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– Dan you got the money, okay. – I got, yeah. I got a few bob, yeah. – Okay. You support Trump? You do? – Yep. – [Woman] Okay. – I was one of the first endorsers, public endorsers of President Trump. – [Woman] Okay, what are you guys gonna do when our ocean level rises? – Thank you for asking that question. – [Woman] No!
– I have the answer to that. – [Woman] No, let me finish! – I have the answer. – [Woman] Let me finish. – Well… thank you for the question. Yeah, okay. – [Woman] Now for the first time on Earth, we’re changing the gas. – No, you’re full of shit.
Sit down. I’m gonna– – [Woman] No! – I’m gonna answer you. – [Woman] Fuck you! – Shut up and sit down! – [Woman] No way! – Sit down! – [Woman] No! No, I’m gonna finish my question. – You ask and I’m gonna
answer global warming. – [Woman] I’m gonna
finish what I’m gonna say. – All right, finish the question. – [Woman] Our gas is changing on Earth. And it’s changing the
CO2. What do you people with the money, what are you
doing about this because I– – I’m gonna tell you right now! – [Woman] No! I’ve got children. I’ve got 21, 23-year-old children. And what’s their future
with you people with money? You talk about money all of the time. – Okay, okay, sit down
please. Sit down please. In the front row. – [Woman] What are you doing about Earth?! – Excuse me! In the front
row, please sit down. Okay you’ve asked your
question. Thank you very much. – Okay, I’m gonna answer. – Excuse me ma’am. Will
you please sit down? (applause) – And… – Thank you. That’s okay. Please sit down and let him answer. – Okay. In 2011, my wife
and I were in Antarctica, renewing our vows. For most
of you that don’t know, Antarctica is on a mountaintop. Okay? And there is a 500
million dollar facility, a scientific facility there
and the scientists came to give us presentations
about global warming. And they had cores of ice
that they had drilled. They had drilled 4-5000 cores and they only brought 15 or 20. So they’re going through
the 2nd or 3rd core and they said, “275,000 years
ago, this was the temperature. Blah blah blah blah blah.
And then, 55,000 years ago, the world was 2 degrees warmer,
Celsius, than it is today.” This is 2011. And wait stop, stop, stop! And he said, and I said, “Well
you mean the whole world?” And he says, “Yes.” And the poles are only benchmarks. And I said, “What about the things the young woman alluded to?” Okay? And he said, “It’s all cyclical.” And although the gas
may have exacerbated it, in the cosmos of time, it’s
not a fart in the wind. In the cosmos of time,
of the 13.8 billion years that we’ve been on this miserable planet, it’s not a fart in the wind.
And as I told Joe Rogan, on his show, and he said
in his infinite wisdom, and Joe if you hear this, I
thank you for the opportunity to be on your show. He
said, “Then in 25,000 years, it’s most likely not gonna be a problem.” Now my direct answer to your question, if that were really
true, would you believe? And let’s just, for a
moment, say that it is true. That means that the
best scenario vis-à-vis global warming is about
10 feet raise in water. That’s the best scenario
over the next 40, 50 years. That’s the best scenario. The worst scenario is about a 100 feet. But let’s just take the 10 feet. If the water on the planet
is gonna rise up 10 feet, that means the southern part
of the United States is gone. England is gone. Most of Europe is gone. And I can go-most of
Central America is gone. Okay. If that’s the case, let’s just take Florida for example, which is one of the fastest
growing condominium, beach-front condominiums on the planet. In the perspective, when you invest, there should be, in the footnotes, if global warming is for real,
they won’t put it that way, global warming happens
and water rises 10 feet, this investment you made is fuck all. (laughter) Not one single investment
prospectus written since 2000… this century,
has alluded to global warming. Not one motherfucker! If it were really true,
the banks wouldn’t invest! The banks wouldn’t finance! Not one motherfucking condominium! So the people that have the money, and I’m jealous of the
Vice President, Gore. Which Sal and I rode on a
plane from South America with a few years ago.
I am jealous he came up with the scam before I did. (laughter) Because the financial
institutions, the banks of this world know it’s not gonna happen! Otherwise, you couldn’t get a goddamn loan in London! You know those 30, 40-year mortgages? The world would be over by then! (laughter) Is Barclays Bank gonna give
you a motherfucking loan? With the greatest respect
ma’am, it’s the greatest fraud that’s been perpetrated
on mankind this century. (applause and cheers) – [Announcer] Continue watching this fascinating conversation for free by clicking on the link
below to visit our website. Learn from the best minds in the world and connect with a community
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and I’ll see you on the inside.

