Boyce Watkins from your black world and the black business school and it's raining and I'm here in Illinois and I just finished eating at chick-fil-a and I know chick-fil-a gets a lot of political flack don't at it you know for the fact that they're Christians some proud Christians but all things anything wrong with that first of all they serve good food they run a really they have a really well-run company like chick-fil-a can literally teach a class at Harvard Business School for how well they run their business in the second of all or lastly you know I've never had them push Christian messages on to me or threatened me for not being a Christian or tell me you know that they don't they won't serve people based on sexual orientation so I think honestly a lot of what people define as chick-fil-a discriminated against other people that's actually a cloak for the discrimination against Christians I think Christians I'm not even I don't even go to church like that my father was a pastor so I know about the Christian Church and the Christian tradition but I'm not a I'm not a big church-going Christian am I gonna lie but I had no discrimination when I see it and I think that you know it's some stuff just gets out of hand you know where you just not bein fair and everybody deserves freedom and you can fight for your freedom without trampling on the freedoms of other people and right now people are trying to take away the religious freedom of chick-fil-a or those who support them by calling them bigots and nasty names and stuff like that and the reason that becomes the issue is because well that's where Donald Trump to come from that's why you get Donald Trump's in office because if you go I gave a speech in Washington right and I asked and at the Washington State University wherever that school was and I asked him I said I think the University of Washington Tacoma I said how many of you voted for Donald Trump and out of maybe 200 people in the room only one or two hands went up I said so if only two of you out of 200 you know it's like 1% of you voted for Trump you know and I know it's a liberal I know it's a campus college campuses tend to be liberal but I mean do you think it's possible how is it that he got half the to support him and one lady yelled out the right answer she said people are ashamed to admit it people are scared to say they supported Trump and and I'm not a trump supporter but I thought that was kind of bad I don't like the idea of people oh sorry guys I don't like the idea of people being ashamed of who they hope for out of fear of persecution or out of fear being Mele mislabeled or being attacked I don't think that that's the world we want to live in so long story short you know I think you know particularly is a fine company and I support what they do and as long as they ain't trying to preach to me or tell me what my political beliefs are they have a right to give money to whoever they want I think they gave money to the Salvation Army and people gave them a big deal or gave them a big gave them a hard time because I gave money to the Salvation Army since when the fuck did it become you know did you become a bigot to like give money to South the Salvation Army and I really are you serious right now give me a break is this stupid so anyway hit the thumbs-up button please hit that thumbs up button that's really important when you come into the live stream always hit the thumbs up button first because that brings more people into the conversation we have intelligent black conversations here where we're not Democrat we're not Republican which is black all the time and our goal is black intelligence black power black economic power in black strength you know black excellence in every every regard not just you know not just the same Oh typical nonsense so anyway so here's what I was thinking about today don't ask me why I was thinking about it I just like random shit just pops into my brain and then when God guides me to talk about something I just talk about it so I was thinking about dj khaled right and I saw where Chris Rock who's my man as far as comedians gonna think he's excellent I don't know Chris I know his brother his brother I not Tony Rock it's another brother but he well I know him that says that he came to our movie set when we were making a movie in Brooklyn and anyway I respect their family I think he's very smart I respect his courage sometimes you know yeah it'll make a joke and get dragged for it you know but he just keeps coming back at it and that's how you win that's how you succeed you got to just keep going you know don't worry about what people say don't worry about the haters don't never let a hater kill your shine I mean never let just that's just it like if people if you don't kill your shine make sure you're the one making the decision don't let the hater make that decision like never let a hater kill your shine if you want to kill your shine and kill it because you're just you've decided that it's time to do the light don't let criticism slow you down you know that that stuff is bullshit is stupid you're gonna get more of it the more successful you are the more they will be people that would just say stuff just to see if they can get under your skin so that's this as much you sense but Chris Rock made a comment by DJ Khaled and basically he made the he gave the impression that he feels that dj khaled is really a guy that doesn't have any talent and he kind of free loads off of other people's talent and now I thought about that right I processed that and the reason I processed it is because deep down you know I I was you know sitting there you know and and I don't I have an issue with Calot to a point right and I had to figure out make sure I had to figure out if I was a hater like I wasn't sure I was like why do I have an issue with DJ Khaled why does why does DJ Khaled its existence in hip-hop bother me and and and here's what I came up with right with Carolyn what bothered me about Khaled is that he reminds me of a Kardashian or bland bland is in that category too he's a little bit like a Kardashian where you're like damn I know you're good at what you do but I don't really know what the fuck you do and I don't know exactly what you're good at you don't see like you must be good at something because you make so much money but what is your talent like Kim Kardashian nobody can figure out how Kim Kardashian became a relevant figure in American society no nobody figured I mean you know your suck Ray J's dick on tape I mean okay but there's a lot of women who do some gigs and they and they don't they don't get to be you know worth three hundred four hundred million dollars right so excuse my French I'm sorry it's a Saturday I shouldn't have said that the Chunnel