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  1. i feel like this was very money focused. like, if somebody has a deep passion for a career which does not make this much (say teaching, especially in the us) it kinda seems like they would be pushed out of that in favour of a higher paying job. i understand that they both want a certain kind of lifestyle which is find but idk. the woman had some high hopes. i too wish to make $480 grand a year but its not gonna happen.

  2. "People think I'm an airhead" also mispronounces every few words the whole video
    Also he's high asf in this video but both of them seem nice and chill.

  3. what the heck is the "African" accent? People need to stop believing that Africa is a country… do you know how many countries and different accents you can find in Africa? Like come on do better people

  4. 🤦🏽‍♂️there's no such thing as an African accent 🤦🏽‍♂️Africa has 60 country it's a continent not a country hai

  5. She is in Lala Land. Maybe she is thinking about rubbing a Bank. She is delusional. He maybe thinking about selling his own CANNABIS.

  6. Sooooo incompatible. His african accent with the chicken reference was too much for a first date. I don't think it was racist per se, but it made her feel uncomfortable, and it showed.
    When they started talking about money, he realized she had way higher expectations than what he can bring to the table. They are nice people, but so different on so many levels. Both are attractive, but there's no spark and I don't even think they might work as even friends.

  7. The way she pronounce entrepreneur sounded like interpreter 🤦🏻‍♀️

    20k a MONTH?! She’s dreaming. That’s a pretty hefty goal girl. Majority of Americans make under $4k a month

    And his accent and chicken comment was a JOKE literally said right beforehand that he loved joking about stereotypes

  8. $20k/month!!!! Is this a standard in the US. I know the salaries are higher than in the UK, but that seems like a crazy amount for normal people in the US to be earning loool. Everyone would be driving supercars

  9. WOW! African accent? Hooooooooooooooorrrrrrrible and ALSO there are 50+ countries on the CONTINENT of Africa soooooo #Nope

  10. on top of the fact this man is appropriating culture, he doing african accents and offering chicken to a Black woman?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?

  11. Being white is not at Nick white is the color is a white man as a color ethnic is where he comes from stupid…

  12. Ok… this coming from a Nigerian, which African country is THAT accent from cause… lol but that California accent was hilarious.

  13. She's African African likes money and they like a certain lifestyle there's no compromising with them when it comes to that

  14. No she's not she's not being completely honest I'm a woman I can tell she's not being completely honest she's all over the place she's a pleaser just to the point of getting what she wants honesty is limited to her point of view not feeling her for him

  15. I’m sorry, did he just say [in a TERRIBLE pseudo-African accent] “We can go and get some chicken”? Yeah. Done.

  16. I'm writing this comment just as he finished his horrible impersonation of an African accent. Talk about lack of self-awareness, the lady just told you she grew up in South Africa. BTW, Africa is a continent not a country.

  17. African accent? No such thing! Really stereotypical. It's like saying European accent…French, British, German etc
    Even within the various African countries, there's regional accents just like there are in the U.S…Texan, New York, Mid-West.

  18. I m surprised they hit it off. Dude looks like a pothead(I dont care what he says), and the girl looks like she is super high maintenance and too classy to Harry Pothead!

  19. $20k a month wow I would be ok if I make like maximum $40k a year and my partner makes same amount or little or more would be ok 4 me

  20. Super Gorgeous woman alert😍😍😍😍😍 éducation, classy, well spoken and African 😍☺. the guy is very basic

  21. The two of them are a match because they both are a mess smh she likes to impersonate a Cali valley girl accent but gonna say ppl always assuming that she's an airhead… I wonder why :/And then she can't pronounce entrepreneur properly yet her SA accent is not even strong sooo :/ Ppl assume that hes a pot head but says he uses it for both medical and recreational purposes :/ I can't with them lol

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