Hello everyone and welcome thank you so much for watching. This is gonna be a really hefty show today. Abraham, the guides, now that you know, wants to talk about a lot of things so we’re gonna be talking about my past life in Lemuria brought forward from channeling Abraham. If you haven’t yet watched my last video go ahead and watch the video called “Introduction to Energy of Oneness”, I’m gonna put that link below because you want to get caught up on that if you really want to know and understand who Abraham is. So in this video like I said we’re going to be talking about my past life in Lemuria. We’re also going to be talking about history of Lemuria and Atlantis from that past life perspective that I had. We’re also gonna be talking about Hawaii’s connection to Lemuria, along with my very own, very deep connection to Hawaii and Lemuria and more importantly, we’re going to be talking about unlocking lost knowledge that many of you hold within and how to do that. Abraham talked a little bit about lost knowledge that you hold within in the last video so again watch that video first if you want a little bit more understanding and so with this lost knowledge Abraham’s gonna be talking about the connection between heart, mind, blood, cellular structure and DNA in holding that lost knowledge within you. So months ago when I was in meditation and channeling information I received knowledge that I would be receiving knowledge about ancient Lemuria and Atlantis and I remember it being a very detailed channeling and I was told that I held a key or more like I was shown like a switchboard and that there are many lights that need to be turned on on that switchboard and I held one of the keys to turn on one of those lights but at the same time there were other lights on that switchboard and those lights belonged to other people who had keys that would switch on those lights. I was shown that it was about information. So we each hold information, and when put together we can light up the switchboard and I was shown that the lights on a switchboard were turning on they were switching on meaning that people were starting to unlock the knowledge within themselves that was like the key to turn on their light on the switchboard. So in today’s video Abraham wanted to bring forward information about this inner knowledge that we all hold which they refer to as ‘lost knowledge’ and the people who hold this lost knowledge they refer to as the ‘lost knowledge holders’ and this is knowledge that we all have from our collection of past lives basically. At this moment lost knowledge that we each hold from lifetimes especially in Lemuria and Atlantis are particularly important and valuable because we as a civilization and collective on Earth ascending and moving from 3D into 5D are in a way mimicking similar type energy that occurred during the rise and fall of civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis these were highly evolved civilizations both spiritually and technologically existing thousands of years ago and having them as a reference helps to bring things into perspective for us as we are ascending so for a quick background Lemuria was a highly spiritually evolved civilization with advanced heart they focused on love and oneness. Atlantis was a highly technologically evolved civilization with advanced mind. We each hold our own specific lost knowledge. I bring forward lost knowledge from my perspective so the life that I lived, that’s my knowledge. So I might not necessarily have any information about Atlantis from the perspective of living there. Of course I assume there’s historical knowledge about the rise and fall of both Atlantis and Lemuria along with other civilizations or ancient civilizations along with anything else in the Universe located in the Akashic records that really anyone can access if you can tap into it but having that individual perspective from the person who lived that life is what makes it different and unique and a special piece that only you hold within your soul that is the key and because I need things broken down they’ve broken it down into I’m kind of liking it too like a bedtime children’s story so keep that in mind throughout this whole thing it’s like they put things in a very basic way that I can understand without getting too stuck on all the details so this is a very long channel transmission I usually put the text on the screen I’m not going to be doing that for this one because it’s honestly almost ten pages long it might be helpful for you to put the closed captions on if you want to read along I have them available in both English and Spanish also one thing to note Abraham has said that this video and channeled transmission acts as a ‘gilded knowledge keeper as an open portal to unlocking inner lost knowledge in the hearts of those who have had lifetime or lifetimes in Lemuria and/or Atlantis’ so basically by listening to this transmission you are integrating a portal of energy that can help you to unlock your inner lost knowledge that you hold if you choose to take advantage of that portal of energy. So let’s go ahead and begin the transmission. Abraham starts by saying Millions of years ago there was knowledge about a gilded island mass in the ocean now known as the Pacific but knowing not where on the map in those times efficiently named Lemuria. Lemuria included an open portal of energy really strong energy, known as heart inkling energy of love and oneness. Lemuria jovially stood knowing that it was a very protective, leaded land mass not only by Source creator but by Gaia Earth herself. Gaia Earth built a gilded portal of energy around Lemuria to somewhat protect it from intruders, but it was not gilded enough. What ended up happening was that not-so-nice people came to the island and took the land and knowledge illusion of love and oneness and knowing that all is truly well and insulted the land and people that existed there. You, Jessica, were one of the people who existed there in Lemuria on simple island of heart-based land mass. People were killed, not given chance to survive or find safety after they were removed from homes. Knowledge of love and oneness were thrown away in a very loveless junk drawer and the invaders took over the land of Lemuria. The only knowledge of Lemuria left was what only few survivors carried with them in their hearts and minds. The invaders stopped millions of people from cementing knowledge of Lemuria in minds and hearts. Invaders to Lemuria were the only other race on the planet at the time. They were from Atlantis, what is now known as the Antarctic region on your current 3D planet. After invasion, the energy of knowledge of love and oneness was joined by lower-frequency illusion of knowledge of hate, manipulation and lust for wealth of knowledge on Earth. Atlanteans were very much greedy and tried mostly to “take over” the whole planet Earth. In knowing about simple loving Island mass in Lemuria, they made the intense journey to Lemuria in hopes of raking over and making illusion of open energy portal between Atlanteans and illusion of energy from portal in Lemuria, so basically they wanted to create a portal that connected Atlantis energy to Lemuria energy so is about like the taking of the Lemurian energy. They go on to say open portal of Lemurian energy was turned off by Gaia Earth. Kept only in lost knowledge of hearts of Lemurians who survived. Jessica was one of the survivors. Heart- based knowledge on linear timeline of Lemuria is held in Jessica’s current awareness. Not in conscious mind but unconscious mind. Linear timeline of Lemuria is in Jessica’s not-so-distant past. We, Abraham were in the Lemuria timeline with Jessica. We efficiently helped to give her “knowledge holder frequency”, meaning she would have the illusion of being a knowledge holder in her current life as Jessica. Hindering Jessica’s ability to retrieve this lost knowledge of Lemuria is fear of being judged by others. She must get over her fear in order to retrieve the lost knowledge of Lemuria. Her fear is definitely connected to her life in Lemuria because Jessica was judged for the knowledge. She was judged for this Jolley knowledge of Lemuria in surviving. Knowing about the invasion beforehand I asked about how I would have this knowing of the invasion beforehand and they said it was because of my connection to the spirit realm and mostly Abraham who were there helping me and giving me information in that lifetime as well and so they said, knowing about invasion beforehand, she – me, Jessica – found safety in the island off the shore of Lemuria now known as Hawaii. Lost knowledge of Lemuria in Jessica’s awareness definitely but fear is in her awareness too. Heart knowledge opening soon. Knowledge about Hawaii and Lemuria rising soon. On radar in knowledge is oneness and love for the land, people, very much people, whole Universe, elements of nature, knowing Earth Gaia is mother and illusion of jovial, definitely jovial illusion of fun. There are some hindrances still but we are working on it. Knowledge about love and oneness were judged by the