it was a boiling hot summer day the
temperature is easily over a hundred degrees the woods all around me are
silent but I know they’re out there looking for me and my partner we can’t
rest long we’ve been on the run for 18 hours straight since last night and
we’re both exhausted grudgingly we pick up our aching bodies and push on into
the thick brush once more checking our compass to make sure we’re on the right
heading I’m somewhere in the deep woods of the southern United States in a
military land navigation and survival training program six months ago I was
just a regular teenager and now I’m hiking through the deep woods on the
alert for the squad of instructors whose job it is to hunt me and my partner down
our goal is simple we have to reach three different way points and check in
with an instructor at each before hitting our extraction site the total
course is about 30 miles but the waypoints are set up so that you have to
take a long winding path to get to each and they each have to be hit in
Secession causing you to double back for part of your route the entire time
there’s six instructors hunting you and if you get caught you fail if you miss a
waypoint you fail if you take longer than 36
hours to complete the course you fail failure means you get washed back have
to try the entire program again with a different class or you simply get kicked
out of the program entirely I don’t want to fail before we set off we’re given a
crash course on all the natural hazards in this part of the American South
alternating between swamp and forest terrain there’s the threat of snakes
alligators of venomous spiders killer bees and last but not least fire ants we
all paid attention during the briefing but I think most of us were worried
about alligators and snakes how bad could insects really be I’d soon find
out eventually my partner and I made our way to a road that cuts through the
woods and we approached very carefully roads our danger crossings because the
moment you step out of the wood line anybody within two miles could have a
clear line of sight of you you typically want to cross a road in the middle of a
bend that way no one can have a direct line of sight to you past maybe a few
hundred meters no such luck here though this road is a
long and straight and though it probably makes a turn a few miles down or up from
us we’re not sure in can’t risk adding miles or hours to our
time we find a sheltered spot with a good view of the road to simply taking
the opportunity to eat a quick meal we’ve been given one meal ready to eat
or MRE each for the 36 hours we’re expected to complete the course
so hunger is ever-present we’ve been encouraged to forage even hunt if we can
manage it in fact I think we’re expected to there’s no way a single MRE can give
you the calories you need in this heat when you’re on the move for a day and a
half straight we munch on a few edible roots we manage to dig up early this
morning as well as a small portion of the MRE we decided to use the MRE to
supplement whatever food we find out here in the wild rather than eat it out
right as we rest we watch the road for 30 minutes waiting to see if there’s any
traffic it’s a small two-lane road and after a half-hour we don’t spot any
vehicles so decide it’s safe to cross a normal danger crossing would have one
or two members crossing at a time while the rest of the team took up overwatch
positions to give covering fire if need be
we’re unarmed though so decide that it’s best we cross together as quickly as
possible we identify a spot with great concealment in the woods on the other
side of the road that’s fairly close to the road itself and we slowly start
making our way to the road on our side suddenly there’s the sound of an engine
and in a flash we both hit the floor my partner manages to get behind the thick
bush but I’m a little more exposed than he is so I roll behind a thick fallen
log I got a little too much momentum though and to stop myself I reach out
with my left hand and brace against the log my hand pushes into the soft rotten
wood but I don’t notice a Humvee with someone in the turret is slowly making
its way down the road and I could see a glint of binoculars which means this
person is looking in my direction I freeze immediately barely breathing even
though I’m suddenly out of breath from panicked before we set out my partner
and I had put on thin skinned black leather gloves and then we use duct tape
to close the gap between the gloves and the sleeve of our uniform blouse we did
the same with our pant legs tucking them into our boot and then using the duct
tape on top of the boots this is so that fleas ticks or any matter of insect
would be unable to crawl inside our uniform it also means our hands and feet
are hot as hell but we stop every 6 hours to let them breathe and wipe up
excess sweat from our feet so they don’t start rotting away as I am carefully
watching the Humvee move in our direction I’m not paying attention to my
