you the innocence victim is capture.
    They then, will change from what they appeared to be to an evil individual, who will do great harm to you.
    Beware of your surroundings. Keep a close eye on your little ones.
    Keep in mind, time is of the essence in finding missing people of all ages.
    Remember the missing people.

    Watch the video @


    The Shortcut…Share…

  14. Those kids are in a safe place ! She is the mother and is attacking her in-laws! She is telling the world mind your fucking business ! I bet she already proved they are ok . Her son said she loves her kids to death ! I don’t think she hurt them and is not answering until she absolutely has too ! She lost a lot of money she is angry I know the feeling ! Basically saying mind your business. How would a very loving mom get married and wack her kids ! Why store their things . She is calm ! She is hot as fuck if I was the husband I would hide out in a room with her day and night ! She can make it all go away and even has a lawyer ! I think this is payback to the in-laws ! Sometimes in-laws don’t know there place !

  15. "Tonight on Dateline we tell you….that we dont have any information. That we seen them in Hawaii and…got no information." What a fucking lame episode.

  16. According to the Mormon cult, children are considered as property, not as people. Child molestation is quite prevalent but "hush hushed" in that blasphemous cult.

  17. Missing kids? Sorry if I sound like a jerk, but those kids are dead. 🙁 We know they are and that those parents did those killings. A person with common sense knows that. Hell, having a parent say "no comment" is a big obvious hint they don't care.

  18. I don't see why this is complex…I can't believe that the FBI or some law enforcement can't make these ppl produce these children or jail their ass**.. Those precious babies are most likely not alive.. So so sad! How are these two walking free and enjoying life??? You know if those kids were alive they would have produced some proof of Life!

  19. Cant they see on car GPS where they have went ..maybe out in the woods or mountains to bury the kids. The last thing they carried out looked like a body

  20. I would be willing to accept the fact that Chad didn't do it. But Lori knows way, way more than she will ever tell. And Chad has to know something. Were the kids even seen in Idaho? Or are they in a shallow grave in Arizona? My theory is that Uncle Alex disposed of them somewhere, either Idaho or Arizona. Then Alex had to go, because he quite literally knew where the bodies were buried. It's entirely possible Lori has no idea where the kids are, but I'd bet money she knows what happened to them.

  21. Ya ok the world going to end,maybe for her and her husband,STILL DONT GET WHY THERE STILL FREE AND KIDS ARE STILL NO WARE TO BE FOUND,BUT THEY GO TO BEACH AND CHURCH,I BET THERE GOING TO FLEE TO MEXICO THEN WHAT THIS IS BULLSHIT, I pray that jj was not in that bin he took out that day in video

  22. I missed the episode.

    What I need attorneys to explain to me is why these two have not been arrested?

  23. The Mormons of Idaho need to stop protecting Chad Daybell and Lori
    Daybell, these two need to be arrested immediately. If this happened
    anywhere else in the USA where the Mormon community did not have a huge
    influence on all of the police and judicial system these two suspects
    would have been arrested immediately. The Dateline tv show special
    showed clearly all the evidence against them, and it looks certain that
    Chad Daybell first tried to have Alex Cox kill his wife, and when that
    did not work he smothered her in her sleep. God Bless the Mormons, but
    they need to admit that Chad Daybell killed his wife and Lori Daybell
    abandoned/disappeared her children, and arrest them, they are dangerous
    fugitives as far as I am concerned, they could easily kill again, they
    also think the world is going to end in July 2020 so what is going to
    stop them from killing again if it suits their purposes. It has already
    been proven that no autopsy was initially ordered on Chad Daybell's
    wife's suspicious death because the mormon police officers and mormon
    coroner of the county knew Chad from the Mormon community and gave him a
    free pass and did not order an autopsy because of his standing in the
    Mormon church community, so this could be the reason that Idaho law
    enforcement refuses to issue an arrest warrant for these two, Lori
    already violated a court order to produce the children by January 30th
    and they still have not arrested her.

  24. The sand dunes outside of rexburg, or the hundreds-thousands of miles of dry farms, are great places to hide things.

  25. Background check: https://drive.google.com/a/socialparagon.com/file/d/1–ozC8d19RoDr3okNVciY6Loq2auk66t/view?usp=drivesdk

  26. Why doesnt someone have cadaver dogs go over that storage unit? That bag that guy was lugging appeared rather heavy and unwieldy.

  27. The authorities need to act sooner than later and arrest Lori on child neglect , contempt of court. July is not that far away and they are probably planning to kill themselves, so if that happens then we will never have justice or know the whereabouts of children or have any justice for all the suspicious deaths linked to this couple.

  28. West Valley, Utah drug their feet, hoping to put together a solid case to arrest Josh Powell. He left their jurisdiction, moved to Washington, where he ended up hatcheting, then burning up his children. We should have learned a lesson here.

  29. The craziest ? Hmmm How about the story in Flordia. The elementary school Cali's the police on a 5 yo girl having a melt down (as 5yo will do) and the child is held in a mental institution for 48 HOURS. AND THE PARENTS ARE TOLD AFTER the little girl is taken from the school?
    Yet in this case the mom isn't hauled in to explain ignoring a court order. WTHeck

  30. If you enjoyed this. Then I have just launched a podcast called "The Watts Tapes" you will LOVE. it covers the 2018 murders that took place in Frederick, Colorado that takes a DEEP look into the theory that he had help, using over 20 hours of police footage, interviews and speaking with people close to the case. Subscribe now, first episode launched Feb 14th.

  31. Lori Vallow reminds me of the main character in the 1991 movie, "The Rapture" starring Mimi Rogers. She plays a religious extremist who becomes unhinged. Her acting was phenomenal!

  32. It's not crazy. It's simple.
    Chad daybell is a cult leader.
    He convinced her they're both Gods and doing Gods work.
    They met a year before thier spouses deaths.
    During that year he filled her head with cult stuff. She believed it. She killed her husband, he killed his wife. Then get brother alex tried to cover for her killing him because she has children, claims self defense.
    Then she kills her brother because he knows too much.
    She kills kids because they witnessed the death of thier father and knew it was her.
    Note they are hiding out and cops have to build the case before they can arrest them.

  33. Meh, it’s only crazy cuz they don’t have to produce the kids. I mean people having dead spouses is nothing new, right? I mean mostly becuz people kill each other all the time. And when it’s a murder within a long and drawn out (full-grown adult) marriage, if it didn’t start as a marriage of convenience… then it took both the spouses to end up fucking each other over. The victim is never innocent and the accused, almost for sure, has lost their damn mind.

  34. Police make up charges to arrest folks and then BEAT CONFESSIONS out of them all the time!!! Why can’t they do that in this case??🤔🤔🤔

  35. All i can think of is bill haders impression of him @2:41 🤣.. its no laughing matter but just type in bill haader dateline

  36. This show only repeated what we already know.
    Whereas, it is meaningful, perhaps to get more
    people involved to search for the missing kids.
    Also, to pressure the authority to arrest the mom
    Did " Daylime " intended to do all of the above, perhaps not.
    As of 2/19 or 2/20, the crazy mom had been arrested.

  37. Wow, this is not serious brain washing and putting all these thoughts into people's heads, shame on u keith liarson! What a shameful person u are!

  38. I like Keith Morrison just as much as I like Robert Stack. Both those men have great voices and really know how to set the mood. Robert Stack R.I.P.

  39. Did you see the way Chad Daybell looked directly at the camera when they said there were people worried about the kids? 🤔🤔🤔

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