people of Atlantis because they did not understand the gilded knowledge of opening minds to the knowledge of oneness and love they – Atlantis were a civilization based on mind advancement, technology and duality consciousness. Lemuria was a civilization based on open-minded oneness, spirituality, definitely love, heart based energy and reaching higher states of consciousness in 3D. Lemurian’s were open to others thoughts. They were mindful and a more so peaceful civilization. Population was lost in invasion. Only a few survivors, Jessica being one of them. Efficiently making her a lost knowledge holder of ancient Lemuria that existed millions of years ago in the Pacific Ocean. Retrieving lost open knowledge is retrieved through the heart not the mind. Many of you hold pieces of lost knowledge in your hearts but are not yet ready to retrieve it due to fear or a closed heart. Lost knowledge is important during the ascension into New Earth 5D because knowledge holds the integration of gilded information that can help humanity retrieve their own lost knowledge inside their hearts. So this is saying that the lost knowledge is important like bringing forward lost knowledge that you hold because it helps others to retrieve their own lost knowledge so that’s part of the awakening process. They go on to say, heart-based knowledge opens a portal of energy in the minds of the conscious collective which enables people to ascend much more quickly after integrating lost knowledge of inner knowing. Teams holding knowledge together form families and once members of families knowing of lost knowledge comes to the surface, members of the family receive lost New Earth knowledge keys to front door. So basically I had the vision that in families you hold lost knowledge together so you each serve in helping each other to bring up that loss knowledge and it’s highly unlikely that every member in your family is going to awaken and bring forward that lost knowledge but all it takes is one member. This is what Abraham brought forward. That if one member can awaken and bring forward the lost knowledge that the family holds – okay because the families usually incarnate together often so the lost knowledge is like this whole unit together within the family solidified through the unity of love but it but also cell structure, DNA, and blood so if you can bring forward the lost knowledge that you and your family hold then you’re basically kind of doing the work for your family and they get a free ascension pass into Eew Earth congratulations and that has been confirmed by Abraham so because by you doing the work and getting to the point of retrieving lost knowledge you are highly affecting every member in your family on an energetic level because again you’re connected through blood, DNA, cells, love you know you’re connected through the soul. So this whole topic of your immediate families being these teams of lost knowledge holders on the planet is a bit of a lengthy topic and I can already you know hear people wanting to know more about this so I’m going to be creating a whole separate video dedicated to this topic very soon so look out for that. We’re gonna go further into cell structure, blood, DNA, all of that in just a bit so stay with me on this. They go on to say, knowledge holders are heart based in the reality of New Earth 5D this basically means that when you get to a point where you can bring forward the lost knowledge that you hold within you or begin to bring forward you’re already naturally at a heart-based place in your life because we’ll go more into this in a little bit but basically you cannot unlock lost knowledge with a closed mind and a closed heart you have to get to a place where you can have an open heart open enough in which you can vibrate at a loved frequency and a higher frequency and possibly a oneness frequency. Abraham goes on to say that it is time when Jessica’s knowledge comes to the surface to be shared with others. Her lost knowledge contains information about how to exist on New Earth 5D based upon her experiences on Hawaii Island off the coast of Lemuria. In her experiences, love and oneness after tragedy exist, defining New Earth oneness and love after tragedy. They gloss over this for a reason but I was shown tragedy in the midst of this whole 5D earth split like you know there’s going to be lots of earth changes, but being able to hold a space of oneness and love will be most important in overcoming whatever tragedies are upcoming. They continue to say that Jessica has gilded knowledge of love and oneness. Jessica is knowledge of love and oneness after tragedy. Not only from life on Lemuria but in former past of her current life as Jessica. Oneness and love be with her always it is not easy to achieve for someone in pain and heartbreak nor easy for someone to achieve in joy and happiness. Open your minds to finally knowing that open hearts and lost knowledge will begin to arise for you too. Everyone holds many different types of lost knowledge in their hearts after going through many kinds of past lives, whether on planet Earth or not. Soon more knowledge from many other planets will begin lost knowledge recollection and it is already happening. Open your whole heart, lost knowledge is inside them. Then they say, let’s continue the story. So again we left off with Lemuria being invaded by Atlanteans and the survivors, myself included, seeking refuge on an island mass currently known as Hawaii which is off the coast of Lemuria. They said, faced with duality and gilded goonies from Atlantis, some Lemurians were knowing the after-effects of not, definitely not Lemuria as finely as it once was. Hindered Lemurian stood on joining hearts in Pacific Island now known as Hawaii. Hindered Lemurians holding love and oneness knowledge started a new community on the island of current Hawaii. Knowledge very much stayed with them for thousands of years. Lemurians lived for thousands of years in ancient Lemuria on island in Pacific Ocean. Lemurian lifespan was thousands of years. Lemuria nosedived into ‘new Lemuria’, the one that you now know in historical texts today. Existing thousands of years ago, not millions of years ago. Lemurians mended life on new Lemuria, opened knowledge about oneness and love and rebuilt Island of Hawaii into new Lemuria off the old Lemurian coast in knowing the Atlanteans did not mostly know that they, the Lemurians, still held in their hearts Lemuria knowledge about love and oneness. In Lemurian, or more so New Lemurian temples were made out of crystal in liking to definitely old Lemurian temples. After rebuilding Lemuria on island of now Hawaii, people of Lemuria held knowledge about love and oneness passed down on to them from the Lemurian survivors – the ancestors of new Lemurian people. Not passed down was not-so-nice knowledge about the invasion of old and Lemuria by Atlanteans. Knowledge of the invasion was taken out of the minds of new Lemurians for sake of joining hearts in love and oneness, not duality, illusion of fear or hate in the hearts of Lemurians. Invading Atlanteans knowingly lived in old Lemuria on main island land mass next to Hawaii. They had a knowing about horrible Lemuria invasion, knowing they were not good to Lemuria or the people of Lemuria. Atlanteans existed on the bigger land mass of Atlantis as well, located on the current placement of Antarctica in your planets joining efficient ocean. Look out for the rise of knowledge of Atlantis as well. Open knowledge about joining sea on the planet gave Atlanteans higher knowing for they were able to somehow locate Lemuria on the planet millions of years ago. Atlanteans were not more joined in heart, they were more joined in mind so Atlanteans took to the sea and invaded Lemuria. People of Lemuria mostly perished immediately. Few took to the illusion of disappearing by seeking safety in nearby Island currently known as Hawaii, not to be found until many years later, very much later. So this is them just recalling the invasion of Lemuria that we talked about in the beginning of the story that happened millions of years ago. They go on to say, high knowledge about final invasion pinpointed to fine, very fine, lost knowledge held in minds of Lemurian people who survived. Meaning that the knowledge about the invasion were only held in the minds of the Lemurian people who survived the invasion which were not very many. The knowledge about the invasion was not shared because it held hindrance for Lemurian people so they kept it a secret and kept knowledge about the invasion mostly to themselves. After the invasion, Lemuria became home to those who invaded the bigger land mass of Lemuria they were not Atlanteans anymore, but they became Lemurians real quick, because of the love and oneness frequency and knowledge held in the land of Lemuria. Really strong energy of love and oneness in the land of Lemuria. Oneness energy in the invaders became too strong for many of them to handle so many of them left to go back to Atlantis. In leaving a few stayed behind because they found peace in the love and oneness energy of