Hey guys, in the previous episode, we saw
cave paintings which showed how the Nagas looked. But this evidence is simply not enough. Mainstream archeologists and historians will
claim these birdmen were not Nagas but were mere human beings wearing masks. So I begin searching for more evidence near
the village of Kilvaalai which is said to be the home of Vaaliyars or Nagas. I want to find something much more tangible,
something which is not a cave painting, something which will prove to us how the Nagas really
looked. So, I am exploring the woods nearby. This is a very remote location and there is
nobody around. This area is controlled by the Government’s
forest department. I have no idea if I will find something or
if this is going to be a dead end. The sun is setting fast, and wild animals
may start coming out after dusk. Suddenly, I see a very different area, which
strangely reminds me of Kullar caves. Remember, how Kullar caves was a flat, rocky
area in the middle of nowhere? I see something very similar here: A flat
plain with a rock bed underneath. This is a very large area, and looking around
, it is strewn with gigantic rocks. But I don’t see anything specific, it appears
to be just another prehistoric site with large rocks. But something pulls me in a specific direction. It appears as though there is nothing, may
be my instinct failed me, it is just bushes and trees. But behind them, I finally see this amazing
statue. What is this? And why is it found in the middle of nowhere? It looks different than anything else I have
ever seen. This is extraordinary. It is made of a white rock and immediately
after laying your eyes on this, you will think of a bird or a birdman. Look at the wings, the tail fin and how it
is standing upright, as though it is rising to fly in the air. Remember, how I showed you the Nagas, the
winged creatures in cave paintings? Look at the similarity between the cave painting
and this statue. It is not similar, it is almost identical,
this cannot be a coincidence. This is definitely not a natural rock, it
has been clearly carved. In fact it has been perfectly chiselled to
make it flat, it is even polished. Look, we are in the middle of nowhere, in
the middle of the woods, and here I see this weird stone statue. Why do I always find these crazy artifacts
in the middle of nowhere? I can see modern graffiti of vandals, they
have scribbled all over the statue, these guys are destroying prehistory. I take measurements, It is about 8.8 feet
tall and I am sure some of it is underneath the ground. There is no way a rock can stand in this angle,
almost perpendicular to the ground, unless some of it is buried in the ground. So the total height must be more than 10 feet. It is three and a half feet wide at the shortest
width and 8 feet wide at the base. Suddenly, I realize that I have found something
extraordinary, this is a very very unique statue. I have found the Link between Prehistory and
history. In Prehistory, human beings were living like
cavemen and they did not create any religious structures like statues. Why? Because they did not have any actual religion,
they did not worship Gods in form of statues. In historic period, in India, they created
plenty of religious statues and carvings, I have shown you thousands of amazing statues
which belong to the historic period. However, what do we see here? A pre-historic, religious statue. This must be the forerunner of all religious
statues in India. We are literally staring in the face of the
origin of religion. This statue is the link between prehistory
and history. And this statue DEFINITELY NOT depict a HUMAN. It does not depict a man with a mask. If this were a cave painting, archeologists
will explain that it is in fact a human being with a mask. However, they cannot say that about statues. Let us compare a figure of a Naga now, from
the historic period. It has wings and looks humanoid. Archeologists and historians do not claim
that this is a human being with a mask. They agree that this is a god. Perhaps this was the very first carving of
Naga, and ancient Indian texts are very clear. Nagas were reptilian figures who came from
a different realm. They had a snake like face and also had wings
which enabled them to fly. Is it possible that such beings really arrived
on our planet, thousands of years ago? As humans, we are inherently not capable of
exploring the possibilities. This is the same species which believed that
flying machines were impossible to build, just a hundred years ago. Even if some mainstream experts agree that
there is a possibility of aliens, the aliens should be bipedal, walking on 2 legs, and
bifocal, have 2 eyes and should be about the same size as human beings. Otherwise, people cannot even imagine the
concept of aliens. Why can’t they be Giants, dwarfs, or winged
creatures? See human beings have a very limited imagination. Last month I had an American friend who visited
me in India and he was surprised India doesn’t have Wal-Marts. In future, when our astronauts finally find
alien life on a distant planet, they will probably look for a McDonalds to eat there. Think about it, what are the odds that aliens
would walk on two legs just like human beings. So, open your mind and ask yourself, is it
possible that extraterrestrial species like Nagas arrived on planet earth? This is not only a possibility, in fact, this
is a sign of advanced genetic technology. This is our future as well. Today, our scientists are working, to give
us wings. But where is the head of this figure? We can see it in the cave paintings, but it
seems like it has been chopped off from the statue! Who destroyed it and why? Perhaps the head still lies here on the ground
somewhere. While I am searching for the lost head,
,suddenly, a mysterious figure walks in. This elderly person tells me he herds cattle
in the forest. In his late 70s, he still shepherds more than
30 goats and is surprised to see me in this area. I will refer to him as my “Grandpa”. Grandpa explains that this rock is known as
“Visiri Paarai” in, which means “Fan rock” in English. I am immediately reminded of the fan blades,
the Propellers I saw in the cave paintings. But I am not able to see any connection between
the two. I ask him about the statue. He tells me that the temple, known as Aathili
Amman temple is the oldest temple in the world. This is getting me very excited. We have already just seen a pre-historic statue,
possibly the oldest religious statue in the world. Now, he tells me, he will lead me to the oldest
TEMPLE in the world. What kind of a temple would this be? What kind of materials and technology would