left hand unbeknownst to me when I reached out to brace myself against the
fallen tree truck to stop my roll I punched into the soft rotting wood and
straight into a nest of fire ants the ants are now angry extremely angry and
they are on the warpath dozens upon dozens of them have already begun
attacking my gloved hand but thanks to the tough leather I feel nothing now
they’re moving their way up my hand to my arm and because my uniform is sealed
at the wrists they can’t find a way in they can only keep marching up my arm
closer and closer to my neck and the only entry point to attack my body and I
am completely unaware that any of this is happening the Humvee is moving slowly
the person in the turret carefully scanning with binoculars he looks in our
direction and I remain utterly motionless holding my breath so that I
don’t accidentally make a small leaf or twig move as I inhale then I feel a
sharp pain on my neck a moment later a second sharp pain great some bug just
bit me and it’s probably still crawling around on me I just hope it’s not
venomous and I pushed the thought away I can’t move I can’t give myself away I
can’t fail my training then there’s three more sharp pains and a second
later a dozen all at once now I know something is seriously wrong and I can’t
help but turn my head and look at my shoulder I almost wish I had it my arm
all the way up to my shoulder is a black and red mass of ants
my hand is wrist deep in their nest and the angry ants are swarming by the
hundreds covering every square inch of my uniform and finding a way inside it
through the top fire ants are an invasive species to the United States as
well as many other nations and regions around the world believed to have been
accidentally brought to the US and shipping crates fire ants quickly set up
shop all across the American South and every year they push just a little bit
further up north while they can’t survive cold weather for long thanks to
global warming the maximum range that they can inhabit has been steadily
increasing year after year amongst ants they’re known as one of the most
aggressive species and regularly killed birds and small mammals they’ve even
been known to bring down larger livestock when it couldn’t flee after
stung into a fire ant nest the u.s. spends
millions of dollars every year in treatment for fire ant bites as well as
measures to attempt to control the insects for a long time it was feared
that the ants would even drive many species of native animals extinct most
notably lizards which are unable to flee fast enough to save themselves over the
last seven decades though American lizards have evolved longer legs and new
behaviors to avoid fire ants now these tiny aggressive invaders were
busy invading me and every second dozens more poured inside the top of my uniform
the horror of discovering my entire left arm and shoulder covered in a solid
matter Vance was too much for me and I immediately rolled away from the nest
part of me tried to fight for control to maintain my discipline but now my brain
was kicking into survival mode and the pain was becoming incredible I was being
bitten by dozens of ants every second I had to do something
fire ants attacked prey and intruders by biting down with their pincers and then
using their pincers for grip stabbing repeatedly with the Stinger in their
abdomen often an ant will fight in this circular pattern as it turns over and
over stinging repeatedly this is what makes fire ants unique amongst most ants
the ability to sting multiple times when the ants stinger penetrates the flesh
and injects a toxic alkaloid venom called Solon Thompson for humans this is
typically not dangerous unless you’re allergic much like a bee sting but it
does produce intense burning pain hence the name fire and recently those
scientists have discovered that a fire ants venom might actually affect the
nervous system itself which might account for reports of hallucinations by
victims the ants were now inside my uniform though thankfully I was wearing
a tight-fitting compression shirt beneath my blouse it fits snugly enough
against my body that a lot of the ants can’t find their way under that to get
to my chest but at this point I’m covered in so many ants that plenty do
in a panic I leap up and rip off my blouse tearing away the duct tape that
keeps it securely attached to my gloves at this point my partner has realized
that I’m covered in hundreds of ants and forgetting all about our tests he makes
a break for the Humvee to flag it down for help
as he’s running I’m stripping out of as much of my clothing as I can because by
now the ants have gotten my compression shirt and our stinging my
chest and back stumbling and wiping away dozens of stinging ants from my body at
a time I’ve worked my way toward the road and in seconds
someone’s grabbed me by the shoulders and is dragging me toward the Humvee at
this point my vision becomes hazy my hearing is slightly distorted and I