Lemuria. Very many left, not many stayed. Knowledge about Hawaii island off the coast of Lemuria’s main landmass opened curiosity and remaining Atlanteans on Lemuria, and they traveled to picturesque island more in peace, not knowing that there were still Lemurians still existing on the Island of Hawaii off the coast of Lemuria’s larger landmass. They made land on shore of Hawaii Island and were greeted by the Lemurian people in good Island faith and peace. But after making the journey the love frequency in lost Atlantean travelers faded and they feared judgement by people of Lemuria, knowing Lemurians were killed by their Atlantean people. Not very sure what to do, they were not Atlanteans but not yet Lemurian people. They began knowledge integration of love and oneness and in their adaptation of Lemurian knowledge of love and oneness, came integration of inner Lemurian hearts for people who had once invaded Lemuria pointedly a few many years before. Gimmick of illusion of love and fisted glory were gone and replaced with knowledge of reality of love and oneness in the hearts of the new Lemurian people, formerly Atlantean people and invaders. More pinpointed (tiny) illusion (belief) of love and faith in Source hindered their hearts, meaning the Atlanteans, but now a more open, gilded reality of love and faith realized by new Lemurians sang open, more open in their hearts. Gilded glory of Source love was now seen in their hearts after being not so nice to the Lemurian people in the invasion. Not in their hearts anymore was fear, enemy thoughts and hate for Lemuria, and gilded hearts of love and oneness took over. Very many thousands of years later opened a portal, a very strong portal of energy in galactic Gilaford Island open water known as Hawaii, not Lemuria. Hawaii was the final resting place for knowledge of love and oneness of Lemuria people. It was home for Hawaii-Lemuria people after losing their home in Lemuria bigger landmass during the invasion by Atlanteans thousands of years prior or millions of years I guess. The opening of the very strong portal brought the illusion of Atlantis not only illusion but reality and brought with it that thoughts that definitely Atlanteans would be able to invade again. Lemuria on Hawaii rallied together for protection after this energy portal opened in the Pacific Ocean. But the portal of energy allowed Lemurians the ability to find out where Atlantis was in the open waters of the planet the Lemurians were now able to see where Atlantis was due to the portal that opened. The energy portal allowed people of Lemuria to definitely keep safe. They were able to keep watch finally ease in sleep open waters were not easy to navigate so they were very much safe on the Island of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Illusion of seclusion not only definitely helped them in lost knowledge keeping but helped lost knowledge be preserved in the land of Hawaii currently. Open knowledge is available in the land of Hawaii. Miniature knowledge is held knowingly in the hearts of people native to the land. Jessica’s knowing comes from the entire lineage of Native Hawaiian people affecting her to this day. Lost knowledge of Lemuria is in the blood, the cellular structure and DNA of Native Hawaiians including Jessica. Lost knowledge is in the blood, cellular structure and DNA of many other races on the planet as well. Gilded knowledge on the planet efficiently melds with the DNA and blood and cells of certain races on the planet depending on the origin of the race in Earth’s history. Not so common is opening this lost knowledge within you ability to open lost knowledge means opening hearts and minds to receiving the lost knowledge for the ability to spread the lost knowledge to others in attempt to wake others up to the lost knowledge that that they hold within them. Gilded lost knowledge within most of you on the planet lost knowledge is stored in final knowing for lost knowledge opens in knowingness of a person. For example, when you just know that the sky is blue or that you love your cat. Gilded knowledge is not forced knowledge. Knowledge is in the heart and runs through your entire being. Much like the knowledge in this transmission. Jessica’s knowledge is not forced. She resonates with it and not even Jessica fully understands but she resonates with it on a final knowing level. Her central knowing is the open portal of energy between her and us, Abraham. It allows her to be completely open to receiving information from us. Her fear of judgment is on a cellular level. Open knowledge has a downfall, it opens lost knowledge of tragedy death fear and loss as well. Not always new and shiny but sometimes lost knowledge can be old and dirty. Jessica has worked out most of her ‘stuff’ in order to receive knowledge and not be affected in a negative way. After she is able to work out her fear of judgment she will unlock Jessica’s lost knowledge of Lemuria. Now fear nor love can hinder you from knowing your truth. Pretty soon, opening hearts will finally join together in opening a door to New Earth 5D. In your cellular makeup, blood and DNA you hold gilded knowledge about lost knowledge. Opening your heart opens knowledge to flow to you. When you have inner knowing from your soul, your blood turns into lost knowledge holder. It serves as an inner train system for lost knowledge to reach all areas of your body. After lost knowledge is carried through the blood to every part of your body, the opening of lost knowledge can happen. Joining blood is cellular structures roaming the body. In cells, gilded lost knowledge opens a high lost knowledge door and that allows the DNA to be affected. Lost knowledge unlocks dormant DNA in the body and soon starts to activate DNA that was not active before. Joined in DNA is tenacious heart and mind. These are the final obstacles the person needs to overcome the physical challenges of retrieving lost knowledge in knowing awareness. Finally, there is still fear integrated in lost knowledge, so the person has to be able to release fear and then finally opening of lost knowledge is achieved in the conscious aware mind. Knowing how to unlock lost knowledge is lost knowledge. Jessica bringing this forward certainly for you to not lose your lost knowledge. Final steps are the hardest. First few steps happen naturally as you integrate new lost knowledge from others that you resonate with in your knowing mind and beingness. Sole responsibility in unlocking lost knowledge inside of you is yours. Ability to unlock lost knowledge is in every one. Final steps on knowing truth are losing emotional attachments and opening your mind so that you can finally not only see the leaves on the trees but the wood beneath, and the animals and the filaments on the trees and moss in the floor and all the bugs in the air. Jessica’s ability to sense the wood beneath the trees does not mean she is higher off the ground. It means that she can open her mind enough to bring her awareness to a higher perspective and not to be hindered from being open minded, meaning knowing too much information and not enough love. Resistance in mind losses final openness in spirit. Jessica’s lost knowledge is just one key of many keys opening the door to New Earth 5D. Gilded lost knowledge is not very able to integrate into people’s minds on your planet, definitely not easy. Some people think you’re going nuts, others want peanuts they’re on the edge of their seats. Elements of lost knowledge in Jessica’s awareness is part of her very past life as a Lemurian, not an invader, so she does not have lost knowledge from the point of view of the invader, only from her perspective. Side note I’m sure that there were you know other Lemurian groups existing on the larger land mass of Lemuria who scattered as well and maybe you know big things were probably happening there but I don’t have that knowledge because that wasn’t my experience. So one of you listening might have that knowledge this is why it’s important for all of us to retrieve this knowledge so that we can put the puzzle pieces together. So moving on Abraham says, lost knowledge is in all of you but you have to be able to tap into it open mind, open heart. Open love and heart now and gilded knowledge will flow into your awareness from the perspective that you hold inside of your lost knowledge library. Not in your mind it’s located in your heart. Cannot be accessed if the heart is closed. More love in heart opens the heart to unlock the lost knowledge inside of your heart. Heart in love definitely opens mind in love. Gilaford Island in heart opens heart to receiving love and oneness. Heart begins to open and love flows forward unleashing lost knowledge that you have held so deeply within your heart. Moments in love opens heart. Receives finally love needed to open mind. Knowing love in heart and mind means opening knowledge lost over millions of years ago. Ends up bringing lots of information forward that helps New Earth ascension pinpoint Earth 5D in galaxy. Knowing this will help many of you open your hearts and minds to receiving the