uttama come on your own if you're okay with I hope you okay you know let me just tell you what I'm thinking so oh you made a sex tape and I I mean I think and I think that Kim even Kim knows this right Kim is smart though Kim is a smart she's a she might maybe you could say a smart marketer like ice marketer she's a smarter and the reason I say she's a smarter is because I know the brother who started by so and and the people who were part of that and one thing I knew I learned about car Kim Kardashian was she was very strategic and very business oriented when it came to marketing herself and making sure that she stayed on the tips of people's tongues that she was you know the subject of people's conversations if somebody called her a dirty raggedy ho she didn't get mad she just saw his business and would say okay well since they're calling me a dirty raggedy ho what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna issue my response on Tuesday and then you can run that and rub this picture of me in my bikini or whatever like she was real strategic about basically saying like I don't really care what people think about me as long as they don't call me broke as long as they don't call me leak you know as long as they don't call me like unsuccessful you know and so to some extent well that might be the first well might be one of the first ones to speak the obvious about a Kim Kardashian I'm also one of the first ones to advise you know everybody to pay attention like like people like that don't become that successful by act Kim Kardashian's not a stupid person I don't believe she's stupid now I also would DJ Khaled I don't believe he's stupid either I think Cal it super strategic super successful I don't believe he's super talented I just don't I think that Cal it as a black man you know I've always felt that black people you know that we've always been in the position of other people taking what we create and making it their own and becoming super famous from it even if they acknowledge idea we I took this from black people that's still ain't quite enough right now whose fault is that though that's the million dollar question is it is a callous fault they Cali could walk up in the game and put his name on everybody's record and become super famous and make 30 million a year or whatever he's making it ain't any really his fault you know I think the question becomes how do we process that you know because I do feel some kind of way when I see Cali you know kind of just literally getting success I like I know a lot of rappers I know a lot of talented rappers and I know someone challenging rappers and I'm the Challenger rappers many of them don't make anybody many of these very talented rappers can't pay the rent and and I think that I feel some kind of way when I see people who are extremely untalented or just ignorant you know like the me ghost amigos let me go still like children I saw these I'm stairs I saw these motherfuckers riding big wheels on a fucking Mountain Dew commercial you're a grown-ass man like you're somebody's daddy you're a grown-ass black man a grown-ass black man over the age of seven should not be riding a fucking big wheel on TV you know you you don't know your history because you don't understand that the goal of America has always been to keep the black man as a child so when you get on TV and you're riding a big wheel or a tricycle or whatever the hell they were riding like all you're doing is feeding into the image of the black man as ignorant sloppy leak and childish that's what you're doing that in fact I meant to even talk about that that dessert that's a special segment which have a special conversation about jism the the sheer culinary butter biscuit inist of the migos agreeing with these white people – as black men as grown-ass black men to get on TV riding big wheels let me ask me this yes or no give me a yes or no I need a yes or no from you guys have you ever read in recent memory seeing a white man on a TV commercial a respected white man riding a goddamn big wheel yes or no has anybody ever seen a white man in a commercial riding a monthly fuckin big wheel tell me I and have you have you seen the Asian man ride it I don't I was just what I gotta go I swear I kid you all night I I really what I'm saying this I really am questioning my own sanity because I'm wondering voice are you making this shit up maybe you saw this in a dream and you're repeating something you saw in a dream that wasn't real I need to go look somebody tell me can somebody confirm I need I need a confirmation please did anybody else see the commercial with amigos on the big wheel somebody say yes I saw it so that I will know that I'm not making this shit up that I'm not sitting here lying to you right now because I really feel like I'm not I feel like I'm not telling you the truth like I okay you saw right okay I'm just making sure because I'm just sitting here processing this I'm literally I'm not playing with you that I like I'm really reprocessing this for the first time and thinking did I really saw some grown black men riding big wheels and in that just I mean that's history man that's what we that's what they've always is done to you they've always wanted the black man to be a child you know that's you know so so hit the thumbs up button please please hit the thumbs up button so people can come into the livestream everybody take one second right now please hit the thumbs up button also we are on iTunes so iTunes and SoundCloud so if you want to get the podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud you can download it there just look for my name boys walk-ins also if you want to get notification when I go live I can send text notifications all the time because it cost a lot of money to do that but periodically if we do something important I'll send you a text so you can text the word voice two three one nine nine six takes voice to 31996 hit the thumbs up button please alright so dj khaled is he a culture vulture is he not I think that what we can probably maybe agree on is he has a right to do whatever he's going to do he's done something right to be able to earn money I'd be curious to know if there's a a Kim Kardashian bland TV effect where sometimes you'll see other people from other groups do something in our culture and make money in a way that they wouldn't be able to make that money they were black right like for example Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian notice Kardashian Vlad Khaled they're all ethnic people they're not all just straight a white their and their ethnic great oh you know Kardashian I don't know what their father's background is we he I don't think he's 100% Rob Kardashian I think I don't think Kardashian is an American or