have been used to build the oldest temple in the world? I am excited, but grandpa urges me to walk
faster, and tells me that the sun is setting fast. If we don’t reach the temple sooner, we could
get lost in the woods. The temple must be getting a few visitors
, because at least there is a path that’s been laid out. On the way, various clothing items are strewn
around. There must be a strange story behind this,
which I have no idea about. Grandpa is a lot faster than me, and he is
leading the way. And finally, we reach the temple. It is fascinating, because it does not look
like other Hindu temples which were built much later in time. I had imagined that there would be a tower
like structure, but there is nothing of that sort. It is just surrounded by tridents and bells. But let us go and find what is in the main
chamber. Well it is not what is in the main chamber
that amazes me. It is the chamber itself. It is a dolmen, a pre-historic stone hut! This is exactly what we saw in Kullar caves,
this is a dolmen without any doubt. It is made of 3 stone slabs on the sides and
one slab on top. I verified that this is the original structure,
this has not been recently created but it is in fact an ancient dolmen. Inside the dolmen, a small statue, about 1
foot tall is placed inside. Now they call it Aathili Amman, but the original
name of this figure is Aadhi Amman. Meaning the “very first Mother”. What does the term “Very First Mother” mean? According to locals, all the human ancestors
before her, were primitive human beings who lived in caves. And she was the very first wife of the Naga
King and gave birth to the first, sophisticated human being. This is why she is known as the Mother Goddess,
who was able to give birth to the modern human species. In fact, many cultures around the world have
a female figure, as their mother goddess, who is believed to have given birth to modern
human beings. I am trying to decode the meaning of this
story in a very detached way. My grandpa, however is totally grateful to
Aathili Amman for creating the human race. Without her, his family, his ancestors and
the entire society would not exist. He truly believes that this is where the Gods
intermingled with primitive cavemen to create the modern human species. In fact, the depiction of Nagas taking human
wives is carved in many, many Hindu temples. It is clearly shown that Nagas intermarried
with human beings. Are these depictions a mere fantasy, or are
they based on some truth? We need to think deeply about this site. What happened here thousands of years ago? It is a very unconventional temple. There are clay figurines of horses, there
are tridents planted everywhere. Hundreds of bells are placed around, grandpa
tells me that ringing these bells will invoke the gods. When I ring the bells, the sound echoes through
the woods. Lots of monkeys roam around me, hoping that
I would have brought some food as offerings for the mother goddess. But I have nothing and the monkeys are disappointed. Did human beings evolve from apes? While scientists categorically claim that
modern human beings are products of pure evolution, which is a very slow process, history shows
something really, really strange. Let us take a careful look at the human past. How do historians classify the human past,
into history and pre-history? All scientists agree that Human beings began
walking upright nearly 200,000 years ago. Yet they remained primitive, did not know
how to read or write and did not create anything substantial until a few thousand years ago. This period, this dark period, is pretty much
like trying to trace the history of Chimpanzees, Chimps don’t create anything, they just live
and die. Human beings were like animals for nearly
98% of the 200,000 years. This time period where there is no trace of
their achievements is called the pre-historic period. And then, as though they suddenly woke up
from sleep, they went from living in caves to reaching mars. This period, where we can actually trace the
achievements in human development is called the historic period. This is what you read in History books. Now what happened, that was so significant
that primitive cave men transformed into modern human beings who could build great temples
and great societies? I am literally standing on one of magical
sites where the transformation happened. This little temple in the middle of the woods,
is the place where we find history and pre-history collide. Think for a minute? Is this temple, a prehistoric or a historic
site? It has all features of a historic site. It has statues, bells and tridents, but at
the center, it has a prehistoric structure, a dolmen. This is quite exciting to see we have actually
found the link between prehistory and history. This is monumental, because such a site is
very hard to find. And what happened here? We are literally looking at how cave men were
transformed into modern human beings. And this transformation was due to the intermingling
of Nagas and primitive human beings. Mainstream historians and archeologists believe
that the Gods of India are fictional characters and not based on truth. The argue that while Jesus and Prophet Mohammed
are historical figures who existed as a matter of fact, Hindu Gods like Nagas are products
of sheer imagination. But, is it possible that Hindu Gods really
came down from the sky? While other religions like Christianity and
Islam were created during the historic period, Hinduism goes way back in time, and touches
the pre-historic period. This is why historians and archeologists are
not able to trace how this ancient religion began. Perhaps, we could understand this better,
if we look at what we have found so far. In the first episode we found small stone
huts which were built by Nagas themselves. Local tribes still worship the Nagas as Gods. However, we did not know how they looked. In the 2nd episode we found the Blood stone
which lead us to cave paintings which showed how the Nagas looked. They had bird like wings and used advanced
technology like propellers. In this episode, we found a statue of a Naga
which is similar to the cave painting depictions. Finally, we also saw that the stone hut is
used as a temple and how the mother goddess gave birth to the modern human being. But what else did the Nagas do on earth? How else did they change human beings? To find more about this, I need to study and
explore the connections between history and prehistory. Grandpa gives me no clues for the next place
to explore. I don’t know what I am going to do. But I need to go In Search of the Forbidden

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