lost knowledge key that you hold within you. Door knowledge keeper has many locks. You have one key that will fit one lock. The front door to New Earth 5D is almost fully open. Made not of keys, but locks. In getting lost knowledge, a lock opens right where you stand. Lost knowledge is not the key, you are. Knowledge opener is you. Most people have a fear of being judged by others. Stop the feeling of fear because it only stops you from reaching your full potential. It does not protect you from censorship of voice and mind. Now let’s continue with the story. Very many people of Lemuria were enigmatic an energy portal that opened up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean known currently as Hawaii. They found peace knowing that they were very much safe, not simply lost to knowing Atlantean antics. Real soon after the portal was open, Lemurian saw that Atlanteans were manipulating one another in technological experiments on projects they were not approved by Source. Open experimentation on people, animals and gilded land of Atlantis not well in the eyes of Source. Most people of Atlantis were not affected, but gilded manipulation on soil of Atlantis was far too strong. Knowledge about manipulation of land and animals integrated into people’s awareness and fear broke out, stomping manipulation experiments. But the damage was done and Source did not approve of what had happened on soil of Atlantis. Joining animals with people and enslaving half human half animals to sound experiments and insisting people fight animals knowing full well the animals did not want to fight and insisting people lose love and oneness with animals with others and with the land of Atlantis. Not good. They may have been technologically advanced in mind but very slow in heart in love and oneness. People on Atlantis joined in on mimicking others and animals and did not receive love in their hearts. Ability to sense wood beneath the trees was gone and no trees were left. Jessica and other Lemurians witnessed Atlantis falling through the open portal of energy. That knowing sacrificed the gilded oneness and love knowledge that Lemuria had. Lost knowledge in Jessica’s heart of invasion of Lemuria many years ago gave fear in knowledge, immediately opening a portal of energy of fear in cemented Lemuria and Atlantis hearts. So I want to make a note here that at the beginning of the story I had that past life with that invasion of Lemuria millions of years ago. What Abraham is talking about right now is Lemuria thousands of years ago so I had asked you know ‘how was I still alive?’ and they had brought forward that it was because I had incarnated into Lemuria again but through that reincarnation I still held that lost Lemurian knowledge and what they’re saying basically is that through witnessing the fear in Atlantis, that brought forward that past life fear of the invasion from Atlanteans up into the current Lemurian life. And they go on to say, knowledge was tainted and gilded oneness and love knowledge lost on land of Lemuria only. Jessica and many other survivors of Lemurian invasion not only lost the love and oneness knowledge but integrated fear into the minds and hearts of people in Lemuria. Not fault of Jessica and others, but fault of Atlantis. Loss of love and oneness frequency not the fault of loss of love and oneness but due to the ability to sense fear in hearts and minds. Integrating fear and open hurt in hearts and minds opened a portal of intense Atlantean energy in the Pacific Ocean. It integrated energy of Atlantis into the energy of Lemuria. Love and oneness energy portal was gone and not portal of fear but portal of Atlantis opened in the Lemurian Island of Hawaii. It projected energy of Atlantis and acted as intense reality for the Lemurians. On gilded moon and gilded Sun came knowledge about home planet changing and shifting upon sensing the turmoil on the surface. Protected Lemurians fled to a separate island mass on the main Lemuria landmass and sought shelter not on the surface of Earth, but below Earth inside a mountain today called Mount Shasta. Inside were open caverns, lush forests and natural water and healing resources were available in abundance, but people who fled there could only stay if they were able to let go of lost knowledge of hate and fear and purgatory and shifting Earth experience. Very many were able to let go of lost knowledge of lower-frequency and negative intense emotions, but some were not able to let go. Some still held hate and fear in their hearts and minds of Atlantis and invasion. Still affected by invasion millions of years ago. Elements of hate were not able to enter underground in Mount Shasta so these people, Jessica included, were actually in gilded paradise of Lemuria when central flooding opened. They lost their lives in the heart of Lemuria and the intense takeover by the Pacific Ocean. Jessica, or not Jessica now, but Jessica in the life of Lemuria was in heartbreak over not letting fear and hate go, so she took lost knowledge of oneness and love and tucked it away so far into her heart, opening it only now after only 20,000 long gilded years. She is finally opening lost knowledge of Lemuria and finally opening Jessica’s mostly open heart and gaining access to lost knowledge again. Knowledge about Lemuria is immensely important because it has information needed for Ascension. It made Jessica open her heart enough so that she could share. Knowledge hindered her for a long time, but it is finally time to come out. Love and oneness be with everyone, but you have to be able not only to tap into it, but to open your heart enough to allow your lost knowledge to flood out, sending love and oneness everywhere you go. We share this knowledge with you today, not as a reminder of the fear and destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis, but gone are those ancient civilizations and in their wake is a new illusion of a new gilded civilization on the 5D New Earth planet. Defining Lemuria and Atlantis is important to your ascension because they are centered around inner ascension on transitioning between 3D illusion of Earth and 5D illusion of New Earth. In their existences on Earth, they entered into New Earth 5D many times. 5D New Earth existed at that particular time because New Earth 5D was not separate from 3D Earth, much like it exists now on Earth. Ability to shift into love and oneness energy and frequency is in each of you. Firmly planted in not so many of your hearts is knowledge of the opening of love and oneness energy on inner hearts and outer realities. Joined together gives people ability to find love and oneness in their hearts finally. Opening hearts means opening minds to others opinions and higher knowledge of your inner knowing. Not all the answers will come from outside of you, but most answers will come from inside of your heart. Jessica is not looking for information outside of herself. Connecting to us is connecting to her highest level of her highest inner self. After you learn how to open your heart and mind, ace knowledge from within you can flow more easily to you from your guidance teams and Higher Self. It may not necessarily look like the illusion of your Higher Self or your guides but you will feel more clarity and knowingness and joining with greater mind of your Higher Self, and that is oneness and love flowing through you. In oneness, we are Abraham. Oneness and love be with you. So the bigger picture of what was brought forward in this transmission is that so many people on the planet hold lost knowledge that needs to begin coming forward and will begin coming forward and is coming forward keep in mind that 5D New Earth is already here, especially in terms of energy, frequency and vibration so you can already begin shifting your energy to be existing in 5D New Earth but there’s still so much more that still needs to happen especially in regards to physically manifesting the New Earth 5D. So for example, many old 3D institutions will have to be rebuilt or reconstructed in order to release that 3D lower-frequency energy and hold or be built with more of a higher 5D frequency energy so this means you know institutions like finance, government, healthcare and healing techniques, education, technology, science, etc. These all need ‘revamping’ so to speak, so lots of inner lost knowledge that people hold around the planet will be the knowledge and experiences and even specific details of the past from Lemuria and Atlantis that can come and be brought forward and integrate with knowledge from others in order to manifest this brand new information that will help to create, build and bring together a whole new construct of society and way of living and thriving in New Earth 5D and because this topic is so extensive I’m going to be bringing forward more information and more videos surrounding this whole lost knowledge thing I know that Abraham has a lot to talk about in regards to retrieving lost knowledge so we’ll be bringing it forward in the next few videos. Thank you so much for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one.