Americanized European name or anything like that but anyway you know Kim Kardashian got famous because she had sex with Ray J on video that would not work if she had been a black woman right if she'd been a black woman she'd just be she should be another ho you know if she were black woman she'd just be another porn star if she were a black woman you know did you know she'd be shamed by her family her children and grandchildren would have to live in embarrassment for all infamy because she chose to get on tape and do things that should be done in private right why do I know this will because montana fishburne the daughter of Laurence Fishburne who's on blackish she thought that she was gonna be the next Kim Kardashian y'all remember anybody remember that where basically she went to Kim and Kim was like oh yeah girl make a sex tape you'll be famous you'll be famous right away if you make a sex tape so montana fishburne you know she's an overachiever she made several sex tapes and it did not work she did not become famous he didn't become the next Kim Kardashian she became a porn star you know and that's what she became known for she became an embarrassment to her family you know and and I think that Montana regrets it I guess where I read somewhere about Montana saying that she would like to warn young girls not to do what she did and I agree I mean you know and I'm not I'm not even dissing anything but I feel bad for the poor child you you have a sex with 40 year old man who got 55 you know 50 shit sorry guys you fell you know you got these guys I got 55,000 diseases or whatever and you sleep with all these men like that's that does not end well that just doesn't end well and I feel very bad for her for getting bad advice you know and taking it but you know this will mistake a lot of eighteen-year-olds mistakes some mistakes you can fix some mistakes you can hold I'm trying to put this thing back on here there we go all right so long story short you know I think that Khalid I've wondered you know the Khalid plan model of sort of taking what black people are doing and monetizing that and marketing it and putting yourself in the middle of something that we've created in order to build an audience of your own I don't really know that model would work you know I've met the lad I've talked to blad on the phone Vlad is a very nice guy Vlad is a cool dude but you know if somebody were to say I think Vlad is a culture vulture I would probably say that Vlad is a person that has an amount of influence in black culture that is not particularly healthy or secure for those who care about protecting the culture right you know Vlad you know he owned his own on his video thing you know he'll interview you know one minute he'll interview you know like almost somebody like a dr. Cornel West type of person and then he'll interview a rapper from the 90s that'll talk about you know some some gang affiliated shit that might get him sent to prison or get somebody killed because he's fascinated with that he's he it's not real for him it's like it's like a hobby it's like a fun fascination you know and then the next minute he'll go interview you know two or three porn stars because he likes the interview porn star so I don't know I'm not gonna say blad that makes blad a bad person I think he has a right to have whatever interest he wants to have but I think that you know there are people that can influence the culture and then there are people that really care about the culture who are going to influence it with a type of integrity where they're gonna say okay I need to you know take responsibility for what I say might need to take responsibility for what I put out there I need to think about you know like where this thing is going you know other than just what's gonna be in my bank account after I'm done you know what I mean and that's that's probably the biggest issue so like with Kalin let's go back to Cali I think that with a Khaled I don't want him to feel bad like I don't know I don't know for dj khaled would even watch this video it doesn't matter if I talked to black people but sometimes on the people watch he shouldn't care what I think if I was him I wouldn't care I'd be like whatever shut up you stupid hater but I think they're for the people they care about the culture what I would probably say to them is that you know black people created this I think black people should be the first ones to make money from this I think that those who build distribution channels that allow them to mass-market black music or to make money from black music there's a danger there because those individuals don't care a whole lot about you know like how little black children are affected by the types of music that's out there so so let's say they catso a khaled what he's gonna do I'm speaking as a business person you don't know this but that's my area of expertise a khaled is gonna look and just see which rappers hide right a cow is gonna say okay you know little pump is high I know which which means that if I put my name on little pump song and we mark it little pump song then I'm gonna make more money that's all he's thinking about right you know whereas a black man like imagine if I was the person that if I was in catalyst position right not that I don't want to be I wouldn't I just look stupid doing what he does he does it better than me I would probably say low pump should not be out there at all because low pump mass promotes drug addiction to young people low pump is a threat to national security for the black community low pump is somebody that is doing him and people like him are doing worse things to the black community than and off Hitler did to the Jews why well because when your mass promoting the death and destruction of an entire group of people your mass promoting genocidal mindsets then you know you know you can actually kill a whole lot of people with it without actually squeezing the trigger without hurting anybody without doing anything physical you know marketing and messages are very powerful so when you have a rapper like a little pump or like a future in their mass marketing a drug addiction to young impressionable young people you're destroying the community because black people aren't destroyed we're not just destroyed by you know think about this there's no military tanks coming through the black community blowing up buildings and you know and whatever there's nothing that happened I mean you got the police police come through and they kill some black view but more black people are killed by other black people than by the police but that's just a fact doesn't mean I'm not trying to get into the whole black on black crime debate and although some people y'all can debate that if you want to what I'm saying