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  1. Global warming is a moral question to them. Atheistic morality is subjective, not objective. Argue on that level, dont let them preach morality as if its objective.

  2. So many people who complain about global blah blah do so because they themselves are incapable of making small changes in their own lives.

  3. For those of you who don't know, Antarctica is actually a continent. 😉

    Love it! How he starts out as if he had some superior knowledge because he spent a lot of money to travel to Antarctica, and now he "knows" that it's on a mountain top. My, oh, my.

    Maybe basic knowledge of geography would have been more helpful when it comes to understanding the difference between Antarctica and the South Pole and maybe basic knowledge of physics would have been more helpful when it comes to understanding climate change. Traveling to Antarctica clearly didn't help him with either.
    He thinks the lack of disclaimers is proof that climate change doesn't exist? What? When did anyone ever give disclaimers when they were not legally obligated to do so? Why would banks care if the properties they financed are underwater at some point in the future? They'll have made a lot of money from the loan already, plus still keep all remaining claims against the debtor ready to execute and seize other funds. Maybe ask insurance companies if they will insure your beach house in Miami against flooding. Now, that's a different story. Interestingly, they do believe that sea levels are rising and will continue to rise. In fact, Miami already experiences regular flooding. So, no. Nobody's particularly interested in providing insurance for that unless they charge enough that it may still be worth it.


  5. What a tremendously unpleasant fellow.
    Does he really think that most of the southern states are less than 10 feet above sea level, and that humans have existed for over 13 billion years?
    Not just rude, but ignorant too!

  6. This is a bunch horseshit arguments. Banks and real estate agents are now proof that climate change isn't real ?? Those motherfuckers wouldn't stop business if a meteor was about to hit them. What a fucking loon !

  7. 10ft in 40-50 years? Wew, where did he get that from, scientists say 10 feet is in 200-300 years if it continues like this. So banks still have time to reap the profits.

  8. on college campus when have these people……zip tie and fine for security costs, take degrees, delete reconds, and call in loans and keep until paid

  9. Been saying g this for years, people lie but money doesent I'm suprised banks aren't shelling out loans for boats instead.

  10. I go to share this video and was stopped by Captain Factcheck
    " Hey there Comrade,the I asked 4 scientist,and they all said the world was not 2 C warmer …
    Completely missing the mans fucking point…if the entire city of fucking London,Manhattan,ect is going to be under 10ft of water ..who the fuck is going to invest in development of in said areas.

  11. Another dumb ditz without a brain or a spine to put one on. . .absolute idiot. Sit down, shut up you empty, brainwashed tool.

  12. What the hell 🤔.. of course banks would loan money to a bad investment. Property especially.. the payments made until the property is gone is known as income 🤦‍♂️

  13. If she was that bothered about "Global Warming" maybe she shouldn't increase the carbon footprint by breeding kids that have no future anyway!

  14. Leftists are certain about 97% consensus.
    “One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision.”

  15. Cigarettes don't cause lung, mouth, etc. cancer either! Sit the fuck down and listen to the scientists we paid to lie about the figures… Nuclear energy is safe and waste disposal next to the lost city of Atlantis is also safe and stable too just ask the geothermal scientists we paid to say so… Should I continue? OK World economy and banks are a shell game of a fractional banking system. There is no gold standard anymore so the only way to keep this house of credit going is to perpetuate 100% confidence in something that doesn't exist… Banks are going to keep lending as confidence in the world banking system is the only thing that stops it from falling over. Global warming is the biggest threat to the world economy and the banking system since money was invented! Would you stop lending and admit it's all a frawd and that climate change is real or would keep the gravey training going as long as you could as most of these fat cats have very little time left on this planet and due to their chosen profession not much compassion for the rest of humanity…

  16. What an unpleasant fellow. And doesn't he know that his pal Trump is building a wall to protect his beach side golf courses in Scotland. Reason given, sea level rise caused by global warming.