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    xoxo <3

  6. I am truly greatful for the information Jess and Abraham consciousness. You are connecting the dots for me. I am looking forward to part 2. Telos!!! Love and Oneness to you🗻

  7. Hi Jessica from my understanding Atlantis & Lameria didn’t exist at the same time on this planet they were 13,000 years apart so i was just wondering about that but from my studies this is what I learned thank you for your teachings blessing😎🙏🌈❤️

  8. Thanks so much for this very important message Jess! I can definitely see these energies playing out/rising to the surface in the collective today. I feel that Oneness followed by forgiveness/understanding approach is very much the way forward to accelerate ascension and heal those that may have lost their way. I am all in!❤

  9. I'm from Lemuria too!! I do not resonate with Atlantis At All, but very drawn to Lemuria! I live on the Pacific Coast of California this lifetime too. This transmission is resonating truth with me so strongly. It makes so much sense to me!!

  10. Thank you so much Jess. This was EXCELLENT. I can’t wait to hear more from you and Abraham about your channeling process and how to unlock the lost knowledge, how each of us other individuals can unlock our own locks on the door to 5D. I feel I can do this. I have been opening my heart, vibrating higher, and downloading lots of knowledge. Just would love to hear more about the process you use and how Abraham recommends doing this. Thank You!!! 🙏🏼💗

  11. Hi Jessica! I have memories of another side of the story of sunken Lemuria. I also survived but went to a different place. I was not exactly “lemurian”, I was a different entity, an arcane, from outside, from Arcturia, you know. We ended up in Egypt, after wandering under water for a long long time. It’s probably the most sad and painful experience I can account of, I also had (have…) a lot of guilt for not being able to save the lemurians I was supposed to teach and guide. I made a drawing of how I looked like. I would like to share it with you in some way… Do you have Facebook?

  12. I have a memory of lemuria and the flood-I was one of those who was able to survive by being pulled into the “womb of the mountain”. I can remember the “dark lords” coming into the land and have a memory of a ripping and roaring sound that permeated the air as the wall of water hit the land. This truly was the overtaking of the land by those with nefarious intentions and was extremely heart breaking. There was an activation of a portal via long lemurian quartz crystals that allowed this all to occur and part of my journey during that lifetime was to stop the portal from opening. There was the ability to time travel during that period. Despite attempting multiple times, the portal activation was not able to be stopped and thus dualism entered the beautiful land of lemuria.

  13. Mahalo so very much for sharing. My ohana and I just moved away from Oahu Hawaii December 2017. We lived there for 25 years but my husband is from there. Definitely a beautiful and very spiritual place. Hawaii will always be home. Mahalo nui loa soul sistah. I look forward to your videos. Much love and light to all.