is that you can't disagree with me that it's mentality that ends up harming black people more so than specific deliberate physical actions on behalf of others right you know I know what most brothers I know who've gone down have gone down due to something that was put in their mentality that affected their actions and their choices you know I remember talking to a brother who was talking about how he was trying to quit you know getting high all the time and I've started playing some music and it was like some old gangster rap type shit I forgot what it was and he said I don't want to listen today I said why not he said because when I listen to it makes me want to go get high again right so this D one talks about D one says when my friend got murdered he said well my homeboy got murdered said I know that in the car when they were listening to music in the car on their way to go kill my friend they wouldn't listen to no country music they wouldn't listen to no you know soft romantic songs they were listening to to hip-hop you know they were listening to hardcore gangsta rap you know like imma kill that nigga kill that nigga nigga nigga dad whatever right so I really think at the end of the day hip-hop is so powerful that you have to understand that there has to be a type of responsibility for those that control the direction of hip-hop and I believe that that responsibility should be put into the hands of those who have a connection to the community a concern about the community and an insight into how the music impacts the community so I don't think dj khaled is that guy I don't think he is that guy so let me see here I'm looking some of you come before I get out of here can we talk about your toxic agenda against black LGBTQ all shit we got one of those if your moderator kick people like that out of the three oh no you don't need to be here go to go to like a pride parade or something go hang out with some white liberals that's that's how you need to hang out with all right so let me see here dj khaled is more African than most of the people in this live Oldham LGBT is a money laundering scheme okay I always say low pump is a little punk yes he is DJ blast sounds black to me he must have gotten some advice about that yeah Vlad Vlad is not a bad guy I just think that there's something to say about that you need to trim and cut the hair out of your nostril seed people like when you say shit like that that shows when you ain't paying attention pay attention television my nostril hair has nothing to do with this conversation ma'am all right let me see or sir I don't know can't tell TJ guard as a man old woman I don't blame Khalid he did all he did was put himself in a position to make money and take advantage that's true a lot of people are you know they take advantage of black people but just because you take advantage of somebody who's vulnerable does not mean that you're you're innocent or you're not culpable for what you did right it's like if a man rapes a woman who's unconscious sure you could say something to her about being unconscious like u-pike shouldn't have done that if I should have kept your alertness about you buddy but he's still a rapist he's still a rapist you know just cause it was easy to get just because she you know was vulnerable that does not mean he's not a rapist so let's keep that in mind black go meet you gonna get you let me see Mike banana Benedetto he makes money with love I don't know that or heart under the means let's see mojo says I know right we need to be mentally stronger that's absolutely true there's something about dee dee dee Khaled this is David Val okay Jay why jmd beats us as black Americans need to get on artists like Eminem make him speak on racism please which I absolutely absolutely that I think that's a definitely an important point right you know y'all know what the saying like everybody want to be black until it's time to be black so to me it's like it's like if I buy a company and I own that company I gotta own the good end of it I gotta buy the assets and the liabilities at least that's what that can be demanding upon me that can be expected for me to do right so if you're gonna come into the black community and make money then you should be expected to give back to the black community financially politically socially and otherwise that is a I think that's something we can if you agree say yes let me know yes yes or no do you agree I think everybody who makes money off black people should be expected to give something back to black people so if Kelly goes and gives a commencement speech at the HBCU you need to contribute to the student loan repayment fund started by Robert Smith or whatever and help those young young people like get their lives moving if you hear about an incident that all black people are talking about your ass don't need to be silent that's what they do that's what that's one thing that they do that really did it does piss me off think about this notice like whenever some shit really goes down and black people are really all fired up about it none of these motherfuckers are anywhere to be found like damn nothing is they're totally quiet and to me that is a dividing line that shows if you if you're really down for the cause or if you just are you trying to make money when when times are good if you are you're trying to come out when the sun is shining and and hang out and get stuff out of the hoop in the sunshine and then fuck you you need to come by when it's raining you need to come by the hood when it's a motherfucking thunderstorm you need to come back when there's a blizzard wait we just got hit by a tornado you need to be part of the cleanup crew you need to be a part of the Hurricanes as quick as you are to be a part of the sunny days that I think is something that we can demand and expect so what do you think Khaled is a culture vulture or not I think that the measuring stick at the end of the day is this are you paying the black tax that's it are you paying the black tax you to any community on this earth and you make money from that community they will tax you if I go to China and I make a billion dollars in China the Chinese will expect me to pay taxes if I go to Little Italy and I set up shop in Little Italy and I'm sucking money out of the Italians asses like I'm just sucking money out of this community like it ain't nothing somebody's gonna knock on my door and say you've benefited quite well from our community you need to give something back so I think at the end of the day the question it must be asked of DJ Khaled Eminem anybody who is making money from an artform created by black people or anybody else law these record labels that are owned in Rome you'll run by White's Jews whoever else are you paying the black

