You dress me like a doll. You make my hair
like a doll. Why? Some of these,
claudia, are so old And tattered. You should
throw them away. I will, then. Claudia. Claudia. Claudia! What have you done? What you told me to do! Leave a corpse to rot? I wanted her! I wanted to be her! She’s mad! She pollutes
the very house we live in! Do you want me
to be a doll forever? Claudia, don’t. Why not? Can’t I change
like everybody else? [claudia]
aah! Which one of you did it? Which one
of you did it? Which one of you
made me the way I am? What you are? A vampire
gone insane That pollutes
its own bed! If I cut my hair again? It will grow back
again. But it wasn’t always so. I had a mother once. Louis had a wife. He was mortal,
the same as she, And so was I! Claudia. You made us, didn’t you? Stop her, louis. Did you do it to me? How did you do it? Why should I tell you? It’s in my power. Why yours alone? Tell me how it was done. Be glad I made you
what you are.

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  1. The two vampire dads were so good to her though. "Be glad I made you what you are." 🤜🤛❤👑🕊

  2. I loved this movie. It’s very 90’s for its drama level the acting is all very tortured and self loathing.

  3. Ahead of its time…… This is how gay parents cope up with the situation… and they're vampire, as well 😁

  4. watched this movie a million times but i gotta agree with Claudia, i would be pissed if i was 30 stcuk in a childs body for thousands of years to come.

  5. Never watched this movie even though I'm just about 40 now. Thanks for this clip. Think I've got a date with 3 bloodsucking weirdos tonight….

  6. Anne Rice didn’t care for that “Lestat” I agree. Huge fan of her books and he sucks as Lestat

  7. Lesson from this scene, get into the best possible physical shape before being turned into a vampire or else regret it for eternity.

  8. Any body think they kinda have a gay relationship on da lo 2 guys and there daughter ??? Just a theory tho

  9. When she came out yelling which one of did it , which one of you made me the ah I am … I felt that but she was hella gangsta when she said “you get rid of “ and threw those the the knife on the floor

  10. I rewatched the entire movie, realizing how gay is nearly is, and feeling so bad for Claudia she was in so much pain. But honestly I would love it if I could look that way forever, but still it hurts me to see a young women in a young body.

  11. This movie is on my top list. In my humble opinion. Brad Pitt fits the role of a vampire compare to Tom Cruise. But they both acted well. Including Kirsten Dunst 😱🤪😱

  12. She made this movie. Her intensity is breathtaking and you completely believe her performance. On of the most talented child actors ever.

  13. Let me get this straight. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, together in the same movie? Huh???? And Kristen Dunst is a child????

  14. When I see Claudia in this movie, I can’t help but compare her to Baby Doll from Batman: The Animated Series. They’re both young women imprisoned within their bodies, forever locked with what the mirror gives back to them.

    Interestingly, this can be examined when Lestat, Louis, and Claudia are on their “Family Outing” earlier in the movie, and Claudia spots the naked woman singing. But instead of wanting her blood, she wants her body-a body which she dreams of growing into. I think when she saw the woman for the first time, she was probably thinking,

    “Look, that’s me in there. The real me. There I am.”

    And then she remembers that she’s still the same age when she became a vampire,

    “But it’s not really real, is it? Just made up and pretend like my family, and my life, and everything else.”

    Later during this scene when she screams, “Can’t I change like everybody else?” I think what she was also saying to her fathers was, “Why couldn’t you just let me make believe?” which refers to keeping the woman’s corpse in her bed like the rest of her dolls where she can continue to dream about being something that deep down, she knows she will never be, no matter how much she wishes it: A Grown Up.

    In my opinion, this was how I could empathize with Claudia’s character more than I thought I could because I had already seen and felt this kind of frustration of never truly leaving childhood behind; in Baby Doll, a character who I could never picture as a monster but as a person driven to madness by an understandable sadness.

  15. On Vampires, Decks, and Desks
    Vampirism, in my opinion, is a metaphor for that place of semi-intelligent lizards who don't take the world seriously. To them education and the publishing and books are cheap and filled with such talents as automatic writing and intuitive greatness. They get touched by high levels of information and elitist places and things but don't really understand the work involved and the process. They fall for superstition and end up in religion but not as a devotion to studying. They're anti-tradionalists, typically. The world is full of handshakes that give greatness, riches, and posts, yet, they never get one. It is a place of drugs and denial and flavors of the same intuition, yet, they can never whip up a masterpiece. It is a place of ignorance, bad studying, and innocence and superstition. They believe in practice and simple practicality. They reach for expensive or top-shelf items they can't afford, usually. There is only one way to cure vampirism. The way is through their own discovery, accidents, and shame into careful studying. They get involved with creative onslaughts with bad referencing or none at all. The problem is that the book system is not just a hand-me-out to the people en mass, you have work your way up. One way to destroy a vampire is through a game of chicken. Vampirism starts during teenage years, possibly, and the world usually dangles an exploding carrot. Beware!

  16. Interview with (A) Vampire ! It's the REAL title, it was later changed by fucktards playing with stuff they shouldn't ! (MANDELA EFFECT being the result)

  17. Definitely a great selling point for covert pedophiles! "Oh shes a grown woman trapped in an 11 yr old body" says the pedophilic vampire !

  18. She had reflection in the mirror. They as vampires could see them self in the mirror… 😏 👬 👧 I am confused. They also couldn't smell the corpse?! Come on…

  19. …Such a powerful scene. Her entire performance was awesome and even disturbing, I felt bad for this character.
    Kirsten Dunst is a phenomenal actress, this proves it.

  20. Bravo to Kirsten Dunst. Her characterization of Claudia is the best character in the entire film. She’s genuinely the most sympathetic because her human life was taken from her.

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