  14. Jessica, you should totally come to the next meditation meet up we do! We try to meet once a month and we meet in New York. The group keeps growing and I know you’d be a great addition! I really resonate with your messages and I hope you’ll consider it, let me know!

  15. Odd question…did it snow in the original Lemuria at the time of the invasion? I have memory of an invasion but it was winter time there. I escaped on horseback and that horse is again in my life. Ive had her for 18 years since she was 1 but just discovered this March that we were together before but explained the strange obsession with needing to have her lol. The landscape was very wild and lush but was winter at the time but i also have memories of when its not winter so the place had season cycles. Maybe i was in Atlantis and there was an invasion there too against those who preferred organic living close to nature? I was recently told i was from Atlantis.

  16. Thank you so much Jessica. I stumbled across you last week. I have listened to all of your videos and cannot wait to hear more! Lots of love <3

  17. This was just what I needed today after pulling (48 we are all connected) from the Gaia deck this morning for what I need to focus on today…plus I resonate with Isis, Thoth and Lemuria as well as the lion people. ❤️😊😘♌️🌞

  18. Try to imagine perfect" realm but it's here on the Earth. In which everyone is content, where things get done well, by those who are happy to do them, such as ourselves and where all the problems which have plagued our world for millenia no longer applys.

    Its not a theory that if humans, are given enough time, they will eventually create a perfect world. A place so unrealistic that it can only be in your dreams. On the Earth, everything is serene and free of any and all problems imaginable, but it is a place that does exist. A place of ideal perfection especially in laws of living in transformation, harmony, peacefulness, understanding, kindness, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, love, higher levels of consciousness and awareness as well as enlightenment.

    With the understanding of your existence each day To bring forth a higher Consciousness and awareness to yourself and to others. Applying and understanding that peace resides in our human heart Inner peace creates outer peace in your relationships with others. By doing so, you and others are the effect upon the global consciousness. The understanding that this peace is a choice not a order, it comes freely within ourselves. And it is always giving freely to others without expecting anything back in return. It is the respects of your boundaries to yourself and others, but with the understanding of unconditional love.

    Mutual cooperation means that you support each other in ways that come from your heart. You help others because you loved the spirit within them. And you desire to be next to them because they are so beautiful. You realize the outer personality is not the important focus here, it is their Inner Light their inner spirit that you can always love regardless of their outward actions. This is the foundation of unconditional love through Christ consciousness. If a Community could live like this, one together, it would be the most beautiful Utopia, energy that you and others could experience in this 3D dimension, moving into 4th and 5th.

    The best model for this Unconditional Love Is right above you in the daytime sky. The Sun shines on everyone, without any judgment. Love peace Harmony transformation and to support each other are the keys. A beautiful and Lasting life perfectly in balance with Harmony and understanding.

    The more people that Embrace this peace in their own lives. The more people that embrace the effect of this perfect balance is the result o change in global consciousness. That we all share on this planet and can move forward into a higher dimension of transformation, that would lead all into a perfect Utopia. This type of transformation could bring all into a balance of unconditional love that is anchored In Christ consciousness.

    It is basically living your life in true Harmony which is, the understanding of loving your brother and sister as yourself. But, when we live inside the Matrix. We are closed off from this beautiful Utopia. It is totally up to us to change our reality, that has polluted this civilization to the highest level. And Surround ourselves by beautiful enchantment people of the same, who wants to live our lifes in Harmony, peace, with nature and with each other in a perfect balance of love giving and receiving. As a result of this practice those people have truly found themselves and most of all. Living a life that is free together in harmony and peace, with our beautiful planet.

  19. This is so interesting Jessica thank you! I've had incarnations as both Atlantean and Lumerian – I would love to share any knowledge I have stored, however I still can't remember anything. I hope we have guidance somehow on bringing it to the surface. Much Love Beautiful One 💖

  20. ⚡💚⚡Could the "invaders" be our shadow selves ? Egoic mind ? Weakness in the mortal flesh ? It led to amnesia. We became lost (in mind.) Consciousness through activated heart now uploading. Remembrance eminent 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  21. Interesting that I was just told by the Arcturians that I survived Atlantis due to my gift of claircognizance….and the story unfolds as my heart opens some more I suppose? Jessica….you have activated something deep.

  22. It seems that I may be one of the ones who survived from the main land mass of Lemuria; and it's clear to me that we have a close soul connection, Jessica. I will look forward to connecting with you through your website system to hopefully set up a QHHT session with you. <bow> <3

  23. It’s Le— Myuur-eeahh , not Le- mir-ia. I do appreciate your channeling, and I was there too. I hear most people mispronounce it than pronounce it correctly. I heard Lumeria the other day! Your voice is very similar to Aluna Ash.

  24. Wow Jessica, I had remote viewed the portal opening, also I say the abominations, and that is what The 7 Pillars meant with the Earth plummeting into darkness! I see what you mean with the key. When they went to Mount Shasta did they go to Agartha, which is another dimension? Thanks so much for this ginormous channeling! xoxoxox

  25. After listening now i wonder if certain mythological creatures were the result of the Atlantians messing with mixing animals and humans or different species of animals together and the result were things like Centaurs, Fauns, mermaids, werewolves and even sasquatch etc by either mixing dna or cutting and pasting parts like Frankenstein. I wonder if it may be where allot of our greek mythology and certain horror story creatures come from? I know at one time humans were supposedly as close to those kinds of gods as you could think of with many kinds of powers. Maybe the stories were embellished to seem more fantastical to hide the more grisley truth of it all like so many other stories including the ones in the bible?

  26. Jess, do you have a Facebook group or some type of forum where we can all discuss things relating to your videos and/or our own experiences? I think it would be cool to start something where the family can engage with each other. If we are to put pieces together, what better way to do so then in a place where we can openly communicate and discuss amongst one another! Just an idea. xoxo <3

  27. In an effort to share information here is a link to Blossom Goodchilds recent YouTube video with interesting information on the Ascension/Rising of the Phoenix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz-vhBAUKYY

  28. I know this channel is all about positive energy and I'm totally with everyone but I'm putting a different type of post here to hill or other people's opinion ! As a researcher I truly believe that we are living in the 7 year tribulation is based on the constellation of Leo and Virgo . In 2007 I started researching on a subject call Earth Changes as well as The Great Purification. These two subjects tell of The Earth Changes is here ! I research by percentages and how they increase over a period of time not only earthquakes but it seems that every aspect of Earth changes are increasing. When I compile the data it shows the increase will continue through the Grand solar minimum ending in 2020 and will peak in 2024 with the grand solar maximum. All of the subjects that deal with Earth changes whether it's the droughts related to forest fires, solar flares, earthquakes, tsunamis, increasing flooding around the world, enormous cracks developing from the earth expanding and heating up from inside the Earth's core.