can’t quite tell what’s going on I’m laid down on the road and one of the
instructors grabs a can of diesel fuel from the back of the Humvee and douses
my entire body with it fire ants are pretty unaffected by water but in an
emergency gasoline or diesel can irritate ants and force them away I can
hear someone on the radio calling for a medivac but everyone’s voice is sound
distorted I can’t make out much of what’s being said and my vision is
getting dark around the edges the pain which was like searing hot fire across
my body is fading away too which is nice the next thing I know I’m
waking up in a medical tent and IV in my arm and a medic standing at the foot of
my cot I find out that I was unconscious for an hour but my heart rate and
breathing remained strong so they cancel the medevac flight to the hospital the
medic asks me how I’m feeling and I tell him that I can taste iron in my mouth
and that my body feels like it’s on fire my arm is covered in dozens of small red
bumps each one a different sting and when the medicals of a mirror for me I’m
horrified to see that I have dozens upon dozens of stings all across the left
side of my face down my neck shoulders the upper part of my chest down my arm
to the elbow it almost looks like I have severe chickenpox but in just a few
areas of my body a military ambulance takes me back to
the training depot and there I see the doctor at the attached clinic he tells
me that I’m thankfully not allergic or else I’d be dead as I received well over
a hundred bites all across the upper left side of my body he wants me to get
checked in at the hospital though just to monitor my condition is a cautionary
measure I asked him what that’ll mean for my training and he tells me that
I’ll get washed back but be allowed to repeat with a new class in a month I’ve
been through hell with my class by now pushing each other along when each one
of us wanted to quit at some point in our training we started with 40 and are
down to just 15 of us at this point I’m closer to these guys than almost anyone
else in my entire life I don’t want to quit now
want to finish with another team I begged the doctor to let me stay
eventually he calls in my training unit commander who tells me to shut up and
follow the doctor’s orders I beg him this time to let me stay he
thinks about it asked the doctor if it’s even possible the doctor says that if I
survive the initial stings there’s little danger now but it won’t be
pleasant for me I shrug tell them both that I’ll deal with it
my commander agrees but warns me that the only slack I’ll be cut is not being
forced to wear camo paint because of the risk of infection on my bites I’ll be
expected to keep up with everyone do everything else everyone else does
no quarter given I agree and the next day me and my partner are forced to
restart our navigation course from scratch
he doesn’t mind though he was given the option to finish alone the day before
but he refused because that’s what family does over the next few days the
bites hardened into small white lumps the doctor wasn’t kidding training
becomes even more of a living hell the bites hurt bad
due to the constant rubbing of my uniform and body armor against my skin
soon they start to lose paws and at the end of each day my shirt is covered in
salt and crusted sweat and pus I was given a cream to use to prevent
infection and ibuprofen for the pain the cream apparently works but the ibuprofen
doesn’t even touch the intense pain the nights are the worst though the
temperature stays close to a hundred degrees and I’m so miserable I can
barely get any sleep and we’ve already been sleeping too anyway
I pushed through it though eventually the small white lumps hardened and many
of them tear off due to friction from my skin in my uniform on my gear I’m
carrying up to 80 pounds sometimes and it’s sheer agony but I keep on anyway
after a week I’m exhausted and on the verge of total collapse but my bites
have finally begun to fade and this face of my training is nearly complete when
we leave this base of training a few weeks later my unit commander approaches
me and shakes my hand he doesn’t say anything just shakes my hand and
he doesn’t need to a year later I’m with my active unit but I hear about an
accident back in training some new kid was sleeping out on one of the courses
in the middle of the night fire ants came across him he got bit all over his
body and woke up in the middle of it he ended up having a worse reaction than me
and was medevacked out nearly died from it and they ended up giving him a
medical discharge from the military to most people fire ants are a nuisance but
to this day whenever I see any type of ant I can’t help but shudder and I thank
my lucky stars that I wasn’t born allergic to fire ant venom have you ever
been bitten by fire ants let us know in the comments and as always if you
enjoyed this video don’t forget to like share and subscribe for more great