  17. Does Brian share these same views as this billionaire guy? I'm just wondering because I'm watching the latest podcast with Dennis McKenna and they are both talking about how serious the situation is becoming.

  18. Greens are idiots because they want to save the world with ancient technology.
    Bicycles are technology from 1820 and electric cars from 1845.

  19. Global Schmoble Warming is a great big communist lie put forward by the Central Committee of The Communist Party based in Chicago. I use to in the Communist Party and know how they work.

  20. & melting ice caps…even IF they were melting at the lied about rates…doesn't raise sea level…there's a demonstration video out..using an example of ice melting in a container on water…since ice expands when it freezes~no rising whatsoever..& WHY do the global warming minions lie about & abuse the images of Polar Bears…They are doing better than ever in numbers~Why would they have to lie constantly? No surprise the KGB called them "The useful idiots of the American LEFT"

  21. Wow… She's cringe but let's be honest, the rich have destroyed the world and I dare anyone to prove me wrong.
    KEEP IN MIND that these are the same rich people that LIED to you and told you cigarettes were okay to smoke and tried to hide the evidence that they caused cancer, FOR YEARS. They invest in more than one thing…

    But okay… Let's listen to this one guy. Honestly, most of you in the comment section are morons.

  22. You guys realize this is all a charade right.
    Have some “Left wing nut” come in and lob him a softball
    What theatre for the low iq

  23. Of course they would still invest. They want money. They know fools like you will give them money. They exploit rich people you moron.

  24. What a ridiculous example to use. Why do banks give loans on waterfront properties in Florida if climate change was real? Why not ask why do banks give loans for properties in California with all their earthquakes?

    I cannot believe people ate that BS comparison up… Banks give loans on water front properties because they are in the business of making money. Does anyone think the bank cares if the property is under water .no they still get paid?

  25. I had this question for some time and Dan Pena’s answer was especially who I was looking forward to hear the answer from! (Imagining it)
    I didn’t expect this at all!
    Thank you – London Real)

  26. Yes, he is definitely a corrupt and extremely rude, foul mouthed sociopath. I can't believe Brian gives him a platform. Not so sure I want to watch any more of his videos now. People like that turn my stomach.

  27. You need you to give that speech to the dumb former president and current parliament speaker of Maldives Nasheed. That guys a huge pain in the ass for Maldivians with his environmental bullshit. Recently he was a suspect of the seaplane terminal mass corruption. 😂

  28. he maybe rigth but end of the day is all about money and greed, thats why noboby,even barclays bank dont think in global warming but the proffs are there in all countries is climate change,and wild fires,and extinction of species and bad quality air as well as processed food is making us all sick its the end of days believe it or not just keep on facebook and ignore every fact

  29. He is a man of fine morals, and his social behavior is of a high standard, while she is a dull hen without any means of etiquette, with socially unacceptable behavior, and her intelligence is below freezing.

  30. This guy is an ASS-Hat !
    He's also so STUPID he can't seem to comprehend that YES… Earth's temperature has always changed… over THOUSANDS OF YEARS !….. NOT within 100 or so as we are causing burning Fossil Fuels ?
    Just can't fix stupid !
    Australian accent… I hope his House burned down last month…. what a F*CKTARD !

  31. Liberals want us to think that they are some kind of special caring people and so well informed on science. They are the most easily brainwashed.

  32. The lady asking the question must be the mother of that special needs girl Gerda….on this subject. No wonder sounded lost…

  33. I'm really sick of loudmouth, overbearing, virtue-signaling SJW's. You can't even have a disagreement with them without them becoming so enraged that they begin to froth at the mouth and become violent.

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