    What is Earth Changes and the Hopi prophecy of "The Great Purification", also 7 year tribulation beginning in September 23rd 2017 dealing with the constellation Leo and Virgo ? Is it the end times…no I feel it's far more then one can imagine. Are we living in the times? The evidence is so overwhelming. We have a increase in earthquakes 300% since 2012. Back in 2012 l began to research the percentage of volcanoes at that time. It was between 14 and 16 volcanoes that was erupting every week one or two will go down or two or three will come back up neither less it was always 14 to 16 volcanoes each week, that was the erupting though out the world. Now in 2018 they are at 44 to 48 volcanoes eruptions going on with one or two going down or going off as new ones. By the end of this year, 60 to 64.
    Researchers including myself as determine if this continues we will see a 20 to 30% increase each year all the way till 2024. If the volcanoes continue at the rate they are currently in combined with the forest fires we could go into a miniature iceage age by 2028 to 2030

    The increase of earthquakes throughout our planet has increased since 2012 it is a staggering 300%. Solar flares even though we are in a solar minimum as increase 40%. 400% increase in meteors, each day at least 8 to 10 and at night 8 to10. That's 16 to 20 in a 24 hour period. Increasing in droughts 30 to 40% the result 75 to 100% increase in forest fire since 2016. Instead of her regular amount of rain the cloud formations are dumping billions of gallons of water in a 24 hour. Resulting in a staggering 40% increase in worldwide flooding. And if that is not enough, large enormous cracks throughout the continents to throughout the world. A 40% increase in sinkholes.

    From a reliable source l know aa a scientists, who once work for the federal government, told me the truth about global warming. Our planet is heating up from the inside of the Earth's core. Not only our planet but every planet in our solar system. NASA has reported as increasing in temperature of all the planet inside our solar system.

    I believe Earth changes, The Great Purification and Bible prophecies The 7 year tribulations , deals with timelines. When a civilization has reached a peak or point that the planet can no longer produce or sustain life for the civilization. The planetary system makes extreme adjustmens. To balance itself or correct the problems. I also believe that the event of the timelines was already known long before the universe was ever created by The Great Source we call God. Could it be that our civilization has fail the test?

  29. Hi Jessica, I am really enjoying your channel. It’s one of the few I resonate with right now that doesn’t feed separation or judgement. I am a Twinflame, starseed and an RG neg. I keep hearing different things about this rare blood type. Some good and some bad. Would you at one point be able to ask your guides about this? And where it stems from? I believe I had a past life in lemuria too. I have memories of water and drowning and I never knew where this fear came from. I am definitely tapping into my lost knowledge now. Thank you for your beautiful work 🙏🏽💗

  30. I'm here because I stumbled upon one of the first videos, the one about timelines, which very much resonates with information I've been holding, information I was given in the early '90's (I'm now 72). If this turns out to be my soul family, which it is feeling like, I shall be so happy and relieved. I have tried for 25 years to share the information I was given, but most people do not understand it. During the time the information was coming through I was given a couple of the Abraham books, and some of that info got integrated into what I wrote about the info I was given. So I've been on a marathon for the past few days, catching up with these videos. I'm putting the Lemuria information together with Kryon's information about Lemuria. Plus, I've been aware of the imminent collapse of old systems, and wanting a more proactive way to put together the new 'systems.'. I read the post below from someone not liking systems (for me, it's authority), but the good news is that new earth systems should be circular, based on Oneness, and not hierarchical, so they will feel much better. I know there are actually a lot of new systems surfacing everywhere, but they are hard to find, so it feels good to know that some of that will come together as soul families come together, and will ultimately be connected in the Oneness. Thank you so much, Jessica, for having the courage to step forward in this way.

  31. Thank you for this! Exactly what I needed. Resonated with me 100% and synced up with 3 past life dreams which included Lemuria, Hawaii, and Mount Shasta. I also have the fear of judgment and feel at peace knowing it’s source

  32. Started to write how my ear is zinging extreme, got stuck and then you say how this transmits portal acess – gee 😀 Thank you ^^ Glad to encounter you <3

  33. This is really beautiful information about the lost lands of Atlantis and Lemuria, spoken in such a beautiful voice by Jess. I am 73 now, and most of my life, especially my younger years, I looked and looked for information about these lost lands. I do not know if I had last lives as a Lemurian, although in hearing this my heart went out to the Lemurians for hardships caused by the Atlantian invasions. I know I've lived lives as Atlantian priestesses and priests. I certainly hope I had nothing to do with the invasion of Lemuria, though I know I lived one as a Viking warrior that invaded other lands, according to memories from my husband, who was my wife in that previous life. I really don't like the idea that I would have been a cruel man guilty of these kind of crimes, I really don't remember it at all, but the fact that my husband has these memories I don't doubt. Thank you, Jess, for sharing this.

  34. What does it mean to have gilded lost love or knowledge? Does it mean that it is an energy that has been strongly covered or repressed or protected? The love & knowledge we have but don’t remember because of we have lost it through amnesia? When the 3 days of darkness occurs, will we be able to access this again? I sooo need to awaken the deep love & knowledge inside of me in order to stop the fear. I often ask myself why I feel fear ~ is it from judgement & manipulation? It’s the pain of being lied to in addition to being a liar. It’s the fear from not giving love & receiving love through my understanding of how much I am ALL of this oneness….? Once again, the strong illusion of duality is guiding us towards fear. Guide me with the frequency to the collective love from what has been lost inside of me! My stasis of fear is soo painful …How do I open my heart? Losing emotional attachments? Are you referring to everything that is outside of nature? Or EVERYTHING PERIOD?

  35. “Gilded” in Abe terminology means “of significance; 'golden'; very rewarding; and sometimes hidden from knowing mind”, usually used to stress the significance of something or describe something as significant (usually in a good, 'golden' way). For example, “Gilded knowledge” can translate to “significant, 'golden' knowledge; rewarding knowledge; significant knowledge hidden from knowing mind”, or “gilded fall of Atlantis” can translate to “very significant/golden time in lost/hidden history that has significant meaning, the fall of Atlantis”.