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  1. I think i got stung by fire ants when i was younger. (I think cause i dont know if it were fire ants but it probably were)
    So the story goes that me and my friend were in my backyard were we were playing around, like kids do. And there was this pile of dirt that was completly dried out. Y’know like when dust comes out of it if you touch it. And we where oicking it up and throwing it back going all out godzilla mode on it cause it looked cool when after a while i started feeling pain all over my feet and left arm. It became worse and it hurt more and more until i started crying. It turned out that there was a fire ant nest there and they got HELLA triggered! So yeah. That happened when i was in kindergarden.

  2. Just by passing a intensive military training, even if you were dead last. Is the biggest and best feeling of accomplishment that most people long to feel.

  3. I have got bit by fire ants, wasps etc but not on accident. When I was like 10 I liked to mess with all types of bugs and I enjoyed the pain. It for to the pointi that I stopped feeling the bites. I guess I developed some kind of immunity to the bites. Now that I look back I think I was foolish. I could of gotten an allergy from all that and died but at the same time I feel like a superhero. To this day thats the coolest thing about me.

  4. Why does that 30 mile course seem kinda fun
    Like your trying to not get caught and survive in the wild, that just seems fun to me

  5. I lifted up a plank of wood I wanted play with when I was a kid.i look away to tell my brother and looked back to see my hand covered in ants.

  6. I got bit once when I was young but I didn't care and just killed the ants. Now I am older and now I… I hate it… Everything of the bite didn't do anything, was just a hard pinch.

  7. Ya I was 9 I was bear foot running around with shorts too and stepped in a fire ant pile then the ants bit and climbed up my leg and when my mom heard me screaming she turned the water hose to full force and sprayed me for a while then took a look at me to see if any were still on me no more were and I’ve been hella scarred of them sense

  8. Only a hundred? I’ve gotten more than that as a child. They’re not as painful as people say either. Grow a pair

  9. I’ve actually been Brittin by a swarm of fire ants in the feet and all the way up to my thighs after mowing the lawn because I ran over a fire ant nest

  10. I have a insect phobia so Juts imagine how I’m acting through out this vedio. I tend to imagine how others are feeling sooooooooooooo.

  11. Holy Sh*t! I had a similar experience in the Army @Ft Stewart in GA. While on extra duty I was pulling weeds at the motor pool and had no idea what a fire ant was. Grabbed one out of the ground and it was covered in red ants. Coming from NY the ants there don't bite so I didn't think it was a big deal until they swarmed my hand and arm and started biting me. Felt like my arm was in a vat of scalding hot water. One of the country guys saw me flailing about and told me put my arm in some diesel fuel. Reluctantly I did and they came off but the open wounds and the diesel fuel didn't mesh well and I passed out. Woke up in the hospital and my arm looked like I was an extra for the toxic avenger. Took almost two weeks to get full use and feeling back as well the pain to subside. Crazy!

  12. Video: My hand went into a soft piece of wood but I was so focused on the road I didn't think about it.

    Me, a person who's live in the south his whole life: Omae wa mou shindeiru

  13. I was covered with fire ants after sitting on a huge fire ant bed. I was only 4 and obviously no one was paying close attention to me. I had lots of scars from head to toe for many years.