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    Some of them will make ot thru.
    Thy r our half brother…….mmmm

  2. In an alternate reality, I think Khalid would sell pork and liquor to blacks from a corner store, but I could be wrong.

  3. Knowing the music game and having been schooled in the Quincy Jones Workshop back in the day. Here's a better questioned, why is it that so many Black artists are either paying him to produce their music and or, are standing in line to work with him? Why do black creative genius work and build white artists??

  4. So what is it called when we don't support our own culture? Yet we complain about others being culture vulture's.

  5. I thought this was about Khalid why are you dissing Amigos let them be a subject another time we can put the Black man down with no help from each other

  6. I like your channel Dr Boyce but why do you always sniffle after almost every word? I almost know when you are going to do it.

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  9. The amigos are 🤡 “s I never saw the commercial thank God and I hope I never see it but I believe you there are clowns everywhere they go ,Buck dancing that’s who they are I accidentally turned to a channel one time and saw them when I’m here and on 5 pounds of jewelry, gold teeth every finger cover with rings and tattoos I was ashamed of him,They may not ever see me but unfortunately I know who they are and they are an embarrassment

  10. Who is DJ Khaled I never heard any of his music and for nosy sake I listen to a little something it’s no big deal you can market yourselfBut don’t expect us to jump through hoops and lied to you and say that is good it’s not all that

  11. You are smart I’m trying to tell my friends it’s the music that’s influencing blacks too kill each other especially that nba young boy he’s a huge threat too the black community

  12. I worked for chic fil a…they are not Christians it’s used for marketing…they treat their employees different then the customers

  13. I think u should start interviewing celebrities because your business school ain't helping much! And I been tired of hearing Vlad all up in our kool-aid

  14. The are racist. They bought tshirts for their employees after a police killing of one of us. The shirt had words on it that says "Cops Lives Matters " so if they're not racist why would he have done that?


  16. The Kardashian's have Armenian backgrounds and were famous in the MTV reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashian's, before Ray J, Kanye, Lamar Odom and made names for themselves in the media, just go and check it out.

  17. Who gives a crap about rap.
    It's white folks money that finances it.
    Look at the insane behavior of some of are people.

  18. Thank you so much Dr. Watkins for talking about this topic! The short answer to your question is (((YES))), DJ Khaled is a culture vulture. But who's fault is it for allowing this. Us negroes. The guy is Palestinian for Christ sakes! What have they done for us lately, not a damn thang!

  19. Hell yea! I've said he was for years! A Arab(who dont give a damn about us) eating off Black talent and creativity. And calls himself a "Dj" and "producer", when he doesnt make s#%t. Black folks are the ones making the music. See, when we include everyone, they try to change the narrative and essence of OUR craft.

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