Mr Abrams, in 1991 you pleaded
guilty to two counts of withholding information
from Congress, regarding your involvement
in the Iran-Contra affair, for which you were later pardoned
by president George HW Bush. I fail to understand why
members of this committee or the American people
should find any testimony that you give today
to be truthful. – If I could respond to that … It wasn’t a question. – It was an attack. That was not a question. I reserve the right
to my time. – It is not right … That was not a question. – … that members of this
committee can attack a witness – who is not permitted to reply. That was not a question.
Thank you for your participation. – From the day that president
Duarte was elected – in a free election to this day,
El Salvador has been a democracy. – That’s a fabulous achievement. Yes or no, do you think
that massacre was a fabulous achievement
that happened under our watch? – That is a ridiculous question
and I won’t respond to it. Yes or no. – No. I will take that as a yes. – I’m sorry, Mr Chairman, I am
not going to respond to – that kind of personal attack,
which is not a question. Will you make sure that human
rights are not violated and that we uphold international [law]
and human rights? – I suppose there is a question
in there and the answer is – that the entire thrust
of American policy in Venezuela – is to support the Venezuelan
people’s effort to restore – democracy to their country.
That’s our policy.

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  2. So the US can invade So America, but So America can't invade the US…Oh the Hypocrisy…and I will NEVER Understand the CONSISTENT Money/POWER Quest with our Gov't…We the PEOPLE are really on our own…smh

  3. No damn Muslim, especially a freaking woman, should never ever speak of human rights and abuse has since they are traditionally treated lower than dogs within islam, so she should keep her damn anti-American and synthetic pigheaded mouth can t

  4. I was born here. I do belong here I live in ky ever time I listen to her I become more stupid. She Don't belong in Congress.!!!

  5. There was a Sunday when I was living in Buckeye Arizona with my first wife aundrea there was a lot of young adults at this Baptist church i attended around the age of 18-25 over 5 females and 3 young men went up to the Altar and fell back for the Lord because I help influence them that day and i used a little bit of sense of humor to help the spirit encourage them they all was African American back around 2004 the pastor over this church in buckeye arizona was an African American lady!

  6. How can we allow this in America ? If we don’t stop these jihadis soon they will take over and start banning pork , Alcohol, gambling, prostitution, pornography and usury!!! They even want gold backed currency !!!!

  7. Keep talking Omar. You are helping Trump get re-elected. Also, most community colleges offer FREE OF CHARGE "English as a Second Language " classes. You are really STUMBLING with our language. How did she get elected, you ask? "It's all about the benjamins baby". Her people rigged the ballot boxes for money.

  8. She could have mentioned how British and American troops fought in Somalia where Somalian soldiers were cutting off children arms.

  9. Lmao total power move by Omar calling Elliot Abrams “Mr. Adams”. She has such little respect for him she doesn’t even find out what his name is.

  10. 1:35 "… and that we uphold international… and human rights …?"

    "Er, I suppose there's a question in there…"

  11. Why does any witness have to answer questions from a Somali citizen? Just sit there silent until her time expires.

  12. Kick the ungrateful smirking whore back to her sand pit, only reason she was elected was due to liberals fraudulently giving fake refugees undeserved voting rights.

  13. Everyone's looking at the odd insolent smirking teeth baring little c*nt wondering wft she's doing in the U.S dressed ready for a mid eastern sandstorm?

  14. What a moron ‘no’ ‘I’ll take that as a yes’ if anyone honestly thinks that’s how people should be treated in any facet of our legal system you have a serious problem.

  15. This war criminal Elliot Abrams and Co. should be put behind bars not in congress. @ Ilhan: I salute your efforts ! Great job !

  16. Imagine being married to your sister. Well, Omar is married to her brother. Oooh, THAT'S SICK! Omar, take your fake smile & your religion & leave my country. ISLAM is NOT congruent with American culture & religious values. You don't allow MIdians into the camp with their whores to destroy America. Islam must be eradicated from America. The object of Sharia is SUBJUGATION & DOMINATION.

  17. At first I thought IO was referring to the democRAT Clinton administration incineration of the children, women and men in the Branch Davidian compound.

  18. She is very on point this woman. Our country loves to destroy and kill in the name of “special interests”

  19. Because historically amerikkka has a history that would embarrass a nation of savages, her white supremacist grandchildren and great grandchildren as opposed to doing better, continue in that legacy. Abrams is a convicted criminal for covertly subverting amerikkkan foreign policy in Latin America and lying about it to congress. These individuals such as Abrams have no respect for amerikkka or amerikkkans, they simply use our government and military to line their already full bank accounts. This confessed criminal Elliot Abrams, was pardoned by president Bush, as there are a group of subversive individuals who do the bidding of international bankers knowing that if they are caught, they will be pardoned. This is what Congresswomen Omar is referring to , but because amerikkkans are conditioned to drink the coffee, they cosign whatever evil the amerikkkan government does, believing its in their best interest. Amerikkkans will send their sons and daughters to a illegal war in Vietnam and Iraq , letting them get their heads blown off, even though they know it's all for naught. So keep it up amerikkka …………as you will die in your sins.

  20. Ooh so cool, She are supporting a dictator that in fact violates human rights every days, because the trump administration does not… 👍👍👍

  21. This woman is the most rude person ever in our government. She is like a bully on the playground

  22. At 1:30 the answer is " The US will protect the human rights of Isreal when your people attempt to eliminate it from the map as your religion commands you to do"

  23. Ilhan Omar did not grill anyone. She exposed her stupidity and ignorance. One example: Iran Court Ra!!!!!

  24. Ilhan Omar is wearing shoes thanks to the US. Otherwise, she would still be a barefoot refugee roaming around Africa

  25. Liberal double standard again she committed crimes as well and should not even sitting in that house or in this country for marrying her brother and using him for citizenship purposes she is a criminal she needs to go, the liberal double standard is still a wide gaping hole…

  26. The political situation in us has become so toxic that people feel the need to defend psychopathic war criminals.

  27. She called him a liar and that no one would believe anything he says, if that true( we know it’s not) if I were him I would not answer anything

  28. Elliot Abrams DID fund and support death squads in El Salvador, and supported those who killed the 4 nuns and Archbishop Romero. Roberto D'Aubuisson.

  29. That woman is as prepared for this task as a 12 year old. She doesn't know how to have a constructive conversation. She thinks her job is just shaming others.

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