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    Literally nobody:
    Not even ants canada:
    Infographics show: makes videos on fire ants
    But shows Weaver ant in thumbnail 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  15. I have a story when I was in my town and I was like ten I was helping with the garden so I had to get close to the ground to plant seeds and stuff but then I ascedently knocked over a black ant mound and I know that messed up seeing as my brother also has done the same mistake and as on as I realized a swarm of black ants 🐜 started biting my arm and these ant are very aggressive and territorial and they come in very large numbers I screamed and my mom heard me and she showered me with the water hose and a lot of the ants got washed away but then they started biting my leg so my mom kept shooting water at me and my brother helped me to and I was okay but the pain was Supa bad very bad

  16. I was bitten by a fire and when I was 6 years old and it hurt like like I was on fire or someone just shoot me in the leg with explosive bullets or Shrapnel right now I just 9 years so talking to a microphone am I probably no more space than the average person I know more space than the average farmer person don't believe me just tell me some questions in another video and I will type of them now too lazy to type just

  17. Happened to me in my sleep years ago and it made me allergic to fire ants. Now its bad if a single one stings me

  18. Yes. A few times in Houston Texas when I was younger. I remember the pain and I agree with him on how excruciating it was…I can't even imagine beginning able to endure that pain and complete a survival course. He has my respect.

  19. Me is a canadian
    Info show: the temp was well over 100 degres
    Me: Bruh that’s literally able to boil water (thinking he means Celsius)

  20. I remember when I was like 5 I was staring at a ant pile and pretending I was kind controlling the ants until I started getting bit and I got bit like 10 times but that’s nothing compared to this

  21. lol once when I was 12 I knelt down in a bush to grab a basketball stood up and both my legs were completely covered in fire ants so I took my shorts off and jumped in a lake

  22. Reminds me of that episode of CSI where a detective gets buried alive in a fire-ant nest, and the coffin breaks open and he gets swarmed. That episode was nightmare fuel.

  23. I have been bitten alot one time was walking and stood in one spot for a few minutes I started getting bit I had tons of those little craps on me I hate I hate fire ants btw there was no hill so don't know where they came from

  24. I live in Texas and I have dozens of fire ant bites. Definitely no where near as bad as your experience but I do feel your pain brother

  25. everyone from the south has been stung by a fire ant, I’ve been stung so many times in my life. I currently have several fire ant bite.

  26. I was about 8 years old when I had gone to Alabama for the first time to visit my Grandma. When I was there, my aunt(she was about 18 at the time), took me outside during the dark. She had warned me to watch out for a fire ant hill, but I didn't think much of it. I went out barefoot and was goofing around in the parking lot, when suddenly I felt something crawling and burning and stinging. I screamed and cried! My aunt rushed me into the house and didn't want to wake my grandma up, and up something called ice(lotion) on it. The pain was awful. They did come off though but I still have a HUGE rash on my leg from it.

  27. True fire ant story: I’m driving to a new place, following navigation when suddenly I felt jolt. I continue driving thinking it might just be hiccup. Then suddenly another jolt and I see smoke coming out of the engine, I have to leave the car so in a quick reflex I put the car up on the grassy median (divider) so to not block the traffic and leave the car. I start to call emergency services, and feel a sting on my leg. I’m worried about the car right now. The 911 operator is asking me questions and I’m having a hard time answering because I’m starting to feel excruciating pain on my legs.
    I had stepped in a fire ant nest and then they climbed up my both my legs and got to my thighs. I got 50+ stings, when the emergency-services arrived I was having a mild hallucination. The stings hurt like crazy. For the next few days the itching drove me nuts.

  28. I am HIGHLY ALLERGIC to fire ants!!! When I was like 4 I was attacked by a LARGE AMOUNT of ants. I was rushed to the ER and BARELY survived!! My older sister is the ONLY REASON I’m not DEAD!!! She grabbed me and dunked me into the hot tub we had in the backyard to get em off. My family then rushed me to the hospital. I felt exactly like he was saying but far more pain and everything was getting blurry and starting to go silent. I ended blacking out about half way to the hospital. I woke up like 2 days later to my mom sitting next to my hospital bed. Her eyes were all puffed up and red like she had been crying and unable to sleep. The look on her face when I opened my eyes and asked her what happened was the most excited I’ve ever seen my mom.

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  30. I’ve been bitten by a bull ant and stung it only hurt as much as a bee sting thought that was my only encounter with ants biting me

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