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‘Identity activists’ are ‘insanely desperate to take offence’

now usually when I talk about this kind of stuff you can seem just a big joke look how desperate some people are to take offense about race or gender is Ralph allowed so funny but put these examples together and the picture becomes frightening we are seems to me becoming more stupid and deliberately and I'll give you three amazing new examples first spot what even rapper Adam Briggs who identifies as Aboriginal says on the very sensitive ABC about Aborigines that is still not sensitive enough for the University of New South Wales and that's for young we've been here for 80,000 years but I guess we don't look a day over 60,000 couldn't see it couldn't see what Briggs said there that was wrong except of course brew he exaggerated how long a bridges been on this continent it's this the University of New South Wales has instructed academics not to give a date whether it's 40,000 years or even 80,000 years for when Aborigines came here in its new language guide to its academics the University says giving any date offends have originated because it says dreaming reflects the beliefs of many Indigenous Australians that they have always been in Australia from the beginning of time and came from the land not apparently from Africa like everyone else this is mad this is anti science what are they saying let's pretend that Aboriginal are the one people on earth that didn't originally come out of Africa that they instead magically rose from the dirt instead what kind of scientists and stories to the University of New South Wales actually training and this idiocy by the way has been approved by a working group that includes the universities Dean of science professor Johnson I've asked professor Johnson to come on the show and explain this ruling but she refused unavailable now this isn't the only example in this university document of politics attacking science it also tells staff don't refer to Aboriginal tribes nation is usually preferable to try because the word tribe is European word that tends to impart Western preconceptions developed from colonial experiences but our dear professors nation is also a European word in fact nation is a European concept that you'd actually struggle to say truly existed in aboriginal society which had very few political structures or fixed borders but I think Aboriginal activist actually wanted to use the word nations instead of tribes to make traditional Aboriginal society seem more sophisticated to make European settlement seem more an invasion this is politics at play and the third example again from this University of New South Wales from its science of indigenous knowledge course which says students will explore the history philosophy theory and methods of Western science and if no science so apparently there's a Western science and then there's also something else called in ethno science rubbish science is science there's not one set of scientific facts for whites and a different set for Aborigines there isn't I mean it's the same laws of gravity as the juice bars at noon that stops us all from floating into space Aborigines and non Aborigines we all circle the Sun in orbits first posited by Copernicus black or white you know you gotta wonder it's not enough that a political class is super sensitive already to the feelings of Aborigines as we saw again today with this new Parliament being opened with an Aboriginal smoking ceremony and tributes even from the governor-general to Aboriginal culture it's not enough that we also now have some politicians trying to change the constitution to divide us politically by race so we must now have science / race as well universities must stop telling scientific truth that it could offend activists from one race this is absolutely frightening and this appears a final example that offends me personally and I ask you to indulge me as I play a couple of clips I love opera alright that is one of the most sophisticated art forms ever created but more than a hundred and ninety very woke people in the arts world have signed a petition complaining that too many heroines in opera are subservient victims that's the phrase I use and they demand a questioning of the systemic acceptance of gender-based violence in Opera these are people who want fewer performances of the kind of operas that most people actually like watching in great operas that show the values of their time sure that make us reflect on our own what an attack on knowledge how intolerant and our ignorant in fact the greatest the most popular operas have got lots of great female characters in these people only bothered watch characters are absolutely not subservient Mozart's Marriage of Figaro that's got Susana who punishes her husband for seeming a cheat Puccini's Tosca she stabs to death the man who jailed her lover is Anna D maybe we should ban opera showing gender fight based violence by women and why don't we ban all these stupid attempts to close the Australian mind

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  1. Fucking insanity. You know what this leads to right? REWRITING HISTORY. giving these psychopaths the power to re write history is going to bite these fuckers in the arse.

  2. How come Sky News Australia is relatively conservative and sensible while Sky News UK is a cesspit of raging left-wing loonies?

  3. god iam sick of bloody half casts who are usually only part educated telling the rest of the world just how great they are and they aren't even a proper aboriginal does their bloody stupidity make any sense even to the elders I doubt it

  4. Pandering to the stone age regress to the stone age. You go I'll stay here didn't plan on living in a gunya in retirement

  5. Agreed up until you mentioned Newton and Copernicus. The heliocentric model is seriously flawed. Check it out.

  6. Science denial. The hallmark of the Left. First the Genetics of Gender, then the physiology of transgender, now, time itself. Oh the relativism of post modernist Marxist bs. Lol.

  7. It's a mad mad mad world we live in. Please let sanity and logical thinking prevail against the craziness.

  8. Cultural and scientific human origins are manipulated for political mind control most of what the majority have been taught at both schools and universities is not accurate as is becoming apparent with technology

  9. Why can't we say that Aborigines believe this and scientists believe that? I won't be following their guidelines.

  10. If you Google ‘’men can”, the suggestion are ; men can get pregnant, men can menstruate etc. Google has officially denied/confused the very basic of human biology. Even animals knows these simple facts. We’re not going Dark Age folks.. we’re going to reverse our evolution back into the sea itself.

  11. As an aside…the Out-of-Africa" theory is highly debateable; recent archeological findings suggest a new hypothesis about the origins of humankind, placing it in the Eastern Mediterranean.

  12. Leftists are the biggest anti-science advocates in existence: Lysenko. Kurchatov. The "Bunch of cells". "Gender is a social construct". "Men can have periods and babies". And on and on and on.

  13. Aboriginal culture was brutal, full of murder, rape, incest, pedo stuff – you name it. So this idea that they were some kind of peace loving people, in tune with the nature, and whitey came and fucked it all up is a myth. We (tried) dragging them into civilization, but you can lead a horse to water.
    Also, it was only a matter of time before some other nation colonized Australia, and it probably would have been the Chinese. Can you image how they would have treated them? Wholesale extermination. Not even slavery, as they're useless for work.
    It's not an excuse for the poor treatment, but if you factor in reality, it was only a matter of time, and I'd say the Abo's were kinda lucky it was the English and not the Chinese.

  14. What you have to realise that the so called professors are just people that failed in the real world. After you leave college you have to unlearn what they taught you with the exception of the real sciences or you will fail as well. Any student that doesn’t do that wasn’t smart enough to go to college anyway.

  15. Why don't you get a friend with a PHD to set up the University of NSW? Get your mate to create a fake thesis about how Australia broke off from Gondawanaland,taking the Aboriginals with it,like a polar bear ends up in Russia after the chunk of ice it's standing on in the Arctic breaks off.Propose that the aboriginals didn't walk here,they simply floated here.See if they buy it!!

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