    I’ve been getting a lot of you asking what “gilded” means in Abe language. I apologize for not being more clear! They seem to be using it more often as they discuss “important, significant and rewarding” information!! I will make a terminology video as soon as I have some time to do so…which might not be for awhile, but eventually!

  36. 0 0 101 10 #ALLisONELOVE!


    11 11 11 ~>> 2BeLOVEDisALLuNEED!

  37. Hello dear Sister , great video serie ..sub your beautiful channel , thank you for share ♥ ☆ ★ ♡

  38. CAEAYARON (Kryon)- Court Ruling- Fall of Light Universes and Lemurians Was Theft! 3/10/18: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5gXcf2cIXk&t=3713s&frags=pl%2Cwn

  39. Thank you for adding the captions. The second time that I watched I put on the captions and learned even more about lost knowledge. It was very powerful!

  40. I had a dream of Lemuria when I was sleeping at my friends place up Hualalei, I didn’t even know of Lemuria until a week afterwards. The synchronicities coming in is activating all these lost knowledge in me. Now I carry my Lemurian seed crystal around with me. No wonder Spirit and universe brought me to live on Big Island

  41. Hey Jess, thanks for sharing the messages. I just saw Moana had Heart chakra opening…remembering who I was who I AM today, back to Serve with the Gilaford Island Family ♡

    Peace be with ALL!

  42. Aloha Jessica, Shortened long story I'm Rh neg and drawn to HI, traveled there alone during "Thanksgiving" week in 1982 during Hurricane Ewa; knew I would return. Moved to Hawaii Island in 2008, then to Kauai in 2009. Lived there until 2012. Can't explain my connection. Met a friend there whom I knew before (so did she). I'm on the ascension path. Your talk with Abe about holding keys and turning on lights resonate with me. Not sure what to do next. Feeling urgency. Doing all I feel I can do. Suggestions? Have been sharing the light and love. Ready for "one key and one lock, right where I stand." Unafraid. Thank you, bless you. Mahalo.

  43. Listening to this and the previous video. I as I had before started burning in the inside as if with fever. It's happening again.

  44. I can finally manage a short comment! Having toooo many thoughts, memories, feelings, 'coincidences', synchronicities, etc. to even mention. Unexpected. Portal, for sure!

  45. Current weather analogy: If we're all individual raindrops of the ocean of God/Source, I feel like I'm watching droplets pooling together, then those pooling together, etc., like how it looks on a window. Also, it HAS felt more like a 'remembering what we are' rather than an 'evolvement' to me. Confirmation.

  46. I had intense wave of emotion towards the end of your video when you mentioned the intense takeover of the land by the Pacific Ocean. I was there. I’ve had reoccurring dreams about it. Large tsunami’s that just engulfed everything. I’ve known for awhile that it happened in the past. I just didn’t know where.
    I’m very intensely heart centered. It’s all making sense now… I’m remembering. Thank you. ❤️

  47. I feel an affinity with Atlantis; this is probably why I was born & raised in S.America
    Barack Obama, I sense, has an affinity with Lemuria & that's why he was born in Hawaii.

  48. Thank you I really enjoy your videos I was listening to another video something about lemuria and I got an image of this room and there was a hand with buttons and they were different colors and different shapes and there was two people standing there and I got the impression they thought when they push this button it was going to strengthen their power grid with the grid wasn't what they thought it was there was a dark person standing behind them and he knew it it would trap Mother Earth and cause the destruction of Atlantis that was it namaste

  49. I was just listening and thinking let me see what this is about.  When you started talking about Lemuria and the invasion I wasn’t even aware that my heart starting to tighten up.  Then I started tapping in on the weird feeling that I recognized as my heart charka opening.  My heart was in painful cycle..kinda like the dark night of the soul pain.  I was Iike oh gosh I know this to be real.  Because I had a dream recorded in my dream book on 5/10/19.  This is the picture I painted upon waking up. (note this was a very realist and vivid dreams I had and that’s why I still remember it on top of my head.)  Journal starts:  I am Sirian.  I was a wanderer living on this peaceful island… I knew I was not the same as these island people but a Sirian.  Killings and genocide that day.  I saw these people in suit and boots and highly advanced and there spaceships hovering above there heads.  They landed in the water…they were treading through knee deep water towards the island with weapons.  I lost somebody very important to me…the father of my first Child.  I lived in what looked like a cave…homely and I was happy.  When I heard news of what was happening I just knew that the people on this island was being killed because they would not move or leave.  I felt deep empathy and sorrow.  These people were darker skinned people but no technology. (Thank you Jessica & Ab…BLESSINGS!)

  50. As I watched this video I started feeling dizzy and had to lay down. I started reading the comments to see if anybody reported a similar experience. Read the one where this lady points out the right pronunciation of Lemuria, I tried to say it out loud and light language started coming out to a point where I cried as I recited it. 😳😯

  51. Hi Jess I cant get enough of all this
    Question, and it might be wishful thinking: walking my dog, 10 at night at park next block
    I was walking to picnic table I always sit at
    In lamp light, I saw a gold key
    It looks like key for older house
    A little regal
    Nothing enscribed 9n it.
    I felt or was some message. I'm getting lots of synchs. Put it in my wallet . Now I here you talking keys, . I've been asking lately for my galactic ancestry. To k ow everythin to know what my role is. I'm a twin flame for sure. I think arcturian. Mix of others
    Can you ask if this has meaning or no? I'd live to know. Jxo

  52. Listening to this made me very emotional. I also have an intense migraine that I woke up with before even listening. I can't seem to let it go. Ty Jess

  53. Ah bah rah ham heard the consciousness of The Golden
    breath of life spoken on the breeze bringing light of understanding Received within the heart..is what I feel inside. Taking back what death stole bringing all creation back from the thief..we are more than survivors😇👣💙 this life has been similar..this awakening is ..lol…fireup heart! Joy of knowing the true Love of Creator regardless of others thoughts against us..which we feel..because our hearts ..are pure..man my family has hated me from the get go ..it's like they don't want to know any truth..biggest trial of life..yet the greatest blessing I've ever known is to be restored to life with much love and knowledge of truth

  54. Kinship in love to all open loving heart seekers. Simultaneous listening to Jess/Abe in love with you all♾🧚‍♀️